Quick fire questions with Lucy | People and Development Advisor

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m the Learning and
Development Advisor and I help with all your training needs and any personal
development that you need. Let’s go. If you could build a house anywhere in the
world where would it be? Obviously High Wycombe. What do you like
to do outside of work. Erm, apart from watch Netflix, I like to do disco freestyle
dancing. If you could choose any housemate to have for the weekend who
would you choose? My little sister because she is my best
friend. Gym or pub? Pub. How long have you been at Red Kite? I started off at Red
Kite as a volunteer and I have been an employee for four years since then.
Where’s your favorite place to go in Wycombe? I wouldn’t know I’m not from
around here. I’m actually from Boreham Wood so I don’t know hot spots. What’s
your best memory of working at Red Kite? My best ever memory is probably when we
got the Slush Puppy machine and I had about 13 and then I was on a high from
all the E numbers. Summer or winter? Definitely winter.
What would your superpower be? I would love to read people’s minds. Beach bum or adventurer? Sun is fun beach
bum. Dogs or cats? Dogs. I’ve got three but all in separate homes as in my mum’s and
my Nan’s. What do you enjoy most about working for Red Kite? The people. Oh
last one! Describe your working day in three words. Crazy, fun and interesting. I’ve been Lucy, thanks for watching.

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