Senior Civil Infrastructure Engineer Job in London – Aligned values and beliefs ( Insight SBR)

What do you care about, what are your
sort of core values and beliefs? Yeah I mean, thats a good question
that’s a personal characteristic type of question, so of course that translates
very nicely from personal to business in any event – for myself I take a lot of
pride in my work, very committed, love problem-solving, love giving it some real
good thinking time in getting that right solution – now that does cross all
boundaries so yeah, in terms of my core values they very much are the delivering
that quality solution you know really reasoned well thought through which
ultimately satisfies my need for you know getting my pride in my output in my
work. Is what we see perhaps on the face of it, what we get in the office, is
is it true? I think I think very much so I mean our whole recruitment
policy is on recruiting on the values and the beliefs you know where you have
an alignment and you have everyone travelling in the same direction that
ultimately results in a very happy family you know our staff retention
rates are ludicrously high whilst we’ve only been going for well over a decade
we have quite a few people here that put in some very long service already, so yes
it does very much translate and you know when you think about the job in hand a
lot of those elements are trainable and this is trainable aspects and experience
build that side – but if the characteristics are right you know you’re 90 percent

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