Provide Agile Operations with Dynamics 365

Provide agile operations. There are limitless
opportunities to develop, deliver and support applications that will
power the next industrial revolution. How do I transform our legacy
technology architectures and outdated organizational
designs towards agile operations using AI and data-driven insights? How can I improve the agility
of my business operations through an intelligent data platform to
support the rapid roll out of new services while increasing network efficiency,
scalability, and reliability? With the intelligence and
security of Microsoft Azure you can scale into the cloud and leverage
advanced analytics to drive down costs realize efficiencies,
and avoid service disruptions. What’s more, through the
capabilities of Microsoft Azure IoT you can rapidly replicate and extend
new services that dramatically increase the breadth and depth of
your value to customers by delivering far more
than just connectivity. Meet Anika, an operations manager in the
transportation agency of a large city. She’s responsible for the
maintenance and repair of all the traffic and crosswalk
lights throughout the city. Anika and her team used to
spend much of their time responding to complaints about
malfunctioning streetlights. But now, thanks to a new service from
the city’s telecommunications provider one powered by Microsoft
Dynamics 365 Field Service Anika not only knows the
moment a light needs repair she can also predict when each light will
need service before a problem occurs. Also, by combining the data gathered by
Anika’s new predictive maintenance solution with the capabilities of additional
services enabled by Microsoft Azure AI and Microsoft Power BI the transportation agency can also proactively
adjust streetlights and crosswalk lights in real time, to help traffic and
people move around the city more easily. Now meet Chen,
who loves hiking in the great outdoors. Because of his age and
a few past health issues Chen’s healthcare network has outfitted
him with a smartwatch application developed in partnership with the
network’s telecommunications provider and powered by Microsoft Azure IoT. Should Chen experience a
problem on one of his hikes his smartwatch will send a
message to emergency personnel with Chen’s information. And if Chen’s condition is
serious, his personal doctor will also be notified so she can
proactively advise the paramedics on how best to treat him. Here’s a real-world example. Telia, a global telecommunications
company that connects millions of people wanted to become a next
generation provider of services that create new value
for their customers. They used the Microsoft Azure IoT platform to scale and deliver IoT solutions
across a number of industries. By offering intelligent, reliable and highly secure solutions for
services such as fleet management predictive maintenance,
and smart buildings Telia has created significant new business
opportunities with their customers who in turn, can focus on
growing their own business and not on building technology. Grow your business. Rapidly support new services while
increasing network efficiency, scalability and reliability, on an intelligent
and secure digital platform.

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