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everybody I'm Dave Hecker and today we're going to talk about an up-and-coming outsourcing destination Vietnam okay I love Vietnam Vietnam is a growing and maturing offshore development destination there are a lot of great developers there but it's not perfect there's a lots of pros and lots of cons to working in Vietnam so let's get into it first the pros here's the big Pro the Vietnam is cheap the currency exchange especially between the dollar and the Vietnamese currency is extremely favorable we see Vietnamese developers at rock-bottom rates it's it's pretty impressive another Pro is that it's pretty easy to get to Vietnam there's lots and lots of flights it's easy to get around and it's generally a nice place to visit another great advantage of Vietnam is that the culture it's very well aligned for software in some ways and one of them is that people in Vietnam they really work hard this is not a place where you're going to find the pre-madonna developers or people that refuse to work overtime things like that my experience in Vietnam has been that every single developer I've worked with has really gone the extra mile they're very dedicated and they when they meet an obstacle they kind of pound through it they're they're very sort of diligent in their work and that can be very very good for certain kinds of development so that makes Vietnam a very good country to send your work to let's talk about some disadvantages the big one being the language barrier there are lots of people in Vietnam who speak English but there are a lot more that don't and when they do speak English there's a lot of idiom and cultural elements to the language that make it even difficult if they're fairly fluent in English it's a big language barrier culturally the advantage being that they're very hard workers comes with a disadvantage that they fall into sort of a classic Asian hierarchical structure in which they are not so quick to raise issues or to contradict the leadership of a project so for example if you're the project manager and you're working with a bunch of Vietnamese they're gonna work really hard for you but if you make a decision that they don't necessarily agree with and you're hoping to get some opinions and feedback on that it might be hard to get from a team in Vietnam another disadvantage is that seasoned managers in Vietnam are not easy to find it's a fairly young industry so you'll find a lot of people that have been in the development world for maybe five years I mean even six years could even be seven ten years you're not gonna find that and most of the developers are clustered in the two to four year experience range so this means it's a very kind of young culture without a lot of really seasoned management and without that seasoned management they struggle to really get into the enterprise and the larger projects that are going to require some more sort of thoughtful strategic management so watch out for that now it sounds like there were just a few advantages and a lot of disadvantages but those were some great advantages it's very very cheap they work really hard it's a pretty nice place to go so with that you can balance that with the disadvantages by sending the right kind of work to Vietnam if you're a start-up and you want an aggressive agile team that's going to really communicate everybody's going to contribute and it's going to be great people are going to call each other out and the white board Vietnam may not be right for you if you're if you have a product that's already built and you're looking for people that are gonna work really hard and maintain it fixing bugs taking care of it not making mistakes not letting you down it's not the most challenging work as much as it needs to be done right and reliably Vietnam can be a great destination for that Vietnam is also great for things like QA or sometimes front-end work it's still growing up but wow it's cheap and the food is great and I actually really like Vietnam it's a great place to send the work just make sure you send the right work there good luck on your next project and give us a coffee need any help

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  1. not only cheap ,hard working resource but also vietnamese creativeness can be the big advantage to promote your business

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