30 thoughts on “OMG 👀How To Completely Outsource Your Dropshipping Business

  1. Recording issues this time, so please excuse the pixelated video. But since I knew I had delivered mindblowing content while recording this, I sent the same to my editor. Hope this helps a lot of you guys create massive passive income businesses

  2. I want to hire a virtual assistant for my shopify order fulfillment but I have a question will I have to provide him my own credit card to fulfill orders or there is something else?

    I will be glad if any experience person can guide me.. 🙏🙏

  3. Bro, jus do a favor ,kindly reduce your coaching costs..I would love to join em..plz and also teach those stuff in YouTube as well .. everyone needs em..plz take into consideration bro

  4. Hi Rito, are you in need of dropshipping staff? I want to apply working on your company… 😍

  5. Sir when our coustomer receive the product from AliExpress the delivery package will clearly specifie the original product price.Then our coustomers are going to think we have cheated them,etc. In that case what to we do for avoid it.

  6. Rito Sir there is so many myths about shopify that u need huge money to run ads, the system is very complicated to be understood by an average guy who has no prior experience… Can u plz make a video on it

  7. Sir I am interested to start alidropship in india.Company registered is necessary or not for alidropship in india.or any legal document?
    Plzz sir…reply

  8. Hello rito..

    I reached your channel some late but now i am here and really your channel is too good . You are giving so valuable information in free. Thanks to you alot .

    Rito i just want to ask only one question on dropshiping .

    If some one ordering any product on my shopify store and he getting products from aliexprese in the aliexpress packets and also bill from aliexprese. Is he except the order ? Did their any solution of this problem.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. Hello Ritoooooooo! I subscribe to your channel, Thank you for all of it. I've watched all the top Shopify & FB Ads Gurus out there. I'm looking for any advice it possible as to why my CPM's on FB Ads are $9.78! It's crazy. I know the difference between Ad Set's & Ads all of it. I know the platform, I have a great website (from what many people are saying) the name alone is up to $800 but I'm getting raked over the goals with FB Ads. $62. here, $50. there $21. for 1 day on another. I might as well be standing in front of a high limit casino machine. I'm targeting with several cities at a time (approx. 4 million audience) I know how to chose the interest & suggestions, I'm only running $5 over 4 days on 3 Ad sets and then cutting if not working. I've let some run 5 days. Absolutely not 1 sale? I'm running good video ads, I've tried great images too. My products are under $20 & I'm beating any Amazon pricing and finding unique problem solvers or fun items. NO t-shirts. I don't get it at all. Any suggestions my friend on what to do with Ads? (I'd show you my screen shot if I could upload it here)

  10. Hi while your video sounds good and convincing, have you addressed the aspect on how VAs work for ur dropshipment biz. Do you have to share the login/passwd to them so that they can fulfill orders etc.
    1) How do u trust them.
    2) How do you track their work

  11. Hey rito…I just 1K in one week. Thanks for all your Awesome help,strategies. In one video of yours i saw you convert INR to $ just by selecting INR value. Is that any chrome extension or any app.???

  12. I am unable to purchase domain brother every time in name cheap it is declining card and lean domain search also decline plzzz anyone have a solution reply thnk u

  13. I can't find your store. Just wanna check it to get some sort of overview. I don't know why comman panda is not coming up.

  14. Why some Peoples click on Dislike button ..I can't understand the mentality of these people's …. Great video …and he's professional in his work …video and audio quality is also great and most important part is He's sharing this Knowledge for free then why you Guyzz Press Dislike button or hate comments ?

  15. Rito is Indian.
    Rito is Hindu.
    Rito is a teacher.
    Therefore, Rito is the only Shopify dropshipping guru on YouTube.


  16. Very unprofessional got registered to attend one of your webinar and you did not even show up? #unsubscribe

  17. how can i make profit from aliexpress , because prices is same as retail on aliexpress…PLease telll me how can i solve this problem?

  18. sir please teach or talk about your other businesses also , we'll be glad to get knowledge of each and every profitable business from you ❤

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