Outcome Engineering & Collaborative Delivery in B2B Sales – Featuring: David Kocher, GE Digital

when your outcome engineering and you're saying okay GE Digital is working towards this outcome how much of that is controlled by you and how much does some of the partners capabilities come into play with that as well yeah I think this is probably one of those places where there's a lot of opportunity for growth is how do we better enable certified trained partners to be as capable as the direct team is for selling and delivering I think there's significant opportunity there if we go back to their roles as we think about discovery and outcomes selling and how all of that connects all the way through if a partner is doing the upfront pieces selling and delivering it has to be as clear and logical and laid out as we would if it was a direct team so that when it hands over to post go live we have an understanding of what happened and how it happened and those handoffs are even more difficult and even less well done right in my experience right because you think if there's challenges in the handoffs just internally Magnet magnificant lee yeah so we created this concept called a collaborative delivery model that has operating mechanisms around it and it has the partner managers who own the relationship with the partners to try and do better on how we're lining up with opportunities and how we're doing with immediate delivery and transitions that's the best we've come up with so far but there's more work to be done yeah

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