44 thoughts on “Star Trek (2009) – The New Enterprise

  1. Ive seen every movie made my favorite is Generations where we see the original cast with the Next Generation cast all very good though out of the new 3 into darkness is the best one because of the USS Vengeance which looks like the Enterprise but 3 times larger and is a complete war ship

  2. Giacchino really nailed it with this theme. The perfect introduction to a new Star Trek. And for anyone who thinks CGI ships don't hold up next to physical models, this film proves them 100% wrong. The work that ILM did here is absolutely phenomenal.

  3. Watch the bit with shuttles flying around the enterprise saucer section one in back ground was taken from star trek nemesis shuttle craft Argo sure of it. Just noticed

  4. I feel it's a bit of a pity that the new film Enterprise never gets to show how much better than a typical ship it is. It's always pitted against ships that massively outclass it in every way.

  5. Great video! Thank you for let us see the new and beautiful Enterprise in all her splendor. And Michael Giacchino new Star Trek theme is superb!

  6. I've seen all Star Trek Movies except Star Trek : The motion picture and The wrath of khan (Should watch it I think) and as a huge Star Trek Fan I must say I love the Kelvin Timeline and the JJprise.
    I don't understand the hate this Enterprise is getting…

  7. I myself have only seen the reboot films, but still want to see the 6 original films. My dad has them on the big old CEDs but our player is broken. The thing is, my dad grew up with Star Trek, and Star Wars, and he likes the new films a bit better than the old. He's also old enough to know what he was talking about, since he was born in '48. Why does every one hate it so much?

  8. The new Enterprise is so weak in the movies… Useless in almost every confrontation we've seen it in so far.
    The new Trek is okay… but it ignores the tradition that the Enterprise itself was a "character" in its own right.

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  13. The epical goosebumps, when they get closer, and see first time of the mighty and majestic U.S.S. Enterprise… Some tear of feels dropped in that moment.

  14. Good moving, great music, but they could have done much better on the ships. The enterprise itself, the design is ok but, they could have done a much better job of integrating the deflector dish, the way it looks now is it looks slapped on and bolted into place, not a built in part of the ship. and many of the other ships are even worse, the few featured like that horrid design for that federation dreadnaught featured in into darkness, the thing looks like it was patched together from ships from several other movies and genres. ugh……..  if JJ Abrams wants to keep a lot of fans happy and coming back for more, he needs to get back to basics on his ship designs and start over and drop the idea of ships that look like an industrial manufacturing plant inside and make his ships smoother and more symmetrical in design and dump this slapped together look of them.

  15. 4th movie. Crew discovers the ability to time travel. Should they fix the timeline and prevent the deaths of billions or stay where they are and live out this life? Would make a great character study. Intentional time travel is a theory and would set up a 5th movie, did they make it?

  16. well I like this new Enterprise but I hate the alternate timeline. Do you realize Abrams pretty much exterminated Vulcans and Romulans? I think the 4th movie should deal with this and fix it

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