Part 3: Ecosystems' Guide to Consultative B2B Selling – Identifying Next Best Alternatives

welcome to part three of ecosystems five-part series on consultative selling in this video we will be covering identifying your customers next best alternative this key step in the sales process will help dictate your strategy and next steps with the buyer what is the most realistic next best alternative for the customer what about these alternatives aligns to your customers stakeholders value drivers and what are you doing to mitigate the risk of the alternative here are five key points and questions to ask your customer to understand and identify their next best alternative one the top three potential alternatives are your competitor do nothing and do it themselves – for each opportunity understand what is the customers next best alternative to the vendor 3 map the alternatives to the customers business issues and politics 4 assess what are the strengths and weaknesses of your customers next best alternative 5 if your customers next best alternative is a competitor of yours then do the research to understand their expected sales strategy one of the potential opportunities when discussing the next best alternative is to utilize the interactive business case the interactive business case paints a picture of what the desired outcome would be and shows how change is necessary another option that you have for addressing the customers next best alternative is the partnership roadmap the partnership roadmap can be used to give your customer confidence that your solution will help them mitigate any risks that they feel they may approach in their environment in part four of the series we will be talking about creating a strong value proposition

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