New Agent Tips – How to Get More Listings

what’s up everybody BC Southern California real estate making this video kind of like a two-part video some summer tips on how to get more listings and also if you’re a new agent watching what you can do to increase your listing inventory now I want to make a disclaimer real quick if you’re a new agent focus on getting listings I know a lot of sources a lot of people until you focus on buyers or a quick paycheck that may be true however long-term profitable business more control of your time more money definitely go for listings okay so what are some tips right now you can use as a new agent or during the summer to get more listings which is what we all want okay number one people neglect I noticed their sphere of influence their personal circle their database whatever you want to call it people you already know a lot of people feel that calling their database or people that they know business partners whatever it is as an inconvenience look make a quick mindset shift shift it from I’m bugging these people I’m asking them a favor I’m desperate for business – you know what they themselves or somebody that they know will be selling a home or buying a home and I want to make sure that they use the best agent and in this case you are the best agent so you want to make sure that they get taken care of period the worst thing you want to see happen or hear about is hey you know we ended up buying a house we use this guy and it was horrible I’ve heard it a million times I’ve seen it a million times however that simple mindset shift it will get you to contact them more and ensure that does not happen at the same time you get the business okay because you’d be surprised I believe everybody in America knows 100 to 200 people and for five out of those 200 will be buying a home or selling a home in the next year or know somebody that will number to lead generate if you aren’t already which means calling people going door-to-door getting out there or do it more if you are right now increase your numbers up ten or twenty percent just that small shift let’s say you’re doing you’re talking to 30 new people every day bump it up 20% do 36 people a day guess what after five days that’s he did an extra day of lead generating over a month that’s an extra four days over a year it adds up it’s another month and a half or almost two months of extra lead generation okay let’s stop kidding ourselves for you to get out there and get business you’re going to have to talk to people even if you put ads online or send out mailers guess what the call still comes in and you still have to meet with these people and talk to them buy you lead generating not only do you generate more leads you also develop the skill and the habit of talking to people and getting better and getting the contract sign okay very very simple okay so what else can we do to ensure that we get more business and get more listings if you haven’t already start going after the off market properties expired or the for sale by owners those are what we call the low hanging fruit now a lot of people contact them yes most people who contact expires and for sale by owners as we know from this industry are not very good so if 20 agents call them maybe one or two are good and here’s the key over 75 percent of the deals that you get will come from follow up meaning the first contact you made with that person will not result in the appointment and you’re getting the listing it will take 3 4 5 7 10 12 15 calls follow-up calls right knowing that I believe the average sales person I think it’s like 80% of them after 2 or 3 calls they stop calling what does that mean follow up go after them and then follow up so if I could leave that as my last tip go through your list if you’ve been in the business a couple months a year two years call every old lead you’ve ever had and start calling them again ask them have you guys considered putting your home back on the market have you considered selling a home I’d be considered buying a home I know we spoke six months ago who else do you know right now who may be in the market call your old leads follow up even more be more aggressive in your lead follow-up if you take these tips and use them I guarantee you there’s one two three deals floating around somewhere in there that will get you back up off your feet get some momentum going and that will carry you through the rest of the year okay that’s it for this one guys if you want any more information my real-estate mastermind close the deal program buy products or services go to brian kocel accom my personal website or message me directly brian kocel at 25 at subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already make sure you give this video a like and i’ll see you guys on the next one

23 thoughts on “New Agent Tips – How to Get More Listings

  1. After working with a buyer and closing a deal for her. She said her friend has 2 properties ( apartments) for sale. BOOM i will list them this Saturday hopefully !

  2. Thank you for the advice. I was focusing on leads from a home loan banker. I should work on listing too. To get my name out there also.

  3. Hey Bryan, Just came across your channel and you have some really inspirational stuff. I had a BLAST reading the comments of your haters. lol! Ive got a professional question for you as well if you have the time. Keep the content coming! – Jarred

  4. You are a new agent door knocking your neighborhood and someone says "how long have you been in the business? You look really young" – What would you say?

    Thank you!

  5. I wanted to know, was it hard for you to get your real estate license? How long did it take you to get it?

  6. Hey bryan,
    Congrats on 10,000 subs! That's a huge accomplishment. I have been following you since your interview with Josh Smith, and I'm sure you get this comment often but your content is unmatched. You truly are affecting people's lives more than you know it. Keep up the grind

  7. You make it seem soo simple! Today was a rough day of prospecting but tomorrow is another day 😉 Thank you for your videos!

  8. Hello Brian, first off thanks for sharing your knowledge here keep up the good work! I am a new agent and have 2 quick questions. What time do you door knock? and Where do you get numbers to cold call? Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey Bryan, Im a brand new agent (as of a week and a half ago). Ive contacted my sphere of influence, hosted 4 open's (all for the same home), and have done some door knocking to talk about the upcoming open house/who these people might know interested in buyer or selling.

    Being so new, are there any other pointer's you'd recommend?

  10. Great advice! How do you follow up with fsbo after the 4th contact. Market updates are good but many seem to know what sold due to all the websites. Any tips?

  11. Bryan Casella, thank you so much for all your video's. They are excellent and provide so much information and you present flawlessly.

  12. video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

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