41 thoughts on “Rampage 2018 – Funtcase b2b Cookie Monsta

  1. Fucking hell cuzzy might of not spoke since ur dad past but fucking amazing man thats what u call music cookie monsta talk about on ur shit from starting in ur bedroom to now fucking killing it man

  2. Such a fire set and this MC is doing every thing in his power to make me stop listening. Let the music speak please, i don't need to hear 321 every drop

  3. these were cool for about 2 months in 2009. Now its just retards that like them.

  4. I really can't listen to this set as this fckn dude absolutely talks every fckn seconds in this fckn awesome set !! WTF is going on with that guy

  5. ive watched this set 10+ times and the first 10 minutes at least 100 times and ive never seen this clown at 3:26 😵

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