Roy Williams and Denis Lawson introduce The Firm

the firmest set in a bar it's about these these guys who belong to this gang who who are actually in a sense too old to be in a gang no for me the firm actually is about family they're waiting for their friend Shawn to come out of prison he's been in for 12 years so it's going to be a big celebration so they all come together for this kind of event and gradually over the night it starts to go very very wrong thing that attracted me to the firm as a piece is the quality of the writing Roy Williams is a wonderful writer Dennis brilliant director I think downstairs it seems to play it's kind of play that I feel instinctively feels in these the audience oppose against these guys it's also I think I hope very entertaining because it's also funny so I think they'll get hopefully a nice kind of rounded satisfying experience I dove in an evening I do hope so

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