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hi guys it's done let's see here so welcome to another part of my renovating II a series and this time I am renovating this house it's called Riverside ruins right next door to the pancakes home here in Willow Creek and this has been one that I have wanted to renovate for quite some time now I've just been a little bit unsure how I was gonna improve on the overall structure of the house cuz it's a pretty weirdly shaped home I think so I didn't make a lot of changes but I definitely think they were all for the better and I end up really liking this house so I hope you guys will like it too but definitely let me know if you guys think so originally this house had two bedrooms and two bathrooms it's totally has two bathrooms one downstairs and one upstairs but now it has four bedrooms which I was really happy about because I definitely want this neighborhood to be like the family neighborhood where every household has kids and since there's four bedrooms I can have three kids rooms which I was just really happy about so decorate it to be for two parents of course and then a child sim a toddler sim and then a baby because I thought that I had I don't think I've really ever done a household where they have like the three youngest life stages for their kids so I thought that was kind of a fun idea and yeah I really enjoyed it decorating their rooms that was probably the biggest changes I made to the house though was the floor plan cuz the original floor plan was pretty strange since it only had two bedrooms one of those was downstairs and then the other one the entire second storey was another bedroom and bathroom so I thought that was kind of a weird layout and I definitely wanted all of the bedrooms to be on one level so that's what I ended up doing and I also added this extension on the side of the house as you can see here on the left and that was pretty much just to balance out the house because it's just kind of a long and narrow home and I think that looks really nice and I decided to keep with the yellow color scheme for the exterior I did change the roof color though because it just had the default gray roofing so I'm gonna switch it up a little bit and I thought this like pinky reddish roof color looked really nice with the yellow and the white I thought it was just really pretty and I put yellow flower boxes on every single window so it might be a little bit of an overkill but I thought it was really pretty and originally I was gonna go for a very yellow interior color scheme it still has some pops of yellow in the interior but it's not really like the sunshine yellow I was originally gonna do and I'm happy I didn't do that because I think that interior ends up being really cozy and really comfortable I think it probably could have been with the yellow color scheme too but everybody might have just been a little bit bright and I decided to go a little bit more neutral and downstairs we have an office area which is gonna be to the left of the staircase as you can see I'm working out the floor plan now it does take me a very long time to get it all sorted out I didn't show all of my trials I showed like kind of a finished product of the floor plan cuz it just took me a long time but I do really like it in the end so downstairs that it's the office area like I mentioned has a really big entry like for your area and then there's the living dining and kitchen and there's also a bathroom downstairs that works as a laundry room as well and then upstairs there's another bathroom and there's the four bedrooms so yeah I think it turns out pretty nice and then what I really liked was doing the side yard on the exterior of the house cuz originally this house had like no outdoor activities whatsoever like not even on the porches or balconies there was no like chess table or art easel so I really liked adding some kind of things to do outside especially since this house is right next door to the river and it has a great view of like the steamboat driving by I thought it'd be nice to have you know a barbecue area as well as I put a swing set out there and then planter boxes oh and I also put the yellow beehive basically because it came in the yellow color it was sure my pretty much my only reasoning for putting that out there I was like that is just so cute I have to use it and as you can see the upstairs floor plan is coming together I just want to make sure I had plenty of space to be able to fit the master bed in here because the rooms were kind of small looking and a little bit oddly shaped once I fit a bathroom up here the rooms become more balanced out and they don't look so strange the nursery still has a pretty odd shape to it but I really like it for that room because you'll see when I decorate that bedroom that I end up putting the bassinet in like this tiny little look and it looks really adorable so I was really happy with the way that turned out but before we get too far into the video I did want to apologize for the lack of videos this week it wasn't really my plan or intention um but we just got a little bit busy and we are going to be moving at like I said in a few videos ago so we're going to be moving sooner than we had planned so I will be going out of town to find a new place to live so videos will be kind of scarce for the next couple of weeks with the moving process and all that kind of thing so don't worry about it I'm not going anywhere if videos are slow that's the reason why I'm hoping to have a couple videos ready I'm gonna record another voiceover right after this one that way at least have something going up in the meantime and then once I get all set up videos will resume as normal and yeah it's just one of those times where things just get in the way I guess but um it'll all work out in the end but as you can see I am working on that side yard that I mentioned earlier and we got the yellow beehive which is just the cutest thing I end up moving the flower boxes though because I decided I wanted to have the yellow clothesline and yellow washbucket out here I went a little bit yellow overboard on the exterior as you can see with all of the flowers that I'm using but I really love sizing up these flowers they look so pretty in my rustic garden home that I just did recently I sized up a bunch of the white versions and it was just I really liked that especially when it turned fall in game because I got this really creamy off-white color that I personally really really liked so very happy to use them again and I felt since this this house was like so tall sizing up those flowers didn't look as strange or out of place I wish we had like a medium scaling of those flowers because I think they're too short in their default stage but when you size them up they might be a little bit too big but oh well I still think they're beautiful and yeah it felt like the landscape being on this build I did have a lot of fun with it and I really liked using this swing set in the rainbow pattern I thought that was pretty adorable actually the swing says that came with seasons came in some really cute patterns so yeah especially this rainbow one very very very cute and I also get a bird feeder out here so you can attract some birds to your yard which I thought would be really nice and you'll also notice that I went through the grass and did some terrain painting with the yellow flowers so it is a little bit overkill on the exterior so I'm pretty happy that I decided not to go so yellow on the interior cuz it probably would have been a little bit too much but I definitely do like decorating with yellow items because I feel like it just makes it so bright and summery especially in the summertime here in Willow Creek when I went to go take the screenshots I know I'm using reesh aids so that kind of brightens up my game and adds a little bit of a bright filter to it but even then it was like extra extra bright so who looked really pretty I mean it was a heat wave so the sky was all wavy but yeah I just really liked that with all the yellow when the Sun was just really nice and as you can see I have added the clothes I'm here with the wash bucket so I do move the planter boxes over here and I also shrink the patio size because it looked a little bit it looks a little bit odd and I wanted there to be a little bit more of like a grassy area so I think that looks better and then I also do some more of the terrain paint with the yellow flowers and I think it's at being a really cozy cozy spaces so I get are just probably my favorite spot in the house I really do like it and then I just added a couple of gardening clutter items to make it look a little bit more lived in and I do really like the way I decorated the porch is the front and side porch that I'm doing now have seating areas and then the balcony one off of the parents bedroom have a chest table and then of course a bunch of planted flowers everywhere and these durable little planters I thought they looked adorable and I really liked using these benches here on the porch I think I've used them on every house so so far in this neighborhood so it's kind of a cohesive thing oh I sized up these planters I totally forgot about that we really need like hanging flower baskets that just hang from the ceiling so you can place them anywhere I really need that but those ones that came with it together look really nice size depth so I was really happy about that but we are on to the interior now and it took me a really long time to get the flooring and wallpapers sorted out in this house and these aren't even like my first attempts I think I tried like a couple other maybe like five other combinations of fluorine and wallpapers but I did start off decorating the kitchen just because I really wanted to give this room sorted out before I did the rest of the house because sometimes I don't know I don't particularly start with any room or have like a plan but sometimes I do like to start with the kitchen because I feel like it's kind of the heart of the home in the way and if you can get the theme of the kitchen sort it out then the rest of the house kind of comes together so that was my plan anyways and I'm really happy I did it that way and the way I'm a nice dinner island in here there's also a formal dining space right in the other side of this archway and then as for the kitchen counters I just clutter them up with certain items I really wanted this house to be lived in there's not like a huge like overwhelming amount of clutter in this house but I definitely think it is one that looks really lived in and it's just a really nice cozy family home and that's definitely what I was going for and that's definitely what I want to go for in most of the houses in this neighborhood like I mentioned I want all of the houses to have kids so far we have the pancakes home and they have two kids and then we have the grandma's house and she has her granddaughter living with her and then we'll have this house with three kids and then I'm hoping the other two across the street will have at least three kids if not four I think would be really nice because I definitely think it'd be cool to have like all the kids play together and grow up together and be like really good friends I think this would be a really nice neighborhood to play in for a family game play anyways and yeah that's pretty much it for the kitchen I think I might go back in there and add a couple other clutter items I think I do decide here in a little while that I want to have a toddler in the house so I do put a highchair in the kitchen and I thought about switching up these windows but I decided not to and I was gonna continue using those Parenthood curtains but these ones that came with cats and dogs I thought the blue swatch worked really well the interior kind of has like an orange e and blue color scheme with hints of yellow and other neutral colors and I think it looks really nice but I wasn't too concerned about it being overly matchy-matchy but I really liked using that chair there in the corner that came with parenthood with a little circle pillow on it I haven't used it in the longest time but I thought it looked absolutely adorable I think I end up using it again one other time in the house I can't remember exactly where but here I am adding that highchair that I mentioned I move the pet food bowl over to the hallway and then there's also the Parenthood board in the hallway too so you can set curfews for your kids if you would like to and something else that I really liked using in the house that you'll see when we get on into the living room was this watch that I used for the couches because I have used the couches that came with cats and dogs a lot especially in these types of homes and I think they look really cute they look really cozy especially with all the pillows but this is the first time that I've used it in the striped version so that was a bit of fun and to mix it up a little bit because sometimes I tend to use the same color swatches especially for the couches because a lot of them come in like crazy colors and patterns and it could be a little bit hard to use but anyway this is going to be the downstairs bathroom slash laundry room and originally I was gonna use the washer and dryer in this bright blue color but it didn't end up looking quite right to me they stood that way too much though I tried I changed them to the lighter blue color and I think that just looks a lot better but down here we also get the litter box so your kitty cats can go to the bathroom as well and there's also a stand-up shower in here so it is a full bathroom which is nice since there's only one other bathroom in the house I didn't want your Sims to have trouble going to the bathroom because I did want to add Oh like a ensuite to the parents bedroom because I always try to fit one when I can because it's is really nice to have more bathrooms but it didn't really quite work with this floorplan so having this be a full bathroom works out pretty nicely and I'm just picking out a rug it was kind of hard so I think I just end up going with this plain simple white one but they're gonna switch out the color of the washer and dryers and it just looks a little bit more neutral but still has that blue color that I was going for so a little bit more cohesive with the rest of the house but now I'm on into the living room and at first I wasn't sure how I was gonna place all of the furniture because it's kind of a long and narrow room and I find those always difficult to decorate especially when there are living rooms because you're like where do you put everything to make it look balanced so I think it ends up being pretty nice in the end but I wasn't sure if I should put the TV and fireplace along this wall or have it on the wall where the windows are so I end up putting it back over to the wall with the windows and I think that just works a little bit better there's kind of dead space on either sides of the couches and then there was that dead wall behind the couch so I end up creating like my own kind of built-in unit you'll see if you're in a little while but I do really like this living room in the end but I definitely struggled with it more than any room in the house I actually tried a couple different other decorating styles before I got to this one but I had to cut them out because otherwise we would have been here all day if we were to see every sort of possibility and I don't think you guys want to watch that and then here I put a giant cat tree because I definitely want them to have at least a couple cats I don't know I imagine them just to have a lot of kids and a lot of pets and just a really like lively household and I think that would be a lot of fun to play in and I really liked adding those sunflowers to the coffee table I thought it was really pretty and I put cards everywhere so you'll see I just put cards here on top of the fireplace and I think in random other spots in the house too I get just like birthday cards and I think I'd go with the more brighter color ones because though card swatches that aren't in the debug menu come in pretty pretty simple ones that have like flowers and then there's ones that look like they're for Christmas or Hanukkah and then um Halloween and this is like New Year's ones too or like a wedding the ones I don't know it's pretty actually pretty good variety but wait I went with the ones that looked all spring because I felt like they matched the house and for whatever reason I wanted the cards to match the house so that's kind of fun I have lived in the debug menu and there are some really cute ones with like gnomes on them I should probably should have went into the debug menu for this house but I've been a little bit pressed for time so I'm kind of kind of stressed out a little bit so I feel like doing all those extra little things just I don't know aren't on my radar but here I am creating those built-in units that I was talking about and I think it looks really nice I have created something like this before using some base game furniture so it's really happy to be able to do it in the cats and dogs furniture because I especially really like this orangie wood texture that came in that pack I think it's really pretty so I did use it quite a bit in this house and I think it matches pretty well with the parenthood furniture but I am rearranging some of the living room because I felt like it felt a little bit lopsided if that makes any sense so I just moved the chairs to the other side of the room just kind of mirrored it I guess walked it over to the other side I think it looks a little bit better that way and then over here in the corner I just add a plant and I think like a painting on the wall I was kind of unsure what I should add though because like I said with these longer living rooms just the dead space behind the furniture I think is what gets me that I feel like it does look realistic but it just kind of is weird to decorate because I'm definitely one of those builders and the sins that has problems with like dead space I think came and you're like what do I do at this empty corner there has to be something here but that's not always the case but this is going to be the foyer area to the house I just do like a little seating area and I thought about switching up these archways to be the smaller ones but I feel like the bigger ones just look a little bit better and work better with the floor plan it just kind of flows a little bit nicer but these chairs I was gonna use them again here in this entryway but once I place this side table I felt like it was so overpowering in size next to them so I end up filming with these high back chairs which are really cute I definitely wish we had more high back chairs in game maybe some just different styles but I especially really like that they have like the blanket throw on the top I just really like that extra detail I think it's so cute and then I think I get like another bookcase over here so there's a lot of bookcases in this house so maybe one of the parents is really into reading and collecting books that is definitely something that would be a lot of fun to do and then I just add a couple of pictures here above the staircase I do like to do those like cascading pictures up the staircase cuz I feel like that's pretty realistic too Lisa Holmes I've been into in the past but this is going to be the Home Office it's a pretty long and kind of narrow office it's kind of small but I think it was still works it's pretty cute I get a desk in here a couple more bookcases and a little seating area and I think this is where I used those chairs again with the round pillows and I really do like the way this office turned out but like I said it was kind of a narrow room so I didn't add too many things in here because I didn't want it to be unusable but this is a little reading nook which I thought was definitely a so yeah now that I'm looking back on the way I decorated the house I definitely think one of the parents is really into reading this have all these nice little places to sit and read a good book and yeah all their bookcases to have all their books organized um and then I just add a couple little decorations over here on the shelf some more cards like I was talking about just trying to make it look lived in and yeah I think it's pretty adorable do you really like this office space um I really like using those bookcases in the corner and kind of overlapping them making it look like it's another built-in unit felt that looks pretty cool but this is going to be the upstairs family bathrooms of the bathroom that they all share and it's pretty similar to the downstairs one just a smaller version and it's not a laundry room and I thought that the shower that came with Parenthood looked pretty cute and I really like the blue swatch I thought it matched pretty nicely with the rest of the house and yeah that room was pretty simple but this is going to be the master bedroom of the house I think I ended up rearranging the room here in a little while because I wasn't sure exactly where to place the bed and this was not my first time decorating this room so it was just a little bit difficult to kind of figure out exactly what I wanted to do but I really liked using that bed and I felt like it matched really nicely with the rest of the house and the same colors and everything but I don't think I've used that bed and that swatch yet so I'm glad that I used it in this one and then I just cluttered up the nightstand and then I just add a few more decorations to this room it doesn't be in a smaller bedroom than I had originally planned but I still really like it and I think it looks nice and cozy and if I was to make it any any bigger it would have made the room right next to it I think a little bit too small so I'm happy that I did it this way and I like they have their own little balcony off of their bedroom which i think is really nice but this is going to be the first kid's room so this is one for the actual kid life-stage and I do really like this room it's very blue actually in all of the bedrooms that have pretty strong color schemes this bed or this bedrooms really blue the toddler's one is really pink and then the nursery is mostly green kind of yellow and green so yeah I did have a lot of fun with that I do like doing these more color themed bedrooms for kids I think it's just kind of fun to decorate that way but they also have a hamster in here they got a dresser and a couple other activities and I really like creating that built-in unit for their desk now the bookcase does work behind it I mentioned that before when I've done that but I do just kind of for looks and creating new furniture and I think it looks really nice and I cluttered it up with like their lunch pail and like their crayons and different little crafting supplies so I thought that was pretty cute and I just set that stuffed animal up on top of the bed I've got asked before when I've done that if the bed still works I've never had any issues with it blocking the bed so if it does you can just move the toy to somewhere else on the floor or just delete it and then your Sims should be able to use the bed just fine but I think it looks really nice and I think it's pretty realistic to have like your toys like on top of your bed especially like a stuffed animal like that but this is going to be the toddler's room and it does take me a little while to get the layout of this room kind of sorted out because I wasn't sure how I should place the furniture in sometimes I feel that way with toddlers rooms but I do really like the way it turns out in the end and I especially really like that it's so pink I do change the color of the wallpaper though cuz I felt like this one was a little bit too matchy-matchy with the furniture and everything just kind of ended up blending together and being the same color so I do change it to be like a light pinky purple color which I just think looks a little bit nicer and it kind of tones it down just a little bit but here I am just shuffling around the furniture it does take me a little while to get it all laid out the way I want it to I do actually end up putting the bed back to that other side of the wall and I think that just works a little bit better but here I am it just adding some clutter items and a few little decorations to the top of the dresser and I end up using this bunny stuffed animal that I don't think I have used in a very long time so I thought it looks pretty cute especially in this pink swatch I think it also comes in a blue and yellow version as well but yeah I thought it looked really cute I did size it down just a little bit because those stuffed animals that we have in game are ginormous same with this dollhouse I did want to use it but I don't think I end up keeping it in the bedroom because it's just a little bit too big to use but there I did switch up the wallpaper to be this lighter pink color which i think is it's really nice and it's not so in-your-face pink but here I am moving at the toddler bed to this side of the wall and this is the final orientation of the furniture I think I might move the chair or something yeah I move the chair over here to the corner and I also end up using it this room divider that I don't use very often but I think it's a really cute item and it works pretty nicely with the colors I was going for in this bedroom but here is it has like the flower stickers on it I thought it was just kind of adorable it's not really like a useful item but it is really cute for decorations and you know that's about it for this bedroom I just add a couple of toys to the nightstand and I think I think I decided just to quit messing with it and changing my mind oh yeah I did add a kitty stuffed animal but this is going to be the nursery so as I mentioned this room is kind of a weird shape but I did like adding the bassinet over here in this little corner I thought it created such a cute little cozy nook for it and I add the tree decal to the wall and this room is a kind of having like outdoorsy theme to it I think I get that a little bit from the green and yellow and some of the decorations that I used but I did bring in the striped chair that we have down in the living room up into this room and then have the matching curtains in here as well which I don't think I've used the striped curtains and I think they look pretty cute and just a little stuffed animal in the corner then I have a changing table over here that I created with just kind of an ottoman and a dresser which I think looks pretty nice and lots of people have done that and I think it creates a pretty cute effect then we have the laundry hamper in here I decided to give the nursery just the regular on functioning laundry hamper but it did put laundry hampers in the other bedroom so yeah that is about it for this build I hope you guys have enjoyed and I hope you guys do enjoy the screenshot and yeah thank you guys so much for watching please leave any comments or suggest that you have I'll talk to you guys soon bye I was lost in a silly dream and was a home again beside the stream then you are pasty and you saw me and smile the first time when I saw you I thought I lost my mind blue and fade a was blown away and left behind I hope you'll be fine if I fail you are like a summer breeze is it possible for us to feel this way forever loving you has never and for you there is nothing mine just to see hope you all you are like a summer breeze is it possible Oh I was lost in city dream and was her home again beside the stream then you are pasty and you saw me as mine the first time when I saw you I thought I lost my mind blue and fade a ones blown away and left behind

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