NOT SO BERRY HOUSE // The Sims 4: Speed Build

Hi, everybody! It’s Kayla and welcome back to Speed Build Sunday! so today I’m building a house that is very green but surprise, surprise i have yet to name! It’s probably going to be something about green -ness, because that’s just, that’s the theme of this house is green… but you’ll see in a second, i just, i havent named it yet because, when do I ever name my houses before I do the voiceover? I don’t think I ever, I don’t– I’ve never I have never. well, eh– anyway, so this weekend and this week, a lot of stuff happened and I have some stories to share with you guys one is a big update from my fixer upper stories, so if you haven’t seen that, go watch. honestly, honestly, please go watch fixer uppers so you can be caught up with the story. i’m probably going to link it down below, but also kind of debrief you a little bit before i get into that because i feel like it needs to be refreshed, it’s a big deal um and kind of a distaster but first i want to explain why I built this house, because i have this new… i’m going to call it a current household but I talked about it before, this minty-fresh thing that i have… her name’s Minti Phresh like minty fresh but with a ph haha know and an i instead of a y in minti and i’ve been playing with her off camera– kind of on a second tumblr, just like to mess with the game and my friend and i made this legacy challenge based on Minti Phresh it’s like a color seem like it’s called the “not so berry” legacy and basically each generation is a color theme and it got all this stuff for all the packs, all the games, and just ways to explore the game that I haven’t done before like using the scientist career or another one like the criminal cause I’ve never done but I want to do and so all generations are kinda based on that and it’s actually really cool I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything but I really think it turned out really well and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to do so i’ll have the link to the rules down below too so you can check that out i’m probably gonna put a current household up soon too and i have my tumblr that i play with minti on — link down below to see so you can immerse yourself in the Minti if you want to, but it’s actually fun legacy and I’m excited about it so check that out I know that youtubers are doing it on their channels at some point soon but i don’t think i ever well so anyway it’s a fun long 10 generation challenge but it’s it’s cool and I think you’ll enjoy it so again check it out but my story you guys will not believe this week everyone from school – I literally mean everyone – found out about my channel like I’ve been pretty open about my channel to my friends and to my acquaintances it’s like people that I just sort of talk to on a regular basis… I don’t really go around talking about YouTube very often to like the randoms uh but this week it’s my own fault they found out but I’ll explain that in a second, everyone found out and like I literally mean everyone like it’s a disaster so I tweeted on what was it? like tuesday? it was tuesday yeah I tweeted about how my school newspaper wrote this article about youtubers at my school but didn’t include me in it because no one really knew at least people who believe not like the editors in this paper don’t know and i tweeted like a joke about how I wasn’t like I didn’t know if i was upset or relieved that I wasn’t in it and somehow literally everyone from school saw this tweet I think because i have people from school to follow me on twitter but not like a significant amount, at least not before this and so they favorited it and then it kept getting recommended to other classmates of mine and so somehow like literally everyone saw it and it blew up in my face big time because so first that all happened and then the editor of the newspaper texted me and she’s like “hey kayla, what’s this youtube channel i hear about?” and when I filmed fixer upper, that was like that for this point we had gotten to right, like so people had some people had seen the tweet, and editor texted me okay well and then I see this text from – then i uploaded fixer upper and it was done, ok but then i see the text from the editor and I like what I record an update the story and then uploaded it but that’s before i texted her back ok but after that text i tweeted about her texting me too i was like oh my god “editor just texted me SOS” like something about that like some kind of joke before I reply to her but she saw the tweet, this girl saw my tweet about her but i’d still not replied to her and so she texts me back again and she’s like “no shade or anything I just thought you had 10,000 Twitter followers and I had no idea, i think it’s kind of cool! wanna feature and the school newspaper next time??” and i was like OH NO because… i had tweeted about her like she saw me tweet about her and i didnt reply oh god, it was bad, I was freaking out a little bit okay so that was fun and then I was like “no don’t worry about it no feature needed! don’t want to be a part of that! haha, i want everyone else to know!” but at this point like she knew, people that had seen the tweet all knew, and I kept being followed by like randoms and stuff from school and at this point like it wouldn’t be a big deal, except I really freaked out when… this is gonna sound dumb but like I think you’ll understand in a second, but there’s this girl, that my brother played football with her younger brother like four years ago ok and when she– and she’s like she’s like two years younger than me so I don’t really know her at all I haven’t talked to her in like four years okay and i wasn’t really friends with her either we just kind of acquaintances but SHE followed me on Twitter and that’s where I was like “oh my god this is way worse than I thought” because it’s not just like my friends or my own circle it’s like people like her. like this girl I haven’t even seen in like four years just follow me on twitter you know like even she knows and that was where I kind of like “oh my god i just wanted a funny tweet i did not want to tell everybody today”and saying is I don’t really care if they know it’s just I feel weird that I didn’t tell them and yet suddenly they all know, like if you like people been talking about me behind my back and like I know they haven’t, well i mean, I’m sure they have to like I just felt weird that I didn’t tell them myself and suddenly like people knew and then i went to school the next day and oh, other thing i wore my own merch the school on Wednesday so– this happened on tuesday and i wore my merch to school on Wednesday because I tweeted i was like “listen if they already know i might as well wear my merch tomorrow and just get that free promo” and so I have to fall through with my own tweets, you know because I know I would never lie! so i wear my merch school on wednesday and i got a lot of questions about it and they’re like “oh, lilsimsie! that’s you right?” and i was like yeah… funny shirt right?? because I’ve worn the merch to school before but like no one knew what it was and so it wasn’t a big deal once they knew it was like a thing and I got asked about all day and the thing is it wouldn’t be a big deal right except the people when they find out about YouTube the first thing without fail they ask it’s like “oh you’re a youtuber how much money do you make” like that this every single time without fail when they find out it’s oh your YouTube works how much money do you make and like the thing is anyone else you would never ask that question to anyone else but you’re asking how much money they make ever you know, like i dont go up to to my friends or their parents and be like “hey how much money do you make?” like you just dont ask that question it’s just unheard of you know both youtube people just ask these things and I feel so uncomfortable like I don’t know how to– cause i dont want to an– like don’t know what to do and so im just like oh you know haha okay I’m like it’s fine money like whatever like you should it’s like I got a part-time job like you people like that kind of thing like that really know how to deal with that question and so I just like I don’t like talking about it really with people like that cause thats the thing like i’ll tell them i dont really care if the know because I’m not ashamed my channel it’s just I don’t like dealing with those sort of questions and so like all day on Wednesday it was these questions all day from these random people and I did not like it at all so and so that was fun but now people know and it’s not a big deal like i feel a lot freer?? I guess it’s just it’s still weird and I was not happy about it plus i started like getting dms on instagram and twitter from people that I kind of know and they were like asking me questions about youtube like even on dm? and i did not expect that at all either and super weird and I just and very not used to the situation you know but that was kind of fun so lesson learned you guys um I guess don’t tweet about the school newspaper ever because suddenly everything will blow up in your face and ok other, quick side note i feel like i should update this story because um i mentioned i don’t know it’s like a month ago and fixer-upper it was called oh um forgot what the name of the building is it something like destroyed I don’t know it’s from exactly a month ago… i’ll probably link it down below to I talked about how I had been dropped in middle school by all my friends and it was like really hard time for me but then i realized that i think i had dropped a girl recently uh because I had been friends with me and it was a bad situation so I sort of like stop being friends with her and then I felt kind of bad about it more recently because happened a couple years ago and uh I wanted to make amends and so I talked about videos like “guys we think i should do” right this is like a month ago granted, okay well on thursday this girl that I dropped last year it was last year actually, texted me and she was like hey Kayla I saw your video umm and she apologized which is really good the thing is like I didn’t think that she ever see the video for one cause in the video i was like hey susan she’s not susan, but i called her susan because it’s easy i was like hey Susan if you see this text me like can we talk about this right and I didn’t think she would ever see it plus at this point its been a month and she hadn’t seen it or said anything so I mean whatever just kind of to talk about it and tell you guys about my life a little bit more but she saw it and she texted me about it and that was I didn’t expect plus the thing it, I don’t know how she saw it i dont really care that she saw it because I mean it was a very heartfelt story I mean and it’s true and that fact that she apologized i think makes you better because people like my friends in real life didn’t even believe that she was being that mean to me this girl and didn’t understand my reasoning really for not being friends with her anymore but like the fact that she saw the video and apologized to me I think validates that a lot because I don’t know you understand what I’m saying I think you do but she saw this video apologized to me and uh i was like freaking out a little bit she thought because the thing is she texted me and she just say hey I saw your video and I was like okay which one and when was this like what did I say in this video oh my god cause i dont remember what i say my videos at all I think somebody might know i’m talking about and so I was freaking out about my video i watched it back and it was not bad at all so that’s good go me go past member being very even level-headed nice girl in the voiceover because I mean usually i rant but I didn’t rant in this one so that’s good i mean I don’t think I did it could’ve been a lot worse considering what she did to me but anyway she texted me about it and okay my point is I don’t know how she saw it because I don’t think like I knowing her I don’t think she was going back and like binge watching my videos because if you have a person that you… like if you had an ex-friend right i dont think that you would go back and like binge watch a playlist on their channel like I don’t think she was going back and watching all the fixer uppers i think that one of our friends or one of her friends that knows about this happening was watching them heard this story obviously knew what i was talking about and then sent it to her because I really don’t think she found on her own like i don’t think she watches my videos at all because she doesnt play the sims doesn’t like me very much and clearly um and I don’t think she would go back and watch them so i dont know how she found it and I want to know who this snake that showed it to her is but i mean granted i dont want to call them a snake i mean cause they did a nice thing I think is now it’s a lot less awkward I haven’t talked to her in person yet i just texted her and she didnt text me back after I replied to her but you know it’s fine it’s just good to have it cleared up and I feel a lot better that she apologized because I was really upset about losing a friend and having her be so mean to me but now I feel much better so… what was my point here? my point i guess is to not talk about people online because it doesn’t end well unless you’re me and it kind of ends well but most of the time because it won’t end well like if the real Susan saw my Susan stories she would know who she was and that would be a problem but like like this girl that I dropped or that I kind of the ex friend of mine her seeing it worked out for me i guess in the end but anyone else just don’t talk about people from in real life online ever especially even if you’re making sims videos like dumb sims speed builds you don’t think anyone watch they will watch and plus the thing is like this video ok this is where it gets worse for her because in the video i asked the comments like if they thought that I was in the wrong if I should apologize to her and all the comments like no she sounds horrible she’s in the wrong don’t apologize kayla you dis the right thing and the video has like 45000 views so imagine if you did a mean thing to a person and you know you’re being mean to that like a person you bullied made a video about you and all the comments were like yeah, she sounds terrible and the video has like 45000 views isn’t that was such a slap in the face like I imagine that must be so hard for her to see cause just that’s a lot of people that know about her being mean to me now and that kind of sucks but you know it’s fine they dont know who she is and she apologized so she’s ok now that susan is not a susan anymore because she was nice and apologizes to me and it made me feel a lot better and I don’t know what my point is here I just ok my main point is don’t talk about people on the internet, never tweet about your school newspaper because it will always end badly for you and I don’t know i mean granted granted listen if this had all happened like four months ago I think it would have ruined my life but the fact that it had happened now I feel a lot better about it so that’s good like I think I’m a lot more stable and comfortable in my own skin and I’m not- just doing youtube made me more confident like this past year– if this had happened a year ago especially I would have probably quit YouTube if school found out but like now I feel a lot better because I just I love making YouTube videos so so much i really don’t care about what people in school think plus i’m graduating in like two months so it doesnt really matter that much but uh I don’t know anyway with the point is here and just I just feel like talking plus I mean i made a room tour– i made a desk tour today lol i spent like all day working on it and its not even that good but that’s fine i had to re record audio so I had recorded the audio while filming it but then it turned out that record as a voice-over i didn’t mention that the video but it was a lot of work and its like five minutes long but is not great that’s okay though desk tours are fun and I’ve never showed my desk really ever on YouTube it was my new pc setup either so I mean it’s just a lot of good time lots of fun stuff happened on the channel week I don’t know check it out i guess or something like i dont really know what my point is guys I just I’ve just been rambling for a long time but I can’t wait to play in this house with minty because minty fresh you guys ** minti phresh oh boy alright well I went from like super fast talking and like freak out to very calm Kayla thats like not freaking out at all but we’re coming close to the end of the video now so im going to go ahead and cut off pretty soon i have my wii music starting now I love my wii music

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  1. To be honest, I would be that ex-friend to binge watch my ex-friend to find out things so I could be petty. Purely to find things out so I could be petty. Very mean and unnecessary, but definitely something I would do

  2. Coming from a 16 year old high school girl, I think she might have actually binge watched your speed builds. When I was dropped by my best friend 2 years ago I get the feeling. Some times I miss our friendship and then go stalk her Instagram๐Ÿ˜… but still I think she might have actually done it.

  3. Kayla I want to let you know how much you mean to me and I am a misfit and you keep me sane and I just really appreciate you! Thank You! #๐Ÿฅž๐Ÿผ(it's my channel name)

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    Thatโ€™s God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.

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    I would also freak if people Ik found my channel more so since I didn't go to school with the nicest people lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  26. Thank you soo much for building this house. I am very happy I found your channel. Your family houses are perfect. I am so picky when it comes to my houses but I can't build for anything. Your houses are the perfect amount of rooms but they aren't overwhelmingly big. I love more cozy homes so when I found this house on the gallery I had to have it and I am so in love with it. So thank you again for building this house and I'm sure I'll use more of your houses in the future. โ™ก

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