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hello friends how are you, welcome to our channel social life today we are going to talk about our lovely India’s North East region in this region there are totally eight States GDP of this region in 2018 is estimated about 80 billion GDP growth rate of the north east is one of the highest rate and what will be north east gdp rate in 2022 will discuss later in this video and we’ll discuss about developments and mega projects in details stay with us because this video is going to be interesting come on friends i am ahaan and u r watching social life lets start the video there are total 8 states in north east region they are assam arunachal pradesh mizoram manipur meghalaya nagaland tripura and sikkim and according to 2011 census total population in these states is 4.6 crores and 2018 gdp is more than 80 billion dollar gdp growth rate of north east is one of the highest and is growing very fast we’ll talk about this later first we’ll see the developments in north east india one of the biggest issue of north east was connectivity and its work is going very fast and now we’ll see about road connectivity development of north east region is a body and in this north east chief ministers and governors are involved the main reason for this is the funds and projects required for north east can be directly asked to central government and from this body construction of roads is being dine very fast only in development of N-E region 10500 km road work is under construction and also special accelerated road development program (SARDP) has undertaken construction of 5000km roads in N-E states now we’ll see some under construction projects in north east impal moreh highway is under construction it’s cost is 1600 crore and also dimapur kohima highway of 4 lines of 42 km is also under construction and this road project is being constructed in nagaland not only this but 14 more projects are being bulit by national highway and infrastructure corporation developmnt ltd in north east states if we see state wise in assam 27 road projects are under construction its total length is estimated about 935 km and total estimated cost is 20600 crore and in arunachal pradesh 35 projects are in under construction and 30 project cost is shown about 9600 crores and this projects total length is about 1035 km and many of them are constructed on border areas total road projects in north east which are under construction like highways expressways or elevated expressways if we count them they are about 197 projects under construction in N-E and govt target is to complete these projects by march 2020 and it is delayed because some problems of land aquisation due to which some project works are slowed down and govt promised to solve this problem as soon as possible and work faster on these projects not only these but from 2017-2022 govt wants to invest 1lakh 40 thousand crores in north east only for road construction why govt is doing this because one big reason in north east is connectivity and govt wants to solve this totally and after solving connectivity the mining industry in north east is of billion dollars and work can be done faster and tourism will also increase after this in N-E region and also there is strategic need govt has build an organisation BIMSTEC and in this organisation from sri lanka to bhutan and bangladesh to thailand all countries are involved and wants to connect these countries with north east so that north east should become a trading hub and govt is targeting south east asian countries and for that govt has launched act east policy to reach every policy deeply and to develop NE region govt is funding more on road connectivity and also japan’s JAICA an official arm is also funding on this project and that funds north east used to get for project were of 90:10 ratio means 90% central govt used to fund and 10% by state govt this was being done under N-E region but now govt has changed this and now all new projects that will be constructed in N-E region that will be 100% funded by central govt not only this in upcoming days N-E region is getting it’s biggest project and this would be Bramaputra highway project and its estimated cost would be 40 thousand crore and it would be 1300 km long highway and now this project is in initial stages and it would start soon
now let’s talk about the rail connectivity now lets talk about rail connectivity whenever we talk about North East Railway we need to talk about one person that is Suresh Prabhu the changes in his three years tenure it was made in North East India were never there in 70 years before there were many projects which were started by UPA government, Vajpayee but all these were under construction and completed in his tenure it is in his tenure in which why water filled states were converted into broad gauge from meter gauge and 29 new trains were launched which connector North East India to all the other parts of India and the important of it is Tripura Sundari express way as this will connect Agartala to Delhi directly there are many projects in northeast which are under construction and many which have been completed like Agartala to badarpur distance railway line of 227km is converted to Broad gauge from metre gauge and from longding to silchar line is also converted to broad gauge still there are many Railway projects which are under construction in North East like Agartala to Akhaura line, for which there was a pact signed with bangladesh this line will go to Kolkata from Agartala via Akhuara which is a Bangladeshi area the old route to Calcutta was 1590 kilometres but due to this new route the distance will be only 499 kilometres helping the travellers a great deal bairabi to sairang foundation was laid in 2016 after the completion of this railway line it will connect all the capitals of the Northeast States and it is estimated to be completed by 2020 March railway track from agartala to ashuganj is also being laid whose total length will be 54 kilometres there are 20 such Railway projects which are under construction m13 projects are there which will convert metre gauge to Broad gauge now let’s talk about the airport project the largest airport of North East region is in Guwahati known as LGBI airport this is being extended new integrated terminals are being constructed the total cost of which is said to be 1200 crores and estimated completion is by 2021 apart from this there is one Gill field airport which is being constructed in sikkim this will be the first airport of Sikkim the total land area of which is 440 hectares and it is built at an altitude of 4900 feet this will be India’s 5th highest airport and in May 2018 the commercial licences of which have already been sold which means this Airport is completely ready and by December 2018 this will be launching the estimated cost of Pakyong airport is 300 crores apart from this there is another airport being constructed that is in Arunachal Pradesh this is the tezu airport and this is almost ready and this airport can be launched by September 2018 and we can see two new airports in North East region in coming years and LGBI airport’s Integrated terminal is being enhanced and also Shillong Airport runways are being extended till now we have seen rail connectivity Road connectivity and air connectivity now let us dive into the smart cities in the 100 Smart City mission North East cities are also included and 465 projects have already been identified and approved the cost of the construction of these projects is 14,120 crores 826 Crores for brahmaputra river development project and 409 crore rupees for Kohima roadway project apart from these two cities imphal Agartala, namchi, phasigat, aizwai, Gangtok are also included recently Shillong city has also been included in 100 Smart City mission each city will be allotted rupees thousand crores for the development apart from this Guwahati metro rail is being constructed in Assam whose Foundation stone was laid in 2016 at an estimated cost of 20000 crores but there was no permission taken from central government and in India if you have to lay a railway track you need a central government permission now a new government has formed and also a new draft is being prepared which will be ready by 2018 and the state government can ask for permission in 2019 and by 2020 work of this metro rail can be started so these are the projects which are under construction in the North East but friends wait the video hasn’t yet finished apart from this there are National schemes which are helping Northeast India in development and that is AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvination of Urban Transformation) under which water is used in sewage problems will be solved Friends there are 43 projects which have been completed in North East. at a cost of 150 crores swachh Bharat mission is also helping North East development and North East India can be open defecation free by 2018 December and via saubhagya scheme Northeastern rural areas are being electifired so this is the development going on in North East India GDP growth rate of north east in 2012 was 15% and in 2013 it became 17% and the speed at which the investment is being done in North East the GDP growth rate will reach 20% by 2022 currently Northeast GDP is 85 billion dollars and by 2022 it will reach 170 billion dollars we hope that Northeast is also develops rapidly that’s it for this video post your opinions in the comment section about this video and the topics for the next video like the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel thanks for watching

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