School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at NTU

[MUSIC PLAYING] NTU as a whole, as a
campus and as a university, I would highly recommend. As we’re going into
placement year, next year looking
for placements, it’s going to be a real
strength to see that we’ve done live projects within our work. Doing a live project
helps you see this link between the
work done at university and how it actually
will work on project and for an actual client who
wants the work completed. The project I’m
doing is converting an end-of-life
motorcycle into a fully electric powered motorcycle. Nottingham Trent prepared
me really well, I think. Any project is interesting. I want to be part of it. The tutors,
especially, are really good at encouraging the
enthusiasm towards the project. NTU is definitely linked
to professional academics. Just within my course, we
have quite a few lecturers that are from industry. They know what
they’re talking about. As well as having the
academic knowledge, they’ve got the
industry knowledge. It’s just an advantage to us. As a mature student,
I was a little apprehensive in the beginning. The tutors and lecturers
are always there willing to help, no
matter how old you are. Fourth year now and
it’s all been worth it. I’ve learned a lot in the four
years that I’ve been there. When I finish university,
I have a few job offers that I’ve managed to get,
mainly thanks to my experience on site. I’ve got the knowledge from the
course and the experience while out on placement. It does give me the best start
to my career I could hope for. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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