Professional Placement at Launch Housing

I’m Megan Kelly I’m studying a Bachelor
of Media and Communications Professional Degree, I’m currently doing
a placement at Launch Housing. My placement is a little different to other
placements mainly because I’m being financed by Collier Charitable Fund. We know of Swinburne’s through philanthropy and through its social entrepreneur
qualifications. We decided that we could actually get somebody that we could
mentor as another way of supporting the not-for-profit sector. Launch Housing
said they’d love to actually explore it further and then when we talked about it
a bit more they decided ‘Yep, love to do it’ We were approached by the Collier
Charitable Fund, and we knew it was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. Partnering with the Collier Charitable Fund to initiate this placement has been
such a success for Launch Housing. Some of my biggest achievements include
creating reports for our donors and philanthropic campaigns, as well as
student information packages, that will be given out to teachers and students to
help them understand who we are what we do and some of the social economic
environments in which we work around with homelessness. Meghan’s been given
the opportunity to attend and conduct lived-experience interviews for Launch
Housing content marketing activities she’s been able to tour three Launch
Housing sites to more fully understand the homelessness services systems, as
well as how we coordinate communications to lobby for changes and
raise awareness within the community, state and federal government. The highlight of my placement would be the experience that I’ve gained being able
to take my studies and apply that knowledge in my role while still
learning new information every day is an incredible adventure. Working on projects
that you know will raise awareness and improve the livelihood of people
experiencing homelessness every day puts it back to my step, it’s the best part of
working Launch Housing. So in undertaking this project with Swinburne is just another way of actually how we can support not-for-profits to build
capacity. Without the support and generosity of the Collier Charitable Fund we certainly wouldn’t be able to take up this kind of opportunity This placement has helped me define my future career path. IN returning to my
studies I hope to maintain the connections I’ve made throughout my
placement and to continue volunteering for causes that reflect my own beliefs.

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