Part 2: Ecosystems' Guide to Consultative B2B Selling – Navigating the Political Landscape

welcome to part two of ecosystems five part series and consultative selling in this segment we will cover navigating the political landscape to become more strategic in your b2b sales process it is helpful to identify all the key decision-makers involved in the evaluation in the buying process of your solution find out what the key decision-makers value the most from the reposed solution or project and what the key stakeholders from the vendor can help address them according to Gartner the typical buying group for a complex of b2b solution involves six to ten decision-makers here are the eight key points and questions to ask your customer to successfully navigate the political landscape one gain clarity on who are the key buying influences for each potential opportunity to understand what is important to each of them three assess whether or not they are currently Pro neutral or anti vendor 4 how does the stakeholder measure success 5 what are their personal value drivers 6 how can you the vendor accelerate or enable their personal value drivers 7 which internal stakeholder on the vendor sign is best aligned to this customer stakeholder and finally 8 what action should the seller stakeholder take to the customer stakeholder to better align to their personal value drivers Ecosystem strategic Business Review is a platform that can house all institutional knowledge gained about key stakeholders from pre-sales to expansion and renewal opportunities the priority sections of space to gather the outcomes that your stakeholders want to achieve and show how you the vendor aligned their needs you also have the ability to filter personal value drivers and how you help them achieve these value drivers additionally the performance metrics section of the SBR allows you to agree upon the criteria for success and then track that ongoing in part three of the series will talk about identifying your customers next best solution to understand what you're competing against and tailor your sales strategy

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