Overview: Workforce in Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud

In this overview, we’ll show you the highlights
of Workforce and the advantages of using it to enable and configure the available features. Workforce helps simplify your planning, helping
you understand employee costs and headcounts so you can plan accordingly. Prebuilt drivers, demographics, reports, and
dashboards ease implementation and ensure best-practice planning and forecasting. You can use Workforce for strategic headcount
planning and detailed planning for compensation expenses by employee or by job code. Import your existing payroll and workforce
information, and then update it with new scenarios and forecast assumptions. Improve the accuracy and accountability of
your planning process through better collaboration with finance, HR, and line-of-business users. Empower your users by performing what-if impact
analysis on key workforce decisions. Set up new hires–including adding, editing,
and deleting them. Easily plan for an employee’s departure or
leave of absence. Transfer employees from one cost center to
another. Easily configure demographics by headcount,
skill set, and age so you can plan for future activities and fill gaps in your organization. Business wizards, such as the Benefits and
Taxes wizard, ease planning process maintenance. Plan salaries and other compensation, including
bonuses, benefits, and other expenses for existing and new employees. You can choose the type you are creating Rate
Table and Threshold, Simple, or Rate Table You can then define the drivers such as payment
terms, value type, and Maximum value type In this example, the rate is calculated by
tiers. In this overview, we learned how the out-of-box
features improve your workforce planning process. To learn more, visit cloud.oracle.com.

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