100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

  1. А смысл всего этого труда? Посмотреть как рыба в аквариуме плавает!)))

  2. I would say the only problem by livening like that close to a water source you would have to worry about animals

  3. I just have one question. Why didn't you put the downstream fence on the inside of the rock fence and let it support the force of the river against the rocks? Seems to me that would be more secure.

  4. I wouldn't single stack … Better to be wide on bottom and taper the walls up … But this would work for expediency for food … Then beef it up … Baby fish will swim thru the fencing … Lol … Would make a good fish trap tho

  5. この人…この魚一匹捕る為に楽はしてないよ。だってこの石積みを見たら、大変な労力使ってるよ。割が合わない‼️

  6. It’s so nice to finally see that someone is actually building something believable instead of making a waterslide house.

  7. Nanti wkt hujan airnya pasang, ilang tuh semua batu 😂, lebih baik buat kolam di sebelah sungai lebih aman untuk pelihara ikan

  8. Why not big open weaves for the first fence and tight small weaves for the second so all the fish just pile up?

  9. There is a bunch of clips like that on youtube: young men from asia (which country?) are building "primitive" stuff with nor practical value: the net is far too wide to keep any fish in, the dam too unstable and will be gone with the first rain and so on. So everything is only build for youtube and the clicks of a western audience, that lives so distant from environment and nature, that they find first: peace and satisfaction in watching the clip and second: do not seem to realise, that everything is fake and cant work. Its a strange and alien world out there.

  10. Hey maybe the reason you don't get a ton of likes is because people are so interested in your video they forget to like it

  11. If he is in the wild then how does he get the money for the spots to build because he can’t just go in some random forest, then get people to help set up the videos, edit, and make sure that they are not in it?

  12. Wait. The house is on the water. There’s no door. Can u imagine the amount of bug bites you would get?!? Mosquitos raise their young in water. Flies hang around as well…. oof

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