Purolator investing in Canada to offer hyper-speed delivery | Vancouver Sun

well we've been really growing up purolator and it's never been more dynamic time in our businesses history largely due to the growth of e-commerce and the amazing amount of change has been going on and with that the customers are demanding more convenience more speed and ultimately more access to their packages so we're really proud and pleased to announce the first product in Canada called quick ship Purolator quick ship which is a product that will deliver same-day but also evenings and weekends and the reason that's important is because customers are ordering now mostly on the weekends and they want their packages win their home and this new retooling of our network as well as we've added a lot of jobs and a lot more hiring to enable us to offer even more 24/7 services we really are a leader in this market in Canada we have 170 terminals 12,000 employees so we really did it needed to have that Purolator is a is an ability for us to really take it to the next level of customer experience and and really the markets going to go there so we want to be the first the markets heading towards a 24/7 convenient one it where we want it our packages and so this is a step in that direction well you might have seen recently we announced a billion dollar investment in our business almost 60 years old as a company and that's in three major areas an entire network investment largely of hubs automation sort technology new terminals we've got innovation mobility platform we even have ebikes and you can see we're standing right beside a mobile quick stop which is our new innovation of a retail outlet on wheels you can now get your packages off this what looks like a food truck where this retail outlet on wheels called quick stop will be available at the end of a subway line or at the bottom of a condominium building so all these investments are all designed to make it better for our customer

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