Noeline Taurua ready to come home and embrace Te Reo Māori

Noeline Taurua has done it all. A world champion coach
who is looking to get a three-peat in the Australian Super Netball
Competition this weekend. After the final, she’ll return
to coach the Silver Ferns. But next year no one knows
what Noeline Taurua is going to do. Well, reporter Rapaera Tawhai
had an exclusive sit down with Taurua to find out. Getting her team ready
for the big game this weekend. A big game against the NSW Swifts
is on the way. Since the inception
of the competition Taurua has been at the helm of
the Sunshine Coast Lightning team. They’ve won once, twice,
can they go a three-peat? This will also be her last dance
as a coach for tihs team, she will return home afterwards
to coach the Silver Ferns. However, Taurua hasn’t said
where or what she’ll do next year. However, she’s told us she’s
going to take on Te Reo Maori. It’s been a long time coming. Her father the late Kingi Taurua
was a reo expert, but never spoke at home. Taurua says that will change
when they return home. However, for now, she wants to lift that trophy
one more time this Sunday. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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