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*Portal sound* Portals are convenient but at what cost? *music and electric cackle* (enthusiastic) What is up everybody? Yes, this set up probably looks familiar to you. I have decided to really take a leap, you know other than the leap at the beginning of this video, and react to… some of my childhood home videos.. and I am scared to death. It’s very embarrassing and we’re gonna put it onto a YouTube video, and I’m gonna show you guys. This is gonna be a adventure for all of us ’cause I haven’t seen these videos in a long time, so I have no idea what to expect. So, without further ado, let’s just get right into this and hopefully I’ll do my best to explain it to you. *giggles* *sighs and giggles some more* Here we go, you’re welcome. *giggles* Child: C’mon Thomas! Adult 1: Go Thomas! Adult 2: Go Thomas. *exciting, triumphant fanfare as Adults “ooh” in awe* There I am! I was blond, by the way. *Two adults encouraging Thomas to look at the camera* *sarcasm* There’s a good shot *chuckles* Little T: I”ve fallen and I can’t get up. *Adult chuckles* *laughs* “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” I remember my dad asked me to do that. That’s like my first acting thing, at the age of whatever I was… two? Adult 1: Say “boogiguhgibegabugibo”! Lil’ T: Boogi… bougeh.. bug. *Thomas and Adult laugh in unison* Adult 2: Did you fall down? So good. So… Line reading that perfectly. Adult 1: Say “big-a-dee bug-a-dee boo”. Lil’ T: Bug-e wa boo! Perfect. *adults laugh* *Thomas laughs* Dad: There’s my little blonde bombshell. Not for long. *chuckles* Oh my goodness, those little suspenders, I was rockin’ it Look at how tiny Shae is. Shae is my younger brother. Dad: Ya diggin’ in the sand? Life was just so simple back then. I’m worried….I get awkward.. I get awkward later. Lil’ T: Uh oh! The cramera “The Cramera.” This was when I was afraid of being in front of the camera. That’s didn’t last to long. Egg painting~ Mom: Tell Daddy hello. Little Thomas: Hello! *Thomas laughs* Dad: What are you doin’? Little Thomas: Just dyeing them. Dad: Oh, you’re dyeing them? “Just dyeing them.” Dad: Oh, what colors? What colors are we making them? Little T: Lellow Dad: Yellow? Mom, quietly: What color is that? Lil’ T: Egg. *laughter* Wait! *more laughter* “What color is that?” “..Egg.” *more laughter* *sighs* Laughing at childhood me.. Mom: Okay, what color is this? Lil’ T: Orange.. There we go. *giggles* Oh, and also, I’m saying /L/ello ’cause I can’t say /Y/ellow That’s the new, It Dodie Lello. *laughs* Lello~ Little Thomas: LELLO! *more laughter* Mom, stern: That the last time you’re gonna do that. My mom, uh, she was just trying to keep everything together. Mom: You’re done. Yes, Happy Easter! *giggles* I have three brothers, it was just everything my mom could do to keep it together. *giggles* Oh, rockin’ that bib. Aww! My Paddington Bear! And watching Peter Pan. This was classic me. This is- This was like me too– Look! *more giggles* Oh, my other favorite stuffed animal!! Dad: How ya doin’? …Ernie! Man, I rocked those suspenders. Little T: Can I see there? *Thomas giggles* Dad: No. Ah, and a home video would not be complete without the ‘I’m terrified of meeting Santa’ scene. *giggles* The jumper, I worked the jumper like a boss. Take the finger out of the nose! The difference in age between me and my older brothers was eight years and Shae was only two years younger than me so me and him hung out all the time so we were kinda like buddy-buddy. Dad: Show Shae the baby Jesus. Lil’ T: Look at the baby- Mom: -Jesus was born, look. Lil’ T: look-it! *Shae runs away screeching* *long laugh* Look at how confused I am! I’m like: “Well, whatever.” *classical music plays* Oh my goodness! I remember this! I would watch the old Fantasia and I would conduct. “conduct” *giggle* conducting/interpretive dancing and I think Shae would always try to mimic me. Look at that, fancy moves. Gettin’ it down ..should’ve been a dancer… ’cause apparently I had the stuff. *laughing followed by a sigh* I remember this too! So I was really little and I wanted to try on my oldest brother’s backpack … who was in high school at that time … and it did not go well for me. I look s- … I look drunk. *Random cough* Okay, it was either very heavy or I was very weak. *Little Thomas yelling for help* Oh good- good. I was the clown at school- for Halloween Figuratively and literally that day *Laughs* Oh nooo, even more, why now the hair? I had the rainbow hair, the big ol’ poofy red clown outfit that’s almost as scary as the killer clowns of 2016 *laughs* That’s my older brother Patrick, and he was a nerd you know I was the nerd the rest of the- the rest of my life Dad: Shae, come out in the front. Thomas: Oh and look at Shae! Dad: Oh and look at Batman. Thomas: *laughs* Little T: *singing* Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat. Thomas: Oh, my goodness gracious. Dad: That’s what you’re gonna say? Little T: Uh-huh. Dad: Where’d we learn that at? *Thomas laughs* Oh my goodness. I was such a diva, even then. Lil’ T, being a ham: Ohh, you should-eh Dad: Op, you just cracked the lens of my camera. Little T: …..What? *Thomas laughing* Dad: I was zooming in on your face and.. well.. the camera lens cracked. My dad always liked messin’ with me. *more hearty laughter* What is Shae doing??? Whenever we had a birthday, it was always taco night. Bed head- Little T: Morning. My hair was never.. it just never- *Little T giggling* Never lost the laugh either. *Little T slowly stops giggling* Oh my goodness *laughing* Just- There’s so much to say about that one. *chuckles* Little T: Hi Thomas! Other kid: Hi Thomas. Oh, I forgot about that. I knew that I would be watching home videos of myself later So, sometimes I would just wave hi to future me. So, Hello, past Thomas! Bye *chuckles* *deep gasp* Foster!! You guys!! If you guys remembered me from like my old Instagram and Twitter name, “FosterDawg” This is when we first got Foster! *squeal of delight* See, this is Foster a little bit bigger. He was the sweetest thing. Mmmm, I did not know I was gonna go through the feels today! (Little T singing in background) Okay, this is my first ever solo! “Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” *Little T singing* I like them… mouthing the words back there. *Little T finishes his song* Yayyyyy! (clapping from video) That was cute, nailed it, nailed it! Told you guys, I’ve always been a ham in front of the camera! This is just proof of it! Look at my face! *Laughter* My first experience with snow, this was fun. Oh *laughter from both Thomas and Dad in video* Mom: Say something to the camera! Little T: Thank you! *laughter* I do remember this one, because this is where they asked me to sing Rudolph and Shea being Shea was… always the one to try and steal the thunder. Classic Skiing! And I was not good! Dad: I heard Jeff your instructor quit. Little T: *confused* What? *laughter* Dad: After the time he had with you he quit. *more laughter with gasps* Look at that hair! Dad: Thomas, what’s the matter with your face? That- I ask myself that all the time! *laughs* *kids singing* Oh my goodness gracious. Well… *quietly giggles* Oh my goodness, what would elementary school be without recorders? The one instrument that I could play! Back then, I dunno if I can play it anymore but… Awww! I got a new bike! Little T: That’s *pauses while music plays in video* *laughing* Little Thomas: *excited about his new bike* Ahhh! *laughter* Half the time my mom is just chasing around animals in the house. Little T: What a merry good thing to do on Christmas! Oho! Okay that was really strange because that was like a mini Dad-character action. *Dad voice* What a merry thing to do on Christmas! *laughter* I’m getting taller! Wow. Dad: Hi, Thomas. Dad: Uh huh. Little T: Yeee Too late for that… *laughs* My goodness gracious! Look at that haircut! I-I dunno if I’ve ever had a good haircut? *laughter* Okay, well… why did you even fall? *laughs* Oh my goodness, okay I got really tall here, and I think this is where my voice was about to crack. Dad: Merry Christmas. Little T: Merry Christmas. Ow! Jeez! Yep, definitely. *laughs* Definitely where the voice was starting to get lower… This is all so embarrassing to watch, but in the end I have to thank my dad for it because after he was kinda like done recording things, I kinda picked it up, and this all kinda led to me doing like news at my school. I might show those on another video. It allowed me to explore theater, and then later on I really kind of tried to perfect it through online! And now here we are *laughs* If we’ve learned anything, it’s that if that little geek can go on to work with the people I’ve been able to work with and do the awesome things that I’ve been able to do then there’s hope for everybody, because WOW! *laughs* But yeah! I hope that you guys enjoyed this video, it was super fun– fun and embarrassing to watch, and I hope that you all don’t hold it against me. *laughs* Oh! Guess who I still have. The Ernie doll; say hello, Ernie. Still got him. Thank you all so much for watching, if you’re interested in my previous videos, click over here, and if you’re interested in becoming Featured Fander, click over there. That’s it, and until next time, take it easy guys, gals and non-binary pals, PEACE OUT! Little T: Hi Thomas! Thomas: Yes, Thomas, I already said hi to you, before. Time to chill out *laughs*

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  1. Soooooo cute and talented at such a young age. You should not be embarrassed by the cuteness called toddlers. And yes u rocked those coveralls. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜†

  2. You should call your subscribers your FANder sides
    Edit: Also as a dancer you were increadably talented

  3. LOL Iโ€™m watch this at night and Iโ€™m trying not wake my family up by laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Mom: Say something to the camera
    Younger Thomas: Thank you

    That just cracks me up XD

    Who's watching in 2019 by the way

  5. Lol I know the entire trick or treat chant๐Ÿ˜… "trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat. If you don't I don't care. I'll pull down your underwear"…. Yeah the more I look at my not so distant childhood the more I think there was something wrong with me๐Ÿ˜…

  6. I'm pretty sure that most if not all of my old home videos were deleted by my younger sibling when they were little… so that's g r e a t

    Yes ik this video is old

  7. L is for the way you look at me
    O is for the only one I see
    V is very very extraordinary

    Mini Thomas:*EGG*

  8. All these YouTubers talking about playing the recorder in elementary school while I'm over here like

    Wat, when, why did they think that was a good idea. Maybe I didn't learn the recorder in elementary school because from k-5 my music class was full of a bunch of hooligans.

  9. 3:13. Little Thomas: me showing my family my fanart, the music I listen to ect.
    Little shay: my family's reaction
    Little Thomas: me

  10. Baby Thomas Actor: Bla bloop blee! Canโ€™t whoop up! Egg egg?
    Now Thomas Actor: I fight for my rights, I fight for my people, I fight for our world…
    People: wow that was so bad I canโ€™t believe you act like this doesnโ€™t mean anything.

  11. Hey Thomas. Question. Did you suffer from Middle Child Syndrome? If you say no I swear to- imfunnyipromise could not function. her childhood was very unfair so she prefers not to speak of it

  12. I just watched this the second time and it kinda looks like he didnt get ALL the virgil make up off…. if you look real close some times.. or maybe he was just hella tired wich is like…… a mood rn

  13. Your older Bros backpack was probably VERY heavy. I'm in ninth now and my mom literally can barely pick up my backpack with all my textbooks and such in it.

    I can vary it since I'm used to the weight

  14. Other youtuber: Iโ€™m sorry guys I canโ€™t upload a video I have nowhere to record and my recording place needs to be PERECT
    Thomas: does a perfect video in his bed kicking his fit hold my script

  15. Little Thomas: having a nice Christmas and getting a bike
    Momma sanders: "THE CAT!"


  16. I tried on my brothers backpack when I was in 5th grade and there is a 7 year difference. It cracked my back good but was really heavy and I somehow could carry it when he had his entire locker in there. ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Was I the only kid who never got a recorder. It was my fault though, I Had headaches even as a kid, I was just getting glasses, and missed the day

  18. Young Patton: What a merry thing to do to Christmas Patton nod
    Young Virgil: (What are you doing?) Just dying.
    Young Roman: fake conducting orchestra/watching Peter Pan

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    little thomas: *brings shae to show him *
    little shae: screams and runs away

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  20. My older sister and I have an 8 year gap and my other older sister and I have a 6 year gap. Since my two sisters were close in age it was them hanging out an then me with my bear Mr.Miggins. I also did hang out a lot with my second oldest sister. Btw I wasn't a mistake ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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