Real Estate Investing for Beginners

looking to learn more about real estate investing are you brand new or relatively new and trying to put it all together in your head and to figure out how it all works are you perhaps a little bit skeptical of maybe these late-night infomercials you've seen in the past that talk about how much money you can make and how easy it is to make it are you just trying to learn more about this entire subject well you've come to the right place I'm Phil Oski full-time real estate investor real estate mentor to literally thousands of people at this point best-selling author and my youtube channel which is where you're watching this video literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views thousands of subscribers and many of the comments you'll read are people that are saying Thank You Phil finally somebody telling me how it really works so this particular video is gonna be a little bit different I'm not going to share with you any special techniques instead I'm going to introduce you to a brand new course that I've put together it's a video course it's eight and a half hours fifty-one lectures here's the best part for the time being anyways it's absolutely free for you to get access to it free so you can get access to eight and a half hours of intensive trainings on real estate investing for beginners it's geared toward those that are first getting started now the name of the course is creative real estate investing in flipping houses and in that course which I'm about to break down in great detail is going to take you step-by-step through the business exactly how it works so you can see for yourself what what is reality and then what's just hype out there because you know we're in the information age and there's a lot of bad information out there so part of my hope in my goal in putting this course together which took a lot of time is that you are finally going to see how it really works okay to get access you just click the link just below this video just below this video is a link to this course so you click just below here it's in the little I guess the the description section click that link and that's going to take you to the course and like I said before for the time being it's free access again click the link just below here and now let's switch gears let me explain to you what's exactly in this course though this course creative real estate invest in flipping houses you're going to absolutely love it I am going to take you through so many details of this business so that you can get a great understate of how it works and hopefully begin to apply it and go do some deals in your own market because ultimately the the reason for this information is that you can become more financially sound the goal is to help people and to make as much money as you can legally morally and ethically and that's what this course is going to show you how to do I'm going to break down each and every little facet step by step of how you put a deal together I'm going to show you how to buy houses without cash or credit I know a lot of people like know how that works in fact a lot of people think it may not even exist maybe they saw an infomercial they think that it's just all hype well I Got News for you it's real there are ways in which even if you don't have a lot of money right now little or no credit you can become a real estate investor in today's market in your own backyard and you're going to learn all about that I am going to take you not only through videos like this where I'm in a whiteboard I'll take you on site of will go out to some houses you can look at those but I'm also going to take you inside a college classroom where I taught a class at the University of Central Florida on how to buy real estate without cash or credit so you're going to get a great breadth of knowledge on this subject that you probably will not be able to find anywhere else let me tell you why I have a unique perspective in the past ten years I have been a part of over a thousand real estate transactions let that seek you a thousand so I have been a part of as many or more than anyone else in America in this present day in this present day and age so I have a unique perspective and that I've seen more than almost anybody else so what I'm sharing with you comes mostly from the school of hard knocks it comes from all of those accumulated experiences whereby I now have a different vantage point where I've seen what works and what doesn't work and I'm going to share that with you I'm going to share with you the good the bad and the ugly because real estate can be a minefield there are certain things if you do it wrong oh boy so you're going to see that and you're also going to notice that what I'm sharing with you could have only come from the school of hard knocks because you won't read in the book and you certainly won't see a on a television show in fact I'm going to take you inside the real world of flipping houses how it's done wisely and I Got News for you what you see on television doesn't make for good business most of the time the most important secrets to that business would never make for a good television show but I'm going to show you that I'm going to show you exactly what you need to be doing when you're flipping houses so you do it wisely profitably you help everybody involved but you don't get yourself in any trouble now this course is geared toward beginners I do think experts can benefit from this however beginners and intermediates are going to benefit the most because part of my goal here is that as you go through this training you can begin to make decisions in your mind whether or not you want to even embark on real estate investing or not that's a very important question to have answered in your head and I think with the way I've set up this course that you'll be able to make that determination by the end with a great level of certainty that you're making the right decision and I'm also going to introduce you to things that are going to probably open your entire world up here in mayor ah I never even knew what I didn't even know I've heard that from other people they say foul fill your trainings they they introduced me to things that I didn't even know that I didn't even know so I hope that's going to happen I hope you're getting inspired as well I'm going to share a few stories of others who've applied what I've shared what I'm going to share with you on this course they've put it into action put it into practice and then you're going to see what's happened in their lives it's very special you're also going to hear about my story now I'm obviously passionate about this subject part of the reason why I'm so passionate is because of what it did for me in my life where I got started when I first got into the business of creative real estate investing I didn't know what I was doing but I went out there and tried hard I had a college education I was a smart person but I made a lot of mistakes and I ended up homeless living out of my truck in Nashville Tennessee so how did I get to where I am today I live waterfront massive house in Florida how am i living the dream how is it that that most of the real estate or so-called real estate experts out there reach out to me for help when they have a real estate problem how does that all come about well I'm going to share my story with you I'm going to break it down in the nitty gritty details so you're going to hear about that and you're also going to hear about exactly what you can do to begin doing these deals yourself in your own backyard so you can start applying this knowledge right away so that hopefully it can make an impact on your life and your family's life and that's the other reason why I'm so passionate I love the fact that this knowledge once it's given to the right people and given the right hands and they apply it correctly Wow the results can be remarkable now quick disclaimers this educational experience is going to work best if you're applying it in North America specifically the United States Canada unfortunately I can't vouch for the value of these trainings if you are in Australia New Zealand UK South Africa so since this is an internet audience there's a possibility you may not be from the US or from North America and watching this and if that's the case I think you can learn a lot about real estate in this course there's a lot of foundational lessons that will work in in any geographical area however I can't be certain that everything you learn is going to apply if you live outside of North America so that's the first disclaimer and the second disclaimer is this I want to let you know that ever so often throughout these videos I may drop a line a shameless plug if you will about an apprentice program right coach in mint or certain people and I work with them and my team works with them and we actually split the profits with them on deals that we do together so I want to get that out upfront that you may hear me mention that now it is certainly a a very exclusive group I can't fit almost in it's a very small group because I can't fit most of the people that apply but I do want to let you know that ever so often I may may drop that line and recommend you may want to do that because I think for some of you watching this you may get done you may say wow I want to work with Phil I mean this guy knows exactly what he's doing this is what I've been waiting for someone to take me by the hand and show me this business step-by-step so I do encourage you to apply for that it's called my apprentice program you can learn more about it on my website freedom mentor com but for the rest of you for the majority of you watching this I think you're going to benefit tremendously from what I'm about to share with you the education the training the tips the strategies things that I guarantee in many cases you'll hear nowhere else creative real estate invested in flipping houses is going to be the best course you've probably ever taken on the subject of real estate and if you know nothing about real estate you got real lucky because your first course out of the gates was the best one so to get at sis – this course right now while it's still free click the link just below this video there in the description section click the link and that would get you access to creative real estate investing in flipping houses the most comprehensive program of its type I've ever put together so again click the link just below and it's absolutely free for the time being you have nothing to lose go get access to it right now watch the videos I'm excited to hear what your comments and your your ratings are of the course that you're actually going to love it and again thanks so much for watching this video I'm Phil pusta offski and I will see you inside that free course that I've given you access to on this video thanks so much for watching

49 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing for Beginners

  1. This works right? Not another get-rich-quick-sceme? Been ripped off a couple of times and didn't feel bueno.

  2. hi Phil, god bless you for all the information you are sharing,i have learn a lot listening to your videos,i would love to have a mentor like you would it be a gift from god,i hope to hear back from you.

  3. Hi Phil love your videos. Q- Can you do a video on duplexes, triplexes, and quads? How to invest and determine if its a money maker or renovating these type of homes? Thanks for sharing your real estate wisdom.

  4. Yes that was the number I tried that one twice but the other number I called someone whom called me said he will help me if I have questions. He said he works for you. I talk to him once but can’t reach him. I thought he was a mentor. Working on 3 deals now just have some questions.

  5. I’ve been talking to sellers and want to make offers but I have some questions. I’ve been calling the office for about a week know but I can’t reach anyone. Can you help me?

  6. Sorry I just watched your video on rent to own. I wanted to do that first for a home for me than start finding creative deals. Does everyone need to put 5-10,000 down? I do not have that now.

  7. Hello Phil, love your videos, Im a subscriber and have read your 1st book twice, Ive learned quite alot! I am scheduled to meet with a seller this Friday. It seems like a good deal; however, they want to sign the purchase and sell agreement at their title co.
    I dont really have an issue with this, except the seller talked to the title co. and the title co sent him a different P&S agreement. Plus, they want to do title search, etc,…. This is my first deal, should I be worried? I feel like this title co. is trying to take over my deal, am I thinking too much into this? Thank you Phil!!!

  8. Love ❤️ this video love to continue watching, but have to go to work!! Will watch again after 12pm when I get home love 🌹💝👏🌈awesome vedeo 😘

  9. You are Amazing, the best training and information i ever seeing!! thank you so much!!! please watch ALL OF HIS VIDEOS!!!!

  10. Hi phil im 16 and have been studying your videos so much. How do you suppose i get started being that i'm underage

  11. Hi Phil,
    I tried to enroll and it says "this page does not exist" .Could you please let me know what to do to be able to get enrolled? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  12. Hi Phil, your videos motivated me to learn more about this topic. Is the course for free, like you’re just gifting it giving it away?

  13. Hey Phil how are you doing , I am interested in working as a real investor , and to make the right choices and I am looking for a mentor to coach me and my wife in being successful in this business contact me at [email protected]

  14. Hey Phil. I'm reading your book and completely hooked on wanting to learn more and take action. I'm a construction project manager but really want to do this at least part time for now. I actually sent an application in for your apprenticeship program. In the meantime, where can I go to just learn about real estate and terms, how to do it etc.? I'm sick and tired of being broke and working odd jobs to make ends meet and really think this is the path God is leading me down.

  15. Phil! What are you doing for Hurricane Irma? Did you leave, and what about your property in the Keys?? I hope it's in one piece.

  16. Hi Phil, I love and appreciate your informative videos. I just have one question. If real estate has made you wealthy, why the mentoring programs? ….and I do mean that respectfully. Thank you again for your great vids!

  17. I am back again to look at this program.. I went through taking care of a family member ( my Mother ) and she is in heaven now. I want to now come back to help me and my future career…Thanks…

    Almost to do my second deal!
    Thanks! 🌹🌹🌹🌹
    Thanks!!! 🌹🌹🌹

  19. Thanks Phil for putting together the course and the book. Looking forward to learn as much as I can and then apply in about a year from now (still abroad on a job).

    Hopefully I can become an apprentice then. I am sure my attitude and mentality fit, so lets hope my location will fit you and your team as well.

    Thanks and regards!

  20. Dude thank you for posting this video. Great keys of wisdom. I am a newbie starting out and like your honest approach.

  21. I have yet to find any investment advice on handling squatters (people who are not tenants) or occupants unwilling to leave.  Investors buy a property, open up the doors and surprise! an occupant unwilling to leave.   How do you proceed?

  22. Do you have any suggestions for hard money lenders designed for new investors with no money down? Any chance of me starting this process by finding homes for you and getting some form of commission for managing the process?

  23. Hi Phil, I would like to talk to you about you becoming my mentor in the real estate business. I'm very interested and motivated in working here in the South Fl area. Maybe we can go half and half on the deals. Please let me know if that's something we can do. Thanks

  24. do the books tell you if you need some type of certificate to sell houses? i get confused. do i need a real estate licesense to sell houses?

  25. You are making me a believer this is a honest business, its been bothering some what, I want to be honest, ethical and sincere, James Bischoff

  26. I'm starting off as a bird dog, but some companies don't have independent contractor agreements but yet they want me to trust them and submit properties to them is that a good idea or are they trying be sneaky.

  27. Hey Phil, I learn alot from you, alot of respect for you too, but can you please tell me the name of YOUR mentor ??

  28. If you save up your money , this is not so hard. I started with buying a couple of saloons cash and renting them out. It just started growing. I had no clue about anything but im living quite comfortable.

  29. Thanks for the advice. You're a really good mentor. I am only 22 and I'm really thinking about being in real estate renting out houses. I'm still really confused on how this all works but I've been paying attention to a lot of your videos and i still just don't really know where to go from here. I don't have really any money and have lots of bills living on my own and I'm in a little debt. All I'm really asking is how to start out working on my first home to get with all the paper work and me not screwing myself over. I feel like I need to learn more about all the financial stuff before anything though. Thanks.

  30. Mr Pustejovsky, is it really possible with no money but enough drive and courage to make money in r.e, in west coast? I live in Oregon and its so hard to see cheap properties, therefore brings up my doubts. Please let me know your true opinion.

  31. Phil, here's my situation my sister has a property here in Michigan that she rents out to a family member of her husband and he is only paying down her mortgage she does not profit from the tenant he is sometimes late and I have had to pay to help her out her and her family live in Texas it is a burden on her what would be the best way to approach her on getting this property so she can stop worrying about if the payments are going to be made and worrying about damages and other things I would like to take over payments and own the property with out going to the bank if she kept the mortgage in her name and she signed the deed over to me would that make me owner or what do you suggest thank for the help ken from Michigan

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