Phoebe Waller-Bridge Pays Homage to Her Sister and Bad Haircuts in Fleabag

-I know some of the things
in “Fleabag” are based off of things
in your life. Semi-autobiographical. There’s a book coming out,
I just saw somewhere. -Oh. Well, the screenplays
are coming out. -Yeah, fun.
I’m gonna check that out. -Which is really great because
the stage directions have a lot of — you know,
they tell a lot of the stories. It’s going to be nice
for people to read those. -But do things happen to you
in life, and you go, “Oh, I’m going to put this in?”
-There was only — Well, yeah, there was in this —
in this season — I mean, it’s very much
not autobiographical, but occasionally
there are little moments that, sometimes I’d be writing them
and then I’ll be like, “This feels familiar.” Then I realize that —
I got a haircut. There’s a haircut in season two, and Fleabag’s sister
gets a dramatic haircut. And I got a dramatic haircut weirdly before I started filming
“Fleabag” one. Which is why I have
that really short haircut. Otherwise, I wouldn’t
have had it. So I went and got this
haircut, and I was — You know when you’re just — I don’t know if you’ve ever
had this. When it gets a little too short, and you have a little cry
about it? -Yeah. Oh, yeah. Sadly,
I’ve had that happen, yeah. -And then you’re trying to,
like, pull it to make it grow longer
and no one understands. -No.
-And you feel like it’s
the end of the world. -And you go, “I have such
a big face.” -Yeah.
-Oh! -“Why would I think that this
haircut would work on my head?” -Exactly.
So I had that. And I got home
and I had this haircut. And I was like, “I’m gonna start
filming in a couple of days. And I got this tiny little,
like, Lego hair and I don’t
know what I’m doing.” I was like, “Oh, God!”
And called my sister. And I called her and I was
actually — I was being really overdramatic.
And I was like — [ Sobbing ] And she picked up the phone and
she listened to the whole thing and she was like, “Okay,
this is really serious. I’m coming over.” Which was the sweetest thing
because she came over — I was kind of expecting her
to be like, “Get over yourself.
It’s hair. It’ll grow back.” But she was like,
“No, this is a travesty. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”
[ Laughter ] And such a good sister.
And then she came over — opened the door and she was
like, “It’s fine. It’s French, it’s short.
And we’re going to be fine.” And then — and so then,
in the show, that similar thing happens
with the sisters. And so this is kind of an homage
to my fantastic sister. -I want to show
everyone a clip. Here’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge
in season 2 of “Fleabag.” Take a look at this. ♪♪ -Hey. -No.
-Anthony. -No. That is exactly
what she asked for. -No, it’s not.
We want compensation. -Claire.
-I’ve got two important meetings and I look like a pencil. -No. Don’t blame me
for your bad choices. Hair isn’t everything. -Wow. -What? -Hair is everything! We wish it wasn’t, so we could
actually think about something else occasionally,
but it is. It’s the difference between
a good day and a bad day. We’re meant to think that
it’s a symbol of power, that it’s a symbol of fertility. Some are exploited for it and
it pays your [bleep] bills. Hair is everything, Anthony. -That’s exactly right! Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yes! -Phoebe Waller-Bridge,
everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]
“Fleabag” is available on Amazon Prime Video.

87 thoughts on “Phoebe Waller-Bridge Pays Homage to Her Sister and Bad Haircuts in Fleabag

  1. sexiest thing about a woman – intelligence, and she has it in spades. She's wonderful and should be our new US ambassador.

  2. That weird sjw droid in solo was a horrible decision. Who thought there could be a droid in star wars more irritating than C3P0

  3. Here we go with the puny boys in their pjs whining about "sjw droid". Wtf is that even?! Get over yourselves, snowflakes. You're still whining about a minor character in one Star Wars film, who's fragile now? Do you need your safe space??

  4. Most of America is still wondering who this is. They'll learn soon enough as she racks up award after award and releases hit show after hit show.

  5. They didn't show the best part of that clip. That haircut was actually exactly what Claire asked for. Atleast Klare liked it.

  6. I love her, she is everything I hoped for and more LOL!!! They cut out the cherry at the end of the scene, when they show the picture of the reference for the haircut. I died!!

  7. LOVE Fleabag season 2
    And I love the relationship between the sisters

    Also this is so relatable. I get haircuts with my sister most of the time. Or I go with her when she gets hers.
    And dramatically complain when the hairdresser messes up

    "You're the only one I'd run through an airport for"

  8. Fleabag is a smart show it is perfect Phoebe is a genius also i like the 2 seasons they are so diffrent and cool it is great because you know all of the charecters it is dark humor series it is so cool ason season 2 sexy Priest

  9. fleabag is amazing !! i binge watched both seasons the other day and it was a brilliant watch! i cant wait to see what else she can do 🙂

  10. Fleabag is so brilliant and I am so jealous of all of the people that are just now finding out about it and get to watch it for the first time

  11. when i saw first saw fleabag i thought PW-B's hair was so french chic & when that scene came on i thought "hey thats what i thought abt her hair!" now this interview reaffirms my french chic thought. i wish i could pull off PW-B's hair!

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