ODD WARRIOR, THE ROGUE DESTROYER – Boomsday / Constructed / Hearthstone

hey guys how's it going crap airing in here today I want to give you guys a bit of a highlight on one of the most important decks in the meta right now and that is odd warrior so odd warrior is such an interesting BEC that is just so meta it's so meta because it is the rogue Annihilator it's just the executioner of rogue Dex almost every single rogue deck right now has a finite amount of damage before they either run out of cards in their whole deck or they run out of cards in their hand and these these rogue decks are all in they do not have any reload so these these almost every single rogue that you're gonna play against these days they're just going to run out of damage and the main thing that counters that is gaining health and if you play odd warrior you have the upgraded hero power which gives you four armor instead of two and if that alone is enough to win many of the games against rogue if you've taken look at the stats the number one deck in the game right now is odd rogue and there's a few variations of it some don't even include cards from the new expansion it's just that good so odd Rogue is ridiculous and it's played a very large amount because well it's really powerful it's a pretty cheap deck it includes almost no new cards and it's fast fast games fast laddering up so it's a very popular deck and odd warrior is its worst matchup by a landslide odd rogue beats odd warrior roughly 20% of the time and that is shocking because it's such a powerful aggressive deck if you take a look at you know other aggressive decks they don't really have any bad matchups which is why aggressive decks have traditionally been so dominant and hurts them because they don't get countered out but odd warrior just puts the nail in the coffin against rogue and with the amount of rogue players playing right now it's it's just a good deck solely because of that you're not gonna do well with odd warrior against just about anything else but because you're such a ridiculously good counter against almost all the rogue decks being played the deck is actually pretty good so it's one of those if you want to be that guy if you want to be the gatekeeper let's say you just you just play the taunt warrior and you just stop all of the rogues from moving past you and ladder it can be a lot of fun to do that and well I'm sure you'll get that from the examples to come enjoy and I'll see you guys tomorrow it's alright I'm sure we'll set the world record for not playing rogue and hearthstone I can feel it already the only lucky I actually I'm not sure if I've played five games at legend rank without encountering a rogue before this might be a first already whatever I smart oh I thought you were like trolling me with that message you did see it there's some kind of website that shows you stats of decks you might face and what counters they might have my my there is in fact a chess replay boys that is your site did anyone order some super collisions I know I did it's just one attack you can remove yourself to Mountain Giants oh so super collider is actually good I mean when you play odd warrior and half the cards are available to you it like it barely makes the cut so yeah maybe I suppose sure oh that's a pretty sick defile oh just kidding kind of lot of smoke right now but open board Lich King is just way too good now that is dangerous [Applause] well it's it's like three extra damage if I hit the Lich King they fight each other but I still deal the one extra two Lich King and that lets me hit with the one damaged minion instead of the three damaged minion considering is a 1 hp that can be a big difference thank you thank you all right here we go game number nine one rogue we got him boys we got him oh I can lose it's like 20% but you know can lose I think the way that you lose is they get the out of control cold-blooded argent Squire the 18:18 that night it is this guy suposed [Applause] really now let's play around the reckless flurry with she'll block on the next trend well I'm gonna reap make sure that it lands now [Applause] when he's out of cards dude's finished there's no reload in that deck it's an all in face deck yes this dude is legend 3100 playing ah drugged and he's gonna lose this is why we played this thing it's over boys it's over somehow he's he's still playing I don't understand took nine games but we did it

29 thoughts on “ODD WARRIOR, THE ROGUE DESTROYER – Boomsday / Constructed / Hearthstone

  1. So it took 9 games to finally play against a Rogue and you almost lost? Does not really prove the intro.. xD

  2. for the love of god Kripp, turn the ratio on your compressor down, you sound like you're taking an order at a drive thru

  3. Im still wondering why no one playing odd quest Warrior with mech synergies. Its pretty decent imo…

  4. I've only lost once to odd warrior with my kingsbane deck and it was only because I rushed my resources too fast, I normally end up exhausting his removal by shuffling lots of spiders into my deck or I outfatigue by recycling a 10 attack or more life steal kingsbane.

  5. That vomit rogue, braindead faceplayer baffles me. How on earth is he legend ranked, yet cant calculate in the end there that his pathetic stuff does 5 dmg to face each round, with zero cards on hand, and Kripp has a 2 mana heropower that heals for 4, and lots of cards on hand. What chance did he think he had? It sickens me that vomit noobs can get this far on ladder.

  6. That deck wants me to came back to hearthstone after 2 years of pause, and punish those rogue tards. One play for YT is not enuf to pleasure my eyes Kripp. :p

  7. so how do we counter warrior? my azalina deck(missing only azalina -> replaced it with golden mukla) didnt help me unfortunately 😀

  8. My rouge deck can do 200+ dmg in a turn, but has about 1/4 chance to fail. Abomination otk op. Rank 20 ftw

  9. So from what Kripp said, it sounded like the games before the first game against Warlock were all against Rogue. And he went 1-3.

    Yeah, Odd Rogue is obviously terrible against this deck.

  10. Odd Rouge has the same problem Jade Druid had before. It was too good to ignore even an expansion later.

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