38 thoughts on “Stage 9 – Virtual Enterprise-D Tour v0.0.10

  1. any news on getting this back up again ? The bridge crew is out now so what harm is this VR tour of the enterprise going to do, it cant make CBS lose monye.

  2. So sad this was still shut down. Cus CBS cant milk $$ from it when was Open Project. I wish someday somebody would fight this and take to court and win and start back up again. Fan want this. ST-TNG is what so many us grew up on.

    I hope the UE4 code is never lost.

  3. Weird how he separates the saucer section and then turbolifts to places on the saucer like ten forward, stellar cartography etc.

  4. It is unfortunate CBS has seen fit to curtail the civil liberty known as freedom of expression, by censoring an artists works. Thanks for sharing this walk through with us.

  5. I have had great luck MODDING the Stage 9 games. It's all I can think of lately. I am in love with life again! I got rid of the Ssnta Hats in the VR 0.0.91 version. I am optimizing every texture, every mesh,. Then i'm looking into making changes via ..ini files, also, perhaps Free Locomotion! All these things I have started to teach on my channel! For THIS version of the game, I have been successful testing it with VORPX! (Which makes it a VR games, in 3D!) So cool to SPRINT down the halls in VR! Be sure to turn off the head-bobbibg azs this fine Gentleman did for his video. (Making it one of the best Tours out there,… ) I absolutely adore Stage 9, even more now that I have been forced by circhmstance to step up and re-learn everything about game development! After reverse engineering this, I bet I could work at any game studio,. If I wasn't older than dirt… (39…) Another thing I want to try (in the 'native' VR version), I believe there is a way to change the overall SCALE of the 'world', I want to increase the entire experience by 25-30%. Then, it will look BIG like on film, they are using wide angle, long focus lenses to create volume on TNG, I am certain it would look FAR more 'right', Like , the bridge and Ten Forward, Picards quarters,. It all looks if it looked dramatically bigger.. Come visit my channel and learn how to customize your gaming experience in this and other games made in UNREAL Engine! (And get rid of the Silly VR Santa Hats in just a few easy steps!)

  6. is it still possible to download it anywhere? and is it still possible to watch the creators videos? this project needs to be preserved! fuck cbs assholes!

  7. Too bad I missed out on v0.0.10! Only have v0.0.9 which from the developers notes I’ve seen that many changes occurred between the 2 versions.

    Would anyone put up their v0.0.10 zip file up to download? To get the last version out there for the fans of the project and new comers?

  8. Hey CBS: I'm pirating every episode of Star Trek Discovery. Now I just feel better about it than before.

  9. I'm currently learning Blender JUST SO i can start my own Enterprise-D recreation simulation project but seeing Brainbox's Voyager project is now hidden and the recent CBS take-down of Stage 9, i'm not so sure where i'll be able to take it. But i really do want to see this through.

  10. Receiving a cease & desist notice doesn't automatically mean that the C&D is valid, you should know. Companies sometimes throw them out and hope the intimidation factor will stop the activities.
    If you haven't used any of CBS' private technology, and aren't commercializing the project, I think it's not possible for CBS to legally oppose the project and do anything against it.
    In this case, I think that CBS has no capability to do anything and that you're actually shutting yourselves down.

  11. [email protected]

    Dear sir, madam

    I want to protest for CBS shutting down the independent tribute creation "Stage 9", which was a virtual recreation of Star Trek TNG's ship. A show decades-old but still loved by fans internationally.

    I find appaling that some lawyer has to justify their existence by destroying a project the creator invested two years of his own time and never asked us for a buck. This is outrageous and CBS should be ashamed of their actions.

  12. CBS shouldn't kill it, they should hire the main developers and the current managers and make a game with this large scale 3D model and code. But I guess they don't want to revive the Next Generation era or they want to kill it because it doesn't fit their ideology. Who cares? They don't see they'll make money with this ( ironically). I hope the fans save the work for the day these idiots get fired for killing the Star Trek franchise. Then, they can put the site back up.
    What a tragic waste of all the hard work put into it by fans. This story is going on my Facebook. I feel like encouraging a boycott of the movies and all streaming services offering Star Trek to send a message these bean counters will actually understand. Morons

  13. Greatest piece of Star Trek fan art ever made!!!! Truly splendid. Gonna have to download it from somewhere to help preserve this early holodeck art by great humans.

  14. Windows version:

    Mac version:

    Windows + Linux + VR version:

  15. This is beautiful, but I can totally see why CBS would be unhappy. They want you to buy the DVDs to experience, not create your own in such impressive detail.

  16. Looks amazing. If they knew was was good for them, they would hire you all, because this is something I would actually pay for.

  17. If to destroy all banks in the world then there wouldn't be any more monopoly infringement bs.

  18. post it to thepiratebay there the only reasons that will cause a takedown is fakes, password protections, viruses and child porn so as long as it is not one of those they will refuse to take it down

    another thing you can do is set up a tor page where it would have to be a silk road in order for it to get taken down

  19. "Shut down" is the wrong language. The project wasn't operated by CBS, so it can't be "Shut down" by CBS. The project was KILLED by CBS. That is the correct language.

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