Quickly stand up your virtual environment with HPE Composable Rack

The ability to quickly stand up a virtual environment across your rack servers is easier than ever with HPE Composable Rack. Automate server configuration by using profile templates. With HPE OneView as part of the integrated solution, you can create templates for any of your infrastructure needs in minutes. Define options like; server hardware type, select how you want to manage the firmware, add network connections, and define preferred levels of consistency checking for connections, and many more settings including storage connections. Once you’ve saved your template, you can then use the template to create new server profiles for any servers meeting the requirements, now, or in the future. Create multiple templates for specific needs and save them to your template library. By utilizing templates, you maintain consistency and compliance. So, what about firmware updates? We can actually do all updates here, within OneView. Firmware updates are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy infrastructure. With HPE Composable Rack, you no longer need to fear firmware updates. To update, you simply apply the new firmware version to the server profile template you previously created. And all servers that are no longer in compliance will self-identify and will be visible from your dashboard. You can then simply install and stage the update to automatically boot with the server at any time without disruption. Automating server configuration and lifecycle maintenance not only saves time, but ensures consistency, and reduces errors to keep your data center running smoothly.

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