Should I Buy or Build a House?

Hey it’s Ally and Zach Figiel here at Realty
Executives Cooper’s Spransy welcome back to our video series Realty from A to Z
where we give you the inside scoop on all things real estate related today’s
episode is brought to you by the letter B so we’re gonna be talking about
builders um so is that what is the definition of a bill well that’s a great
question Ali a builder is someone who works with a team of contractors to
build a house so that definition is is pretty straightforward
a builder is someone who builds a house generally with a team of people team of
contractors who they build a house right so tip for sellers here it’s no secret
that we are in a seller’s market so the markets going crazy there’s way too many
buyers in the hundred of houses for sale so many people would sell their house to
get the most amount of money for it but they have nowhere to go so a great
option for those people is to build customize your own home and really get
what you want alright so our tip for buyers is
basically just knowing that building is an option because I think a lot of
people kind of forget about it so knowing that that’s available to you yes
and also make sure you reach out to your agents reach out to us if you think that
maybe building is something you’d like to think about in your future we can
connect you with the best builders in the area to really make sure that you
get what you’re looking for well thanks pickle for it yet again
another wonderful tip he is a very brilliant cat you know when we stay a
family business we include the cat most family businesses don’t what the fact so
basically if you’re thinking that you may build in the near future make sure
you reach out to us or your agent to make sure you get started off on the
right foot awesome and we do want to give a big shout out to all Tara design
homes we had an awesome time working with them on the Parade of Homes
probably seen some of our clips here is an awesome house just a great group of
people definitely recommend them if you’re thinking of building awesome well
thanks for tuning in to realty from A to Z tune in for our next episode coming at
you soon from the fuels that Realty Executives Cooper’s Franzi make it a
great day you

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