Portal Knights – Fantasy House Build

hello hey Jane from girl rigours here
with another tutorial and poor Matt’s created me today I’m going to show you
how to build another smaller taller storybook house and I wanted to take this second to
thank all of you guys for watching and subscribing and giving such positive
feedback really appreciate all your support means the world to me this video
was supposed to come out a lot sooner in the week but I’ve been feeling a little
bit under the weather mentally and physically so I haven’t
really been able to crank things out like I’ve been wanting to this past week
and a half or so anyway this is the basic build of the house so let’s get
started I’ll show you the floor plan first you can pause right here and I
hope this was clear enough freeze sorry if it wasn’t I’ll try better next time
it just saved me a little hum in the upload process because this is already
almost 15 14 minute long video you start with stone block put your basic outline
you want to leave too wide for the porch stoop area use the wood blocks come out
one from that and make a 3×3 doorway kind of separates the doorway a little
bit gives you just a little bit more room on the inside then you continue to
use the wood to leave your support structures and I forgot to put one brick
before the other wood there and like right there but whatever it’s okay it
works anyway you don’t have to do I’m gonna go ahead and apologize I have to
keep going back and looking at my previous house because I kind of have a
goldfish sometimes especially when it’s building waiting anyway basically the
left and right walls they’re pretty much the same it’s one concrete a wood window
we would win concrete and in between those two wood slats retinol that replaced just gonna come
out and add these little sort of boat structures on the outside
I just fancy it up a little bit give you your room to expand you the top floor
just a skosh then you’re gonna come across all the slides you just placed
and think through then go to the corners three tall again I went ahead and got
some of my windows and placed him in so I know what I was doing
place the skinny windows but yeah penis made there then you gonna throw all that
in the country well – ha Humphrey better girls just all the corners more sweats for
bringing this instruction this wall is too concrete and wood window only two
concrete J concrete on the way to concrete to
concrete you know let’s put a window when those coming for gaps of structure
your support sluts may be as small as the same in the
other side along this next part gave me a little bit of trouble I’m so I’m clear
but I hope I describe this best I can start with the window to wide window
place it then turn him back and this is Bauer my video stopped recording and I
have to start a new one top that off with would start with a two by two and
then I had one on the side of concrete and mirrored that on the other side go to the back wall and do the same and
next is the hardest part which is the thatched roof and a little finicky in a
way and I had to go back and look real quick see our engines on the other one
so excusing the jumping in it’s easiest if you start at the top
the two that I and then go straight back then you’ll go into your side of that
and place the ball under the straight back wish I woulda done this new
beginning but placed one block on the top of each one of those concrete’s to
look better and to make it a little easier for me to try and build this
monkey that truth cottage crap thing yeah as you can see I started trying to
do that with thatch and realize my mistake
and had to go back and redo it and there we go it’s all better now living you
learn I guess now back to the roofing just keep on
placing those blocks going straight back you’ll fix this weird gap area here when
you get inside the house in a minute don’t worry about it it’s all good go to
the other side and we’ll keep what you just did and you can feasibly leave the
roof just like this just straight back and all straight lines but I think it
looks better if you kind of go back over it and pieces here and there take away
some give it a kind of wabi-sabi kind of thing it doesn’t have to be perfect
that’s kind of the point to think of that truth just you have shelter and
you’re not gonna get rained on the basic roof is on you’re gonna add some more
aesthetic appeal go to that top and cover up those one with box and a little
bit to the top here just to kind of make it look like there’s a point coming up
and out and just add a little bits here and then come over and protect the rest
of the house look a little more dippy in the corners like it’s sagging there I’m
just kind of following a sort of general line at the top there it doesn’t have to
be perfect just adding there and just kind of come to a more of a
point all the way up to the top do remove a few pieces to kind of make a
swoop my belief is kind of my least favorite
flirt just gave me so much trouble but I do like the overall look of it I mean I
said earlier that I’ve been feeling well under the weather and those of you don’t
usually follow me hey J on all my other social and stuff don’t know that
autistic and I deal with a lot of chronic pain depression and anxiety and
that’s all been really kind of compounding on me lately so I’ve been
trying to keep a positive attitude and you guys are just been so good for that
I really appreciate all your kindness gaming has always been a really great
way for me to cope with all of my issues and building these houses and making
these videos it’s gonna help me keep a routine and I’m having a real down I
appreciate you guys so much for helping me with them it’s been amazing this has
been a much easier down time than they had before and just want to say thanks
guys it’s really sweet thank you something to really help me pull myself
out of a funk and you remind myself anything it’s
gonna be okay go enough sappy let’s get back to this funny-looking roof it’s all
done just aim for some kind of roof like structure and it’ll be all right we’re
gonna do the floor on the insides now basically the way I set it up you can
just see where your first floor will be just leave a gap for the stairs I’ll
show you right there the stairs a little better to do it to one you don’t have to
go once more Stern there’s another one top the floor kind of a loft area anybody you fill in those gaps I was
talking about earlier you do wood or you can do it with a concrete I think I did
this one differently in the first house anyway that’s alright it all came out
there’s a sound structure in the end it would pass code mostly I think maybe and
I gave too little I forgot hey what are the stairs it’s alright there’s only one
off just add a little extra floor here and fix the stairs accordingly there’s I
guess you can leave it you know it’s wrap your tongue top there cuz you gotta have your thatch
holding on to something gotta support that thatch you know I did a few lands
here because it was getting too dark you actually put him there and you can worry
want but I want you be able to actually see what I was doing in here going baton
it’s the stairs that I screwed up earlier
I mean see it kind of works like you could leave it there and I don’t like to
look at it better this way you know some finishing touches windows I forgot
almost right I like a couple more spots up there in the rafters I don’t look
back and redid and there’s pretty much your finished house you can put whatever
you want on the inside I’m still yet to decorate the inside cuz I’m so tired I
do this really suck the energy out I’m alright there’s our finished storybook
house hope you guys liked it Thank You Kat for always being there and to sweet
balling for also always being there you guys rule thank you grilled chicken man
approach thank you a few videos back there really appreciate you hope you
guys all have a wonderful weekend bye

3 thoughts on “Portal Knights – Fantasy House Build

  1. Wow, this one looks difficult ! I’ll try building it as soon as I can ! I’m really really slow in Portal Knights to build anything so it will probably take me hours to do but that’ll be fun !

  2. Looks good 🙂 simple but pretty and if u never build in a game like mc or Portal knights, it will be quite difficult.

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