Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise Refit – Part 21 – A closed saucer?

hello everyone and welcome back to Matt's model shop so lately I've been working on the deflector housing and I explained how I do this early in an earlier video but for those that haven't seen it I thought I'd I'd show it again this is the actual deflector housing piece here and what I've done is I've painted it with just testers enamels silver inside to give it some reflection and I drilled a 7/8 inch hole in the centre you can you can do it this way or not but this was the simplest way I found to light the deflector dish perfectly and then I glued a piece of paper to the backside it's all been light blocked and everything so it's it's basically ready to ready to glue on but once you do all of that and you take the actual dish and you frost it so here it is it's got two coats of dull coat on it basically I haven't done anything else to it though once you put this together like it's like that then you have your dish now the cool part is is when it's off it just looks like you know it's off like a grey a great housing you haven't painted the dish blue so it's blue even when it's off and we mount the LED right behind the the piece of paper and bang you've got your deflector dish now in the the video tends to kind of blow this out but in reality it looks really spot-on to exactly the way it should look so that's the that's the way it looks for blue and then we can flip it around and and show what it looks like for the amber side as well here I think so there's I remember LED and when we put that right on boom we've got amber so that gives you that hot spot and allows the rest of it to glow just right so if we turn off the light and do it it lights up just perfectly when you stick that to the front of the ship it looks just awesome and when you turn it off it just looks like it's powered off so this is the way that I've figured out how to do it we I actually stole this idea from from Thurston Shoals aka Garber on on the forums this is the exact way he did it and it turned out so good I said hey can I use that and he said sure I said cool I'm gonna steal that and he said not steal borrow so I've borrowed it and I'm gonna show everybody else how to borrow it as well so that's one one way to do it and that is I've seen other people you know put disks in front of the in front of the light you know so they didn't have to drill it out you can put the LED in and then put a disc in over top of it and achieve the hotspot that way I've seen people actually paint the backside of the of the dish so that it's lighter in the center and and so forth so that it it achieves the hotspot that way but to me this looks more real because the the hotspot is further back in like there's a like there's an energy source being being driven like that so that's what I've got so far on this the other things I need to do or are put in the RCS thrusters on each each corner and then wire all that up so once that's done I'll be mounting this on the on the ship but that's kind of what I've been doing right now I haven't I've been I have been working on the ship just a little bit the main ship one of the main things that I did was although I need to put my light on here now one of the problems that I had was the impulse crystal was bleeding into the into the impulse tack there we go and I have since eliminated that so and the way I did it was I just used a little bit of aluminum foil tape underneath it you can get a roll of aluminum foil tape but Harbor Freight for like seven dollars and then the last hundreds of projects so it's a great light blocking material so that's really all I've done a massager lately still getting to the point where I can I can glue this shut the big problem that I bumped into was the RCS thrusters the bottom is allowing too much light in so I'm gonna probably use a little foil tape and MacGyver or something up in there to keep it to keep the yellow light from from being hammered out by all the weight so more stay tuned on that I'll probably show that here next but once that's done we'll glue the saucer shuttin and we'll get on light blocking this bottom piece here so anyway I will be back with more later stay tuned okay welcome back everyone and I've actually made some progress I closed the saucer so saucers glued together everything's done inside I used some of some foil tape around the the RCS thrusters and I made it so that it kind of blocks the light from from the windows so we actually get a good a good orange seal around there so everything looks okay but yeah everything turned out for really good and I've got a little clamp so it looks pretty good we do have the light leak but I think we can take care of that pretty easily I'll either use canopy glue in there or tulip or something and then we'll get it with some silver and that should take care of it so the ship looks really good though the lighting is really even and bright and and the ship's looking really really impressive so it's very large I really like the size of these things so next we're gonna take all the clamps off and have a look at it and and see what we can do to to block that light leak so I will be back with more see you soon I've been going through and filling in the seams on this with tulip there were little seams right here a little bit here where there was some light leaking through here so I've been going through and filling them in with who the rest of that light leak will be nailed with a little bit of silver paint so and then over here I found a spot where the gap was big enough to where you can flex it so I reglued it and REE clamped it so hopefully that will keep it not from showing and flexing and cracking paint so that's what we don't want but oh and all it's starting to look really shipshape though so I've gone through and found every little every little divot I could find and filled it in so starting to look pretty good so more later okay we're all masked and and I took it out and shot some silver paint around the edge and as you can see the light leak is totally gone all the way around so that's exactly what we wanted to see happen so yeah it looks perfect so I have to let this cure for awhile and if I don't take it have problems when I go to prime it so I'm gonna let it care for a while and then we'll prime and hit it with some pearl white again and then we can pull all the masks up and blend it all up and it should look perfect I will have to repaint the the yellow on the RCS thrusters on the bottom either but that's the only part I have to repaint as far as details on the saucer so once that's done we'll be ready for four to complete the deflector dish and then I'm going to clear coat this piece and put decals on it and I'm going to start the warp nacelles so I'm gonna save the work no cells for last because that's how I want to do it so I'll be back later a little bit more and we'll continue on with the journey here so hang tight alright here we are after a couple coats of primer and more pearl white around the edge I haven't pulled the masks off yet it looks like I got all of the light leaks taken care of everything looks pretty good I was just looking around the edge and I don't see anything right off of course with my luck I'll get all the decals on and then I'll find a light leak but everything looks pretty sharp so I think I'm gonna call it and start removing the masking material and we'll see how she looks there will be a little bit of light sanding involved in stuff but I think we'll be able to blend it all out and make it look pretty good so we will see hold tight let's see what happens okay and we've removed all the masks and this is what we're left with and it actually is turning out decent although I have a few minor things to take care of but otherwise that's looking pretty good and I have to say the lighting on this thing is turning out amazing so yeah we're really coming along so I'm gonna have to take care of a few of the few little painting issues and then we're gonna clearcoat this thing and it's a decals on it yeah dude that sound great so um I hope you guys are are enjoying this right now I think I'm gonna wrap this one up and kind of kind of call it getting the saucer together here so we'll we'll try to maintain them more of a schedule now life is getting a little easier to deal with here so I should be able to continue on the enterprise a little bit a little bit easier but yeah I'm really happy with how this is turning out considering I'm basically just putting this together and putting some easy lighting in it and stuff so I hope you guys are enjoying the build and there will be more later so you guys take it easy and we'll see you in the next one

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