Rabbit Home Alone (full version) – Home Alone Parody

Ahhh! Hey hey hey! You’ll be fine! You’ll be fine! Ahh Ugh What a nightmare! 6 Hours Earlier… Yeah mom, we are going on a vacation, to Paris! Only for a week… Bini, go inside, we are late! Yeah, I’m taking Bini with me. Get inside we are leaving – we’re late. Bini, go inside, go inside! Yup He brought all his toys with him His barbie, teddy bear, basketball… so annoying Yeah, I’ll send you a lot of pictures I don’t know…11 hours…? Mom, we are running late, we have no time. Yeah I’ll call you when we get there. I don’t know. Why do you have so many questions? I have no time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… Yeah! Hey, they left. Let’s go in and steal a lot! Yeah man, let’s get in there and steal a lot! I just said that, why are you always repeating me? I’m sorry. I’m just so excited, I heard these Bini the Bunny paintings, are worth a lot of money. Oh, oh no! did you hear that? Hear what? There was a sound it was like – ‘Bini!!’ No there definitely was not a sound that said “Bini” No man it was loud and clear, I heard it it was like ‘Bini’ There is no one home stop imagining things! ‘Biniiiii’! Oh wait, I heard it too. Oh no- months of preparation down the drain. We gotta get out of here. – Let’s go And thanks for watching our YouTube Channel! Wait a minute! That was just a YouTube video! Yes, nobody’s home…we’re going to be rich! Oh Hello sir, where are you flying today? Paris Oh Paris, I love Paris ‘Ja tem’ Is this the bag you’re taking on the plane with you today? Yes, so my rabbit is in here and I have all… I know, I see..I need to scan this bag. Yes so let me just take him out. No no, you don’t understand, I need to scan the whole bag! No you don’t, it’s not the first time I’ve flown with him. Excuse me? Are you gonna tell me how to do my job? These are airport security regulations. Let me just…grab him out… Ooh…uh huh No rabbit. Very suspicious. I probably left him home alone… Excuse me sir! Sir? Can you step over here, and wait for security clearance? He’s probably so scared… Finally, we’re inside! OK where do we begin? I have to go to the bathroom… The bathroom? ! We’re not in a damn hotel! We just broke into a house! OK OK I’ll hold it. Good, now you go upstairs- that’s probably where they’re hiding all the money and I’ll go ahead and grab the bunny paintings down here. Deal. What?! What are you doing? You are such a klutz! It’s just stairs. But, but..but… ugh The bunny is here! He isn’t supposed to be here. Oh, he’s so cute We should leave before we make him upset Leave? He’s just a stupid bunny. He’s probably out here looking for food. Come here little bunny, I have a yummy carrot for you… Where? How the hell do you have a carrot in your pocket? Man, carrots are good for your eyes. They have beta carotene which is a type of vitamin A that gives them their orange color and helps your retinas function smoothly. Huh?! Get a little closer little bun bun. Come on. Come on. Come on, yeah Bini – here you go. You want the little carrot? Yeah? Come On. Are you hungry for some carrot? Come on Little bun bun Get the box Get a little closer
-come on Come on Come here Yes, we got him. Good job! We’re going to be rich! Rich! What? Are we under investigation you stupid bunny? I don’t think it’s very smart of us to upset the bunny. Don’t talk to me about being smart. You’re the one that let him escape. I still need to pee. Well hold it. Ok Ok, I’ll try not to think about it. Oh No. Oh no no, please stop – please! Oh no, please stop! please stop, please! I see what you’re trying to do little bunny. But that aquarium doesn’t effect me. Not the rain… Hold it in! I’m trying – this is torture. Oh no no no not Niagara Falls! Ok, ok we’ll leave we’ll leave… Just let us go we’ll get out of here. Ok ok, little bunny It’s all just a big misunderstanding we’re friends of your roommate, Shai if you let us go we promise to leave Please please please let us go! Catch him! Hold on! Can you please hurry up? I left my bunny at home without food Sir, don’t rush me! I’m sorry I don’t want to upset you. It’s just that my bunny Yeah yeah yeah… Your bunny… her horse… his peacock… I’ve heard it all No, but I’m serious! Yeah well you’re just going to have to wait here until security comes to clear you. But I’ve been waiting here for over an hour! I don’t understand what’s taking so long It’s the busiest day of the year and I don’t owe you any explanation But, can you explain why you are holding me here? I’m holding you here because you are a threat to national security you were pretending to board the plane with an animal but then you don’t have anything… because I forgot him at home what’s the issue?! Either you’re the next Bin Laden
-What?! or you are just a bad owner Bin Laden!? This is ridiculous I want to speak with your manager now! My manager? Boy, you ain’t in no damn Walmart! I need to go home Home? Where is home? Do you even live here? And besides, what’s with this whole accent thing you got? ‘Cause if you trying to impress me I’m not turned on at all What? No! Are you even listening to me? I forgot my bunny at home, helpless! mmm hmm… Where is he? Oh no Oww Oh I get what he’s doing! He’s just throwing objects on the floor so just be careful where you step I don’t think it’s just the floor, boss What’d you mean? Let’s run! Ahhh Oh god! Oh oh Hahah Hahaha ha Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Oww That hurt! You deserve that! I think he left! Of course he left he’s a little bunny and we’re two strong men Hey man you think I’m strong? It’s really nice of you You know, I’ve been working on my arms like three times a day but my yoga instructor insists that I should do some aerobics Ughh Why do I still hang out with you? There’s someone at the door Go down and make sure that person leaves! I got this boss! Hello? Pizza for Bini the Bunny Uh, we’re not home, please just leave! What do you mean not at home? I hear your voice! Oh yeah… umm well, how much is it? It’s already pre-paid by Bini the Bunny Aww that’s so nice of him! They also included a message- ‘Please help me someone broke into my house’ Oh silly bunny that was a joke Um.. What kind of topings did he get? It’s a carrot lettuce pizza, sir Do you got any anchovies in there? No sir that’s what you ordered… OK Thank you Bye bye What?! No tip!? Oh yeah, um..hold this, and I’ll be right back Hey, hey, hey Who was it, who was it? Do you have any cash? I’m trying to steal some… Why do you ask? The pizza guy wants a tip You’ve got to be kidding me Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Well, yeah there was this one time actually in pre-school, my dad was holding me and he he… Go down there and tell him to get lost! OK…OK… “Go away now” No little bunny! We’re not going anywhere! “Go away… or I’m going to be your worst… armchair…” Worst armchair? What does that even mean? It doesn’t make any sense “Go away or I’m going to be your worst… NIGHTMARE!” Stupid bunny he doesn’t know how to spell he should go back to school… “Go away or I’m going to be your worst nightmare” Oh little bunny, we’re not going anywhere until we empty this house I’m scared boss.. I want to go home! I want my mommy! Stop being a baby! Oh oh no Did you just pee yourself? Oh you’re disgusting You have something on your face Yeah yeah We know you know how to paint We’ve seen your YouTube videos You don’t scare us Oh man me too You know, this is kinda special We’re like Bini’s new pieces of art I guess Oh no, oh no, it’s in my eye! It’s in my eye! Hey hey hey, you’ll be fine! You’ll be fine! No boss! Relax! I…I wanna go home! Oh He’s so cute Wow Sir – you taught me so much I didn’t know that bunnies could play basketball, and paint you know what? me, myself I used to be a real DaVinci back in the day… Oh really? Yes! But my momma always told me that painting was for broke asses… Oh that’s not nice! I know, oh no, but she was right! I got myself into some deep trouble when I painted my boyfriend… Why? Ok so, He was sleeping, OK, so? at his house, OK in the middle of the night. I don’t understand Ok, so he wasn’t my boyfrined he was my neighbor I broke into his house in the middle of the night and I painted him while he was sleeping like a baby …a baby in his birthday suit …he was… OK… I…I don’t think I want to hear this anymore… thank you for sharing! You’re welcome, thank you for listening… And you know what? You are free to go Go on and be with your bunny Oh my god, really but what about the backup you called for? Boy, there ain’t no backup What? I just made that up I needed some company What What?! I can’t believe this! You’re a selfish person! Well yeah, well, my momma said that too! right before I put her in a retirement home mmmhmmm locked her up in South Carolina, with only white people food haha yeah and 12 hours of art classes! Yep Sure did… mmhmmm Ha ha ha ha ha ha Ahhh Ahhh ahhhh Ahhh Ahhhhh Let’s get out of here! Oh no! Oh my god! Ahhh What a nightmare! You can keep it all! Just take it! Let’s go! Bini? Are you OK? What happened here?! Wow! I thought you said one night. OK! One night… Maybe a week OK, definitely not a year! Really! I’m sorry I’m never going to leave you home alone again! Never! Do you still love me? Are you happy to see me? Are you happy to see me? Are you happy to see me? Yeah? Are you happy to see me? Pizza! Ok! Who orders carrots lettuce pizza? Gross! Wow Is that my laptop!? Does this thing recline? Oooh It does recline! Haha, I think I’m gonna like this place! So much for guest hospitality… Somebody should really clean this place up Now where am I sleeping? I sure hope it’s a queen sized bed… What a mess…

100 thoughts on “Rabbit Home Alone (full version) – Home Alone Parody

  1. When you get to the airport, but your Bunny doesn't figure. It's time to retrace your steps, with extra vim and vigor.

  2. I love that black lady!!!! She is so funny. I love the bit where she says she put her mum in a nursing home with only white people and 12 hours of art classes. Soooooooo funny!!!!

  3. Lol hahahaha new subscriber from today … Macaulay Culkin ent want nothing with Bini being home alone … he,s adorable … and I really enjoyed this short movie of Bini 👌🥰🤗

  4. So cute my bunny. I love you😍. The end was also superb .Is that my laptop? and bunny reaction 😂😂😂

  5. Why…when bini was home alone I was gonna almost cry HES so cute to be alone
    Edit: when Bini was looking if the robbers are coming i was like DONT MESS UP MEAN THINGS TO ME IMMA KILL YA

  6. I rewatched this Bini Home Alone alots. Shai you did an outstanding job. Bini deserves an Academy award for his performance.

  7. You are so creative man.. u showed the story very nicely… and bini is also super cute ❤💖💕

  8. These burglar logic:
    Enters were is a youtube video, but if there is a youtube video means that there is someone home watching it

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