27 thoughts on “Post-digital: Architecture Drawing in Photoshop

  1. You're good, I followed you recently and I learn a lot from you, your drawings are the best, I congratulate you!

  2. Hey! Have been really enjoying learning with your videos! I would like to know more about Post Production but using Illustrator. I know it is possible to do and it will give a great quality to the final collage. Thank you 😀

  3. It looks amazing! I wish you would’ve given a detailed tutorial on this because for beginners like me, it’s really hard to catch. Anyway thank you for your hardwork!

  4. Curto muito o estilo dos teus desenhos, pode fazer um video de prancha sumula no photoshop? já tem vista isometrica com os planos de seção , planta de urbanismo, vista interior e exterior, so ta faltando sintetizar em uma prancha haha

  5. I really like your style, the way you are sketching on renderings is nice. Also Really helpful feature, that we're seeing keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for sharing

  6. thank you a lot!!! i really loved the tutorial and i'll try it out later… thanks for helping us!

  7. In SketchUp, you could paint each surface as a different color so you can quickly select and mask in photoshop. 🙂 I usually do this for people or backgrounds or screens that I need to do in post.

  8. Mt bom o vídeo!! Só tem uma dúvida que tenho na hora de fazer a colagem: como tu copia a imagem sem que crie uma nova camada? Quando arrasto a img no alt sempre cria uma nova, e especialmente no caso de máscaras eu só quero duplicar a imagem dentro da mesma camada… obg desde já!

  9. Fantastic! Where did you get the people with the type of graphics of the guy sitting in the deck please?

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