46 thoughts on “Peter Thiel: Successful Businesses are Based on Secrets | WIRED

  1. I feel bad for anyone who needs a monopoly to fill the void in their soul. Common people in search of security and dignity are way ahead of this guy. We could all be happy if not for this sick mentality.

  2. He's wrong. Successful businesses are based on relationships because technology changes by the second.

  3. thank you for laing out your playbook to world domination. much appreciated for sharing this vdeo. creativity is king.

  4. You know what. I actually disagree on a generalized basis – for a very fundamental reason. I don’t think this actually reflects the reality of people’s everyday lives.

  5. It's clear why Peter supports most of the Trump platform. Trump wants to bring back the space program. Peter really hit home when he said that the best we could hope for is for government to at least not try to block technology. He is referring to overregulation.

  6. Horizontal growth is not necessarily orthogonal to Vertical Growth in all contexts but I understand in the context of his semantic. I understand that vertical growth or technology implies newness and horizontal growth is globalization or copying. However, globalization is dependent on technology so its not orthogonal in all contexts. He smart but hes not a Gauss or Newton that is for sure.

  7. banks want real esate up thats why germany imported 1 million poor to force real estae demand up banks dont want fewer haipper richer people having few kids cuz they are scam thieves

  8. everything is a scam certainly finance education law and insurance and politics and fo course real estae……destroy paybpal for deroppnig gab.ai!! no democrat fascist political finacial attacks allwoed! end the ad money scam of google amazon facebook apple twitter etc!! fight the democrat fascists!!

  9. One of the "secrets" obviously is: "Which economically non viable industry will the governments subsidize with other peoples' money in the future?" (Otherwise Tesla etc. would be bankrupt… and Musk might have to write fiction novels for a living.

  10. Key Insight: Science grew out of Philosophy, specifically, explicitly to solve the problem of mortality.

  11. Finding the secret to immortality. That’s what I call thinking big enough, being a contrarian and not accepting limitations. It’s kind of a given that we have to die. Well maybe actually we don’t, and science can fix that.

  12. I'll give you the truth on how so many from paypal went on to further success: Money. PayPal was a business that took money from transactions- in an economy, no matter what market, you need to transact money- paypal (and banks) get to the direct root of all economy (transactions.) Fact is all the people who worked at paypal had a slice of the pie, 1 tree in an orchard of apple trees still results in apples. Trust me, if I had even a small fortune, I'd be well on my way to changing the Human species.

  13. This man is like an ever flowing fountain of wisdom. Listen to him, pure dense coherent wisdom, and not a single stumble while he's at it.

  14. At 4:33, when he pronounces hitherto “hit her toe”, is it accidental, a symptom of having read far more, or far more intently, than he has listened to human speech? Is it a joke of some odd sort? An intentional early error, so that he can forget about perfection and (and ther erby, paradoxically, achieve perfection)?

  15. We dont need more Peter Thiels on this Planet, we need more people with small ego. Hard to find though. Or this planet will end up in a total desaster. We are close to that desaster already

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