right guys welcome back to hell slipper in this video we are going to buy and love a house I'm going to get the unsatisfying effects house for 75 grand and we're gonna see what we can do at this from the pictures is very very messy there seems to be a lot of rooms although the house isn't actually that big there's only two floors so let's buy the house and let's go take a look right there doesn't seem to be any mess on the outside of the house okay well that makes our job a little bit easier a tiny little room which could be like where you put your shoes and hang your coats and stuff a nice little hallway is there any dirt yeah up there and all over that unit okay in here I've got I've got an idea for this I think all that dirt yeah and in the next room so we come through to here let's quickly go around the house and pick up all the rubbish I have just noticed whilst cleaning there's actually something behind this wall and in one of my previous videos I did the it was like a house with something hidden and gloves a secret and there was a wall down there and I watched someone else's video of them doing the house they knocked down the wall there's a painting on the wall down there that's worth like seventy thousand pound and that I completely missed it I can't go back to that house now so I lost that and the nothing there was a couple of you pointing out in the comments though I did that so I do pay a lot more attention to my mini-map now and we're gonna go and knock this wall down oh that's cheeky can this all of this wall come down please the safes worth 2,000 and that's worth two thousand pound as well so they are sold I'm not keeping them my way and now okay so how many bedrooms do we have around here well this can be like a study room this would be where you put your coat and everything like that your shoes when you come in then this is like a shower I don't know what that is and then here's one bedroom tiny little toilet in there a bar from here I want to do something with this sort of area then this is like the living room slash kitchen see this is already kind of built into like a study so it's trying to think what I could do in this room here right so this little room here I'm pretty sure you can get a hang out I'm like I'm almost certain that I saw some kind of hanger in here no that's a hook not a hanger all right so what I've done so far is I've knocked this wall out to make this a little bit bigger we've got all kind of hooks up there and we have our boats down here and just trying to think I'm gonna be redecorating the walls and everything I'm trying to think of what I can do like what else I can add to this room and one of the comments I've been talking to someone in the comments and they have said to do these parts of the windows why because doing the window sills white brings more light into the room kind thing so now I'm just trying to I want to get the furniture in this room before I paint it so that I can kind of match everything up I'd say that doesn't look too bad like you can have letters and stuff like that in them drawers and then you've got a hook here for your keys and I noticed maybe we can get another painting why doesn't this look white I did buy white paint in my maybe if I paint them let's try that and then go to white it looks gray this really doesn't look white let me try the white in here around the windows apparently that's already white I'm kind of liking these three colors together I just don't know what I can put there all right let's put some let's put some curtains up we don't want people seeing in I've never done this in a house before I think it actually looks quite good and now the windows looking more white than gray right let's just say a parcel turnt up today no one's taking it in because I would put two there but then you're gonna have to lean over to get your kids so this way you've got more space like it makes sense in Whitehead so you come in take shoes off put your coat up and then you've got letters and stuff like that in these drawers I'd say that is okay yeah right in here we're going to get rid of these stupid lights we're gonna clean that off don't worry I'll be checking every single room we're gonna clean the windows I'm just hoping that I miss any dirt like I'll check all the window sills and stuff as I go through the house but I'm hoping the the minimap at least picked up everything that's on the walls and the floor I don't know I'll try and pay close attention to it so I don't miss anything how's that yeah that's looking good and then what we can do is get some plants in here we get these monster ones and we'll have one over in this corner it's really annoying how these don't sit flush with the wall right and this is basically just a room you come with your friends or a family just chill watch films actually that's just reminded me we can get yeah so it's kind of like a surround sound cinema sort of room it would have been nice if you can maybe get a projector or like an actual like massive TV right in this room chill room just come in here to watch TV or watch films and stuff so if we go and have a look at the paints I said that's quite nice little homes in a wall it would be amazing if you could get bigger TVs but that's the front of the house done with now we've got the rest of the house there's nothing I can do in here right let's see what the pistachio green looks like that already looks up he's gonna be far too dark nice actually not I didn't even realize I could do a mountain born here so this is another bar from kind of thing so now if we go back to floor tiles the white ones I'm gonna need one there and then what was it one there and one there yeah and then if we get the green ones through the rest of these is that every single one so guys why it's in greens no stakes I'd say that's quite a nice floor the green on the walls is maybe no I'd say that makes like the floor makes the walls stand out and the walls make the floor stand out I'm not liking all these massive black sort of gaps but it maybe looks like the tiles like over the white ones are higher up than the green ones it doesn't look level it does when you're out here in like the back – I always look level then you come in here and it's called the it's basically like the tiles are missing their grout but that's that room done I'd say I'm happy with that floor as well I want to change all of this well this is actually being changed soon so that's that runs done let's quickly comment on the light off all right let's do the bedroom I'd say that's not too bad let me just quickly double–triple-check around the windows are white right one thing that I forgot said clear which we can't actually do is put a toilet paper holder on the wall but this is gonna have to be directly behind and so if we just have a few over in this corner right and the bedrooms done a sneak peek just so far we've got out here which is the first room as you walk in your front door it seems very very busy with pictures mmm I don't know and then in here you have like the cinema sort of room and then come through here you've got a bathroom and then in here we have the bedroom so if you close that it doesn't blitz through the chest of drawers we have the TV set up TV on a cabinet pictures either side chest of drawers they're identical then we have the bed because the curtains up nice white around the windows and lamps either side on better tables because I think that is really really smart so that's the bedroom done and then that's like the first half of the house complete so we're now going to move on all right I've gone for a pine sort of back and top wall with white panels on the sides and then we're gonna get just some clear floor tiles what do these look like yeah they'll do and then in here if we can actually bar from toilet paper holder about there and maybe we can fit a couple more toilet papers down the back of the toilet yeah there we go right so all we have left it is the kitchen slash dining room area that's going to be another bar from this room which I'm going to go into a bedroom and then here which is going to be the study so we're going to end up this house is two bedroom yeah there's going to be two bedroom and then it's going to be one toilet a two-bar from weight canada toilet okay so this is this is just a pure bathroom there's no toilet in here whatsoever that's quickly not the radiator on the wall right so I've carried on doing the house it's taken quite a while if I turn the lights on we've seen these rooms a few times but you've got like you the main entrance like your hallway kind of thing the main entrance to your house then we've got the like cinema room it's kind of like a living room area as well and then in here I've left the walls white I'm still not done with this area but we've got a nice yellow wall and then just kind of like a display sort of area a nice picture on the wall a couple of donkeys and bulls on top of this unit and then there's lamps either side and then we have two Bertram I've added a few more things in here we've got a plants and some pictures on the windowsills and stuff there's a laundry basket in here now as well and then we've got the first bathroom which I'm kind of happy I did the floor the way I did except for the little black like gaps in between and then this is the part I'm on now we did this room as well the little toilet area now in here we've got like the Beachwood effect and I've set the table out it seats six people and then on here I just put a lot of knife stands it's kind of like cutlery and stuff like that then there's boxes underneath I really didn't know what to do with that area and then got a picture on the wall and then there's the kitchen I wanted to get these tiles similar to the walls but I had to go with them wolves they're like a sky-blue kind of color and then like that's the only blue tiles there are really and there's no paint that matches the tiles there's no tiles they match the paint so this kind of annoying but we've got like a little sound system if you're cooking dinner or something you want to listen to a bit of music picture on the wall couple of cabinets cook our liver hurt then here's like the cotton surface and like there's a knife recipe berg blah blah blah fridge clock there's a water heater up there then a nice corner kitchen sort of unit with a sink then I put more pictures on the wall and then you got the microwave your kettle and coffee maker so that's that room now the only things the only rooms we have left ah this bathroom which shouldn't take long then this bedroom I'm gonna be knocking this wall out and then in here we've got to do like the study room kind of thing and then that's the house done I don't think there's anything we have to do you know the outsides got all panels on and we've also got blinds up in the kitchen as well I'm trying to think let's just get a fern yeah there we go or maybe we can fit some stuff right the study room is now done so if we go in we've got some Brown curtains up we have a black cabinet we have a few Teddy's on top and a little lump in the corner for some reason I'm not allowed to turn that lamp on or off and pick from the wall and then over this side we've got a plant down here some more pictures on the wall and this side as well we've got a whiteboard I found in the corner we've got some boxes on the shelves and boxes under here we've like I'm gonna these are books but I'm gonna call them notebooks and then there's a couple more their boxes keyboard nails computer everything the loudspeaker select the surround sound system kind of thing to put a safe underneath the desk as well and that's pretty much there I've left it white because I really don't know what colors would look good in here and that now leaves us with we've done the first food there's the cinema slash like living room kind of area here's the main entrance slash hallway then we've got a bigger hallway what we call that the main entrance of the house and you've got the hallway with a little unit there we've got our from number one we've got bedroom number one there's gonna be two bedrooms kitchen dining room study room kind of thing then we've got a little toilet by itself and then we've got two more rooms today we've got the second bathroom and we have another bedroom if I quickly sell this demolish and now we have a nice rectangle bedroom I finally finished this house and we're going to have a quick look around before we auction it off so this the main entrance of the house and then we've got the cinema like living room sort of area and it's very very choppy it's because I've I've done like so much that it house compared to what I normally do in houses I put a lot more time and effort and then this the hallway then there's the first platform we did you can't really see a difference in the floor tiles you can see it now with the light on it doesn't really look that much different then he was the first bedroom we did and then along here we have the kitchen we have the dining room and then through here we've got like the study sort of work office kind of room thing loads of pictures like pictures and plants everywhere I don't know why but all the buyers seem to love them and then this is what we did to the final bathroom so you've got orange and white rows of tiles on the floor couple of rugs down and then I went with I think that's a velvety peach wall and then I did stripes with white paint in between on both the longer walls and then the final bedroom where the second bedroom the final room at the house we have the dressing table couple of pictures on the wall their plans either side of the bed I don't want to keep it in bedside tables in all the time I want to try and mix things up every now and then and the bed's not actually firm on the wall I think it looks quite nice and only that health-and-safety there's a radiator there and then we've got two ceiling lamps got some white curtains up in here nice little chest of drawers I've not put anything on that and a lot for anything on the windowsills because I'm done with the house like that's everything but I got some pictures on the wall there TV hanging out nice four-door wardrobe and then we've got DVD player surround sound in front of and either side of the little like coffee table we've got let me actually quickly put a fern on each of the window sills I don't want to neglect the final room because I've done so much in this house and I don't want to ruin the looks of this nice chest of drawers but yeah there we go right so I've done too much to that final bit but it stops a being bare and yeah that's the house I can now stop lag in sell this off for auction three hundred and thirty five thousand pound left and the timer's on 26 seconds that's two hours and thirty seconds now so we spent seventy four thousand seven hundred and twenty nine pound oh okay I thought it was two hours it was free how was 32 seconds I completely lost track of time and I think this the longest I've spent in any of the houses and it's not even one of the biggest this house has ten rooms so let's start the auction okay complaining about having a kitchen I think the kitchenette in the living room would definitely be a good idea I'm sorry but I'm single so I don't need two bedrooms I want a bedroom in my house with only one I wanted one bedroom not two everyone seems to be complaining about the fact that I put a second bedroom in there are too many rooms there's no big family room yeah there is you've got the cinema room that we made everyone's complaining about there being three bedrooms you have offended the honor of my masculinity please tell me why these toys are here already to understand I'm sorry but the winners are the small family babies love to put their hands into their mouths when they plan on the floor so everything needs to be on top I fought a war I fought I cleaned everything we needed at least two bedrooms and what do we have here so finally someone agrees with having two bedrooms but we paid just under seventy five grand for the house is that fifteen hundred pound renovations and at eleven thousand three hundred pounds and furniture and then we sold furniture for eight thousand the house sold for one hundred and twenty five thousand pound so he made it almost a forty six thousand pound profit which isn't bad asshole and in things how many people would complain about having two bedrooms because there's a lot of rooms I'm not gonna have one bedroom and then I can't even think of other rooms to have in the house like off the top of my head anyway but we're gonna accept that I would say that's a job well done that was our grand total to four hundred and sixty one thousand we've almost got half a million pound but that's gonna be the end of this video guys I hope you've enjoyed it I will come back to this I'm thinking maybe we should do the pink Kingdom which is this one up here it's already fully furnished but I'm thinking we change the colors around I don't know but you just change a few things and see if you can make any profit or buy hardly doing anything because it's already fully furnished I don't know but for now that's the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it subscribe to the channel if you're new and turn on notifications so that you're alerted when another video goes up leave a like on the video thank you for watching

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