Statement on ECO/498 by rapporteur Anne Demelenne

Europe’s citizens and businesses need growth. But not just any kind of growth – we need sustainable growth. This means investing or mobilising investment, but above all it means having productive and non-speculative investment in research and development, in innovation, and in the social sphere. We will have to invest in wages, in employment, in high standards of social protection and, of course, in education and training and social infrastructure. We can do this with the help of the social partners and social dialogue, which will be crucial in this area. It will also be necessary to invest in transport, renewable energy, and energy-saving – the reason for this obviously being to combat the effects of climate change. Financial resources will need to be found to do these things, and our opinion contains several proposals, because we think that the resources are there, at least in countries that have a trade surplus. Resources can also be found through taxation or EU funding. You will see all these proposals mentioned in the opinion, which I hope you will enjoy reading.

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