Results BRIDGE Stroke

(dramatic music) – Good morning. I am Julia Machline Carrion. I’m the chair of the BRIDGE Stroke trial. Yesterday, we presented the main results from the BRIDGE Stroke. It was a cluster-randomized trial including 36 clusters from
Argentina, Brazil, and Peru, and 1,624 patients with
acute ischemic stroke or TIA, admitted in the hospitals within 24 hours from symptoms onset. The clusters were randomized to receive a multi-faceted intervention
or routine care. The primary end point was
a composite adherence score to 10 in-hospital quality measures, and the key secondary outcome
was the all-around model for these same 10 hospital measures. So, we found the model’s improvement in the main adherence score, but we found that, and notably, improvement in the all or none score, and most importantly, we
found a significant increase in thrombolysis rates, specially in hospitals with stroke units. So, this might be the key message for future quality
improvement interventions especially in Latin America. (dramatic music)

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