Hello, this is Arthur with Oceana Estates. Today we’re going to be talking about the different types of homes that you could purchase. Like a house, a townhouse, a condominium or a penthouse. A house could be detached or could be in an association. Let’s talk about the types.
Let’s start with single-family detached house. This type of home is located
outside of a community and is completely detached from all other properties
nearby and is managed by the owner. The owners responsibilities include mowing the lawn and taking care of all common areas, such as the street. For example if anything needs attention or may cause potential harm to pedestrians would need fixing. All maintenance included with the home from the interior
to the exterior of the walls or the roof, for example comes out of the owner’s expenses. Yet, when owning your own home outside of a community you are in effect
the president of your domain. You do not pay any monthly homeowners association
fees and may use your property as you like. The second type of home would be a
single-family detached house within a community. This type of home is located
inside a community and is managed by an association. The common area around the
home is typically serviced by the association. The property may include a
community club home that contains a pool indoor sports or sometimes even a tennis
court. For these amenities the owner pays a monthly HOA fee that is decided by the
association. When taking part in a community, you have to agree to common rules such as color of your exterior walls, certain parking regulations, comments sanitation rules etc. The owner in effect is not the final decision-maker as to any changes to the property. The rules are decided by the board based on
common interests. A community typically requires all potential new residents to be approved by the association after running a background check and an
interview. Here are a few important points that we want you to remember. A house
may be one or more floors. Also house may come with
or without a private pool Some houses can come with a garage or a driveway where their vehicles could be conveniently parked right in front of
the house. Other houses could be conveniently located next to a canal giving the owner of a boat direct access to a personal pier. A second option to
consider would be a townhouse. A townhouse is quite similar to a
single-family home yet it is not detached and typically consists of 2
or more floors. In Florida, townhouses are mostly found in communities and are
managed by an association. The common area is serviced by the association
including sanitation, mowing the lawn trimming of the trees and other bushes. The owner pays monthly HOA fees to cover the cost of services provided by
the association. A town house is structured like a detached house but has at least one wall connected to the neighboring dwelling and tends to share
a common roof. A townhouse may or may not have a community pool or clubhouse. Yet, in some cases, a townhouse may come with a private pool. Townhouses typically have
a back or front yard and come with a driveway or garage. In some communities
that have properties without a driveway or garage a common parking area with
assigned spots will be provided. This could be an inconvenience for families
with multiple cars. Rowhouses usually consist of multiple units connected
together where some may have two or more walls shared with neighboring dwellings Another option to consider is a condo or a condotel. In this scenario the
owner lives rather worryfree where all maintenance is taken care of by the
condominium association. A condominium is normally a unit or an apartment in a
building managed by an association with additional amenities such as a pool, gym, valet parking tennis courts, party rooms, playroom for children,
private restaurants and concierge services. Also here all new residents
must get approved by the association with a background check and an interview. Сondominium monthly maintenance or HOA fees tend to be on the higher end to
compensate for all the amenities. Owners are expected to obey rather strict rules,
such as pet restrictions elevator reservation for moving in and
out of large items, loud noise restrictions and etc. Living in a condominium allows owners to live worry-free in a rather organized environment. Similarly, a condotel is a condominium that comes with hotel like amenities allowing owners to enjoy breakfast in bed and cleaning services. A condotel may also serve as a good investment since many associations allow the property to be rented out and may be
managed by the association for a service fee. Unless using valet parking, if it’s
available, parking for multiple cars may be an issue. As assigned parking is
provided to the owner all other vehicles would have to use a designated guest
parking area. In most cases, the common areas such as the pool and restaurants
are available exclusively to the residents and are maintained by the
association. Any maintenance or handiwork is typically provided by the association all depending on the type of work that needs to be done. A penthouse or simply
put PH is considered to be a condo located on the top floors of the building commonly consisting of two or more floors. Penthouses are usually found
in luxurious buildings and in some cases they are the only unit on the floor. In other cases the elevator will open up directly to your units. Choices choices,
make sure you take a look at all your available options and choose what suits
you best. No matter what you choose, you will enjoy Florida. Want more useful
information about how to obtain a mortgage how to choose a location or how
much can you afford feel free to use the link below to
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