Putty Road Construction – Cinesound Newsreel (1940)

One mile of main road converting per day. Impossible. Not to the engineers, men and machines of the New South Wales
Government’s Main Road Board. In the beginning, come the surveyor’s, then driving into the wilderness a mechanised invading force tearing up pathways of progress. Bulldozers on the job, mowing down
obstacles, as a size mows down grass. Building a strategic road leading, well, let’s say from hither to fither, it’s on the hush hush list. (background music playing) (explosion sound) (explosion sound) (background music playing) A bulldozer is versatile, whether it be huge trees or ten tonne rocks, this terrific pushing power takes care of the situation. (background music playing) A Carryall scraper scoop, Australian built, can shift a thousand tonnes a day. It does the work of hundred men.
It loads, carries and spreads evenly as a road surfacing. The consolidation it brings about helps eliminate corrugation so frequently seen in unpaved roads. (background music playing) It is so accurate that it can spread a layer
of earth as fine as one-half inch in depth. This mechanisation, developed first in America, has revolutionised road making both as to speed and to cost. The New South Wales Premier, Mr Mair, takes a turn at the controls. He’s used to juggernauts, driving one is daily job. (background music playing) To load a lorry, all that is required is a bit of push. That’s shale used for road surfacing. Not long ago they were saying the day of
the horse is done. Wonder what they’ll be saying of the day of the man in a few year’s time.
Twenty of these machines can do the work of 2000 men and 70 lorries.
There’s your road coming along fast, by tomorrow that section will be ready for use. Incredible but true. Always ahead of the main attacking force are the skirmishes. Smashing a way forward for the consolidating army lumbering steadily behind. (background music playing) The serene sleeping beauty of nature, is
rudely disturbed as progress marches on. But the scars will soon heal and all that will remain of temporary turmoil will be a thin ribbon of road meeting out alluring into the heart of the country, an artery of communication. Power, crushing, tearing, overwhelming power. Ramp ups that have stood must yield. Think now of the sweating chain gangs
who pushed Australia’s first road over the mountains inland. (background music playing) The fastest time for road building
accomplished in this country is 97 miles in 61 days on the Birdham to Darwin Road almost two miles a day, a truly staggering record made with this very cart. (background music playing) And so the wilderness is conquered. Yesterday it was virgin bush, today the AIF marches, the pressure of war can bring unbelievable achievement.

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