Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Competition, Impeachment and America’s Infrastructure

-I have made this
sort of my first question to every senator
who’s running for President because you are now —
you’re still a senator. And you’re working with
a lot of colleagues who also want to be President. -Yes.
-Is it awkward? -But you don’t want to
be President? -No. So it must be nice for you to finally sit
and talk to somebody. -Yes. But, you know,
we are all friends, as opposed to who is
in the White House right now. -Yes. -And so actually when you look
at it, I have got — let’s see. Elizabeth and Bernie and I
are in leadership. Michael Bennet —
I have been to his house a lot. Friends. I’m emceeing this softball game that Kirsten is pitching
next week. And then Kamala and Cory and I
served together on Judiciary and after that,
Kavanaugh hearing. That is a bond
that we will never break. -Yeah, there you go.
You’ve been through something. And then it will be
interesting, certainly. The debates are coming up
in about two weeks. It must be an interesting moment
to actually get out there and be able to talk about
your position with some of
your other competition. -It is, because this is
a moment, especially for someone like me from a state
that’s a little smaller in the middle of the country, for me to tell people
what I’m all about, that I think that we need to
bring the heart back to American politics. We need to bring
people together and not wake up every day
to a mean tweet, right? -Yeah. -That we need to
start talking about things that matter to people — bringing down the cost of
prescription drugs, doing something about
the cost of college, finally moving ahead on climate
change and immigration reform. And it gives me that moment
to talk about what I stand for and how we can have
a better America right now. -That would be
exciting to watch. [ Cheers and applause ] You don’t have to say. There is
a Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s sort of a random draw. Do you have a preference? Would you rather be —
-I don’t know. I think I — We’ll just see
what happens. -Yeah, we’ll see what happens. You don’t want to say Wednesday
and then all of a sudden, you’re a Thursday. -Right.
And then it’s already a loss. -Yeah, exactly. -I just know I’m ahead of
18 people right now. That’s pretty good.
-You’re ahead of 18 people? -Yeah, that’s right.
-That’s really exciting. -Yeah, glass half full.
-Yeah, glass half full. [ Cheers and applause ] I do want to talk about sort of
some of the broader issues that affect everyday Americans,
but there’s this other, and many people say maybe this
is a distraction from that. But you haven’t spoken out
as far as where — how you feel about impeachment. I don’t want to put words
in your mouth. But you were
a former prosecutor. So having looked at
this evidence, what is your take on it so far? -Well, I think that
there could be impeachment. And I personally —
if the impeachment — when I look at this evidence,
I see impeachment. However, I think the House
right now has to be able to finish their investigation,
right? They’re starting to
call witnesses. They have one coming
before them. That’s really important. But the other piece of this that
we have to be doing at the same time is to look at
that Mueller report and all of the allegations
about what Russia did. And right now, as you pointed
out earlier in the show, you got a guy in the White House
who is basically saying, “Come on, foreign agents, give
me some dirt on my opponent.” That is what he said
in that interview. And that is what we most fear. And I know this personally. I’ve been trying to pass
this bill to at least get some backup paper ballots
and audits. And it’s a bipartisan bill. And the White House stopped it
its tracks. And now I know why. I mean, he doesn’t care
what happens in this election except he wants to win,
and he’ll do anything to do it. And I think Americans have got to understand
exactly what went on so that we can stop it
from happening again. -The other thing is —
[ Cheers and applause ] There’s a lot of distractions. And I know you have made — infrastructure was one of
the first things you announced on your platform. The President —
I feel terrible for him — 10 times he’s had
an infrastructure week. And it’s gotten derailed
and something’s happened. And they’ve ended up being
very empty infrastructure weeks. -As in no infrastructure. -There’s literally
no infrastructure. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Can you explain to people,
like, the importance of this and sort of also
how the current administration is just using it as a word
that means nothing? -Exactly. I think he says it
because it sounds good. He said it on election night.
I remember that. And now nothing has happened. The latest is
he had the leaders over. And then he blew up
when they said, “Well, how are you
gonna pay for it?” And that was the end of it.
We never heard about it again. -That is a famous sore spot him. “How are you gonna
pay for something?” -Exactly. -So they should have known
better, yeah. -Because he just
keeps adding debt. -And he has also
personal money trouble. -Okay, then. There you go. Okay, so why is it important? Well, first of all, you hear
about this rural/urban divide. Well, how are we gonna bridge it
if you can’t e-mail your mom in a small rural town because the broadband doesn’t
work, right? So the idea is that we put —
I proposed a trillion dollars. And I have exactly
how I’m gonna pay for it, like bringing back some of
those corporate tax cuts. Every point it goes down
is $100 billion. And it can go for things
like our crumbling schools. They didn’t have heat in some of
the schools in Baltimore. Transit, green infrastructure, making sure our bridges
and our roads are working. Putting this money
into infrastructure to bring America together. This has always been
a bipartisan issue. So I think
it’s a good way to start. And I have had the experience. I think I’ve had now 100 bills that have passed where I am
the lead Democrat. I think experience does matter.
-Yeah. -You can actually
get something done because we got a guy
in the White House right now who had no experience
coming in there. And we can get
things like this done. And it is, to me, one of
the biggest hypocrisies that he started his term by saying this was something
he wanted to do. And he has not done anything. -Well, I’m certainly looking
forward to hearing more from you in a couple of weeks, be it
on a Wednesday or Thursday. And thanks so much
for being here. -Okay, thank you.
Thank you for having me. -Senator Amy Klobuchar.

79 thoughts on “Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Competition, Impeachment and America’s Infrastructure

  1. There are too many candidates, Amy I like you, but better to put your weight behind a stronger candidate, tho the experience of standing will be good. I hope if it's not you that's chosen to stand for the presidency that you stand behind whoever is. 😔💙

  2. "Ahhhhhh Centrism❤ "- Hillary/Biden bots .🤦‍♂️

    In a Marvel universe; choosing a corporate Dem instead of a progressive one is the equivalence of you picking Nick Fury's eye patch over the Infinity Gauntlet 😂

    "I love her she wants to defeat the bad man trump!" …..jesus christ….yeah… so does Bernie. But with actual P-O-L-I-C-Y not platitudes and corporate dem talking points 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ God, you dumb a**es learned NOTHING from the last elections embarrassing outcome!

  3. Bring the heart back to politics?????????? Come on Cloud Boot Jar, enough with the platitudes!! Step aside!

  4. *Sigh*. Amy, you've been a good senator for us, but you're not an aspirational leader, and you're never going to be president. Be a great member of the Senate but leave the Presidency to those with real vision.

  5. CloudBootJar gives 0 F's about anyone going through crippling college debt that is now equivalent to that of a house mortgage!
    You would think that her going through student debt would help her understand how that can very well cripple low income lower class/middle class people right? Wrong!

    Since she and her husband went through it so should everybody else according to her 🤷‍♂️… by Klobuchar logic, if you get cancer and can't afford to pay for chemo….well sucks for you because many people have had to break the bank too. "Maybe this time buy 1-ply toilet paper instead of 2-ply and save up… It's not all about you selfish needy peasants"! – Yours truly, Corporate Establishment.

  6. "Senator how do you plan to defeat trump, and help the lower/middle class if elected"?

    CloudBootJar: ….yes.

  7. Do never forget: Amy Klobuchar is an abuser, who thought it wise to defend her abuse of her employees with her "standards" she was "pushing them" to. In any developed western country with actual labour rights, she would have been convicted for the things she did. Abuse does not suddenly become funny or just some quirky anecdote because it takes place in the workplace and because the abuser is female.

  8. You are no friend to no one but yourself you are a clown a disgrace to public office a hypocrite a fool dancing in the public Arena claiming God is dead. Soon the world will see your true hatred for God's people

  9. I love Amy Klobuchar and am proud to have her as my senator. I'm not convinced she can win a national primary, but she doesn't carry the "baggage" that other more recognized candidates have that would drive conservatives farther Right. #Biden4RNC

  10. Well! I am 👩 i work hard taking of my 4 children and one is has Adha and Autimsim and i believe that some men cant handle what female needs ( i said some) but i always beleive men is our foundation of the housewhole🤔 but she is good and i think she fix our generation. If she becomes president , God made his promise .if you read the bible its said clearly that a woman will hold all those nations that are rules by lust, greedy, dont care ABOUT other needs. And hold them back . Love is the key of life.,,💖😊

  11. again: what the upcoming election needs, is unity in reaching the majority of voters by discussing the same issues together, and then having 1 candidate with exactly that point of view, you cannot unit a country, if the party is divided

  12. she is disgusting, just a centrist. Tulsi Bernie and Elizabeth are the only ones that want to make a change

  13. "Bennet, I've been to his house a lot… friends." Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick -Kevin
    When me president.. they see..they see -Kevin S08E02

  14. Looking at the comment section I'm impressed by Kyle's influence. I do believe he started the cloud boot jar thing

  15. She is a big time phony loser. Let our great President do his job and fix all that you swamp creatures have broken.

  16. Bring back corporate tax cuts to pay for infrastructure? Didn't a majority of the repatriated money from previous tax cuts go toward stock buybacks? I'm not sure I see the correlation between further tax cuts and more money available for public spending.

  17. Why are you guys giving her air time? She's a fake beeeyatch…

    So is Kirsten Gillibrand. Neither should be running.

  18. They should mention Trump doesn't do anything for working class people because he spends all of his time since he arrived in office each and every day dealing with his own personal scandal and fraud and watching TV. And on the weekends taking Air Force One to Florida to play golf.

  19. Wow, "CloudBootJar" really stuck, huh? I didn't realize so many Secular Talk fans watched Late Night, too.

  20. We need her as a senator. Running for president is a mistake in my opinion. Infrastructure is not a priority topic right now. There are soooo many better candidates better suited for the nomination.

  21. Why is it that most people don't understand that corporate tax money comes out of our pockets?!?!?!
    Tax the CEO's and board members that are making tens of millions of dollars a year!!!

  22. A coherent politician. She would destroy tRump in a debate. Notice all the name calling from tRump's cultists below. They cannot handle a smart, strong, articulate woman.

  23. all candidates should step aside for true progressives elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. their records are consistent and moral.

  24. CloudBootJar is not running because she thinks she can win (lol) rather it is to further divide the democratic vote, maintain the status quo, and suppress a progressive candidate from fighting for real POLICY.

  25. How do you bring people together, by telling them you can't think big, can't have free health care, education and you need centrist mediocre middle of the road policies and no mean tweets? Very inspiring

  26. It was incredibly stupid of Trump to say he'd accept information from a foreign government about political opponents, AND that he'd not report it to the FBI. He basically just admitted he'd collude. What a friggin retard.

  27. Yawn: one of many neoliberals running for president and carrying water for the corporations, moneyed interests, MIC, and Zionist lobby.

  28. What a brilliant woman!!!!! Yes…follow the Amy…impeach now…I hope the demoncraps do it….2020 will be a gift to President Trump.

  29. Amy, any specific policy ideas? Universal healthcare? Education? Tax fairness? Growing wealth inequality?
    You're a good Senator. Stay there.

  30. Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy February 10.
    Her supporters were subjected to a temperature of 16 degrees
    and a driving snowfall, not to mention the Senator's speech
    in which she bore close resemblance to Dorothy Hamill.

  31. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the purest candidate in this race. Her career in politics has been as a public servant for the people. She wants to be President to help this country be the best that it can be. Rather than others running solely out of ambition. Sen. Klobuchar is a strong candidate.

  32. DFL stands for "Democrat, Farm, Labor" not the special intrest party. I grew up in her home state and voted for Amy in the past. But I left the DFL party in 2012. If the liberials want to beat Trump (I didn't vote for him eather) in 2020, they need to sell a message that middle america can buy, not the extreme views that Bernie and OAC are selling. The country is split pretty evenly between Democrat, and Republican. In order for a Democrat to beat Trump, they will need to have a leader that can relate to the issues that are important to the average voter, not the far, far left.

  33. Seth Myers was a good interviewer and now that Senator Klobuchar is in the September round of debates she should come back. This was a great show & Seth really let her explain who she is. They need that now. Trump has no money for Infrastructure as ACA was never axed. The tax cuts are the problem for many. Either in the Senate or as Our president she will be effective and a real 'populist' with a LAW DEGREE.

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