My First Home Renovation (House Flipper Gameplay part 4)

and the left you can see the thumbnails of buyers from time to time that will comment on your actions pay attention especially to those on the top the higher they are the more they're willing to pay for the house okay to increase the house value you may take part in the garden contest pressed enter and select type you want to rate your garden oh okay use a shovel to bury all mounds of ground mischievous mold will create new ones until you find him that bastard mole okay well first off lets get rid of these ancient trees these weeds a hook head let's check out the inside what do we got welcome mat cool yeah fine yeah nice I like it great and the radiators missing of course it wouldn't be a house in house flipper if the radiators were still the who has massive diarrhea explosion shits all over the sink and out the hell what happened what actually happened I want video evidence not really but my god alright alright what the is that is it that I'd do it grasses cut weeds are removed the mole has been gotten rid of some of the grass spokes through the little bit of the wall here because there's just there's just a sliver of the grass along the edge here that I just can't get rid of because it it blocks out so I have to get it with just like the edge of the circle and that's Oh God that that makes my balls hurts so I'm not I'm not doing that that's good enough so the next step would be cleaning the outside which I think I can do with the hose yeah it's significantly easier than using the the mop thing Selina the inside I really really wish it would also remove the trash like it says it would that would make this so much significantly easier but I supposed to make it too easy then alright like I guess that's the thing cuz otherwise you just hold on the mouse button and go and everything just automatically gets taken care of but that's what it's but the skill point for it damn it I need a bucket of plaster to fill the hole and while there's a hole in the wall there's no hole in the wall I'm just a bit ship to Saul I'm like actively cleaning the house and I got the pillar bin likewise those house been clean it was not cleaned this house is a mouse it's so dirty it wasn't had been cleaned I'm working on it goddamn it working on it I haven't even listed the house yeah Jase but I will do the trash real quick so I can't even tell what's a suitable mess anymore and what isn't and this but I think what we just saw the bed right like we don't we don't keep that I finished the cleaning a little bit and they're like huh finally there's order yes yes now and only just now we're I think finally okay shoes next up I think could be doing wall stuff if I choose to which I could totally do like we got this could be bedroom we could keep this as bathroom I think I might even out the walls a little bit well maybe I don't know do I want that jutting out like that cuz they're not they're not quite flush but then it could take it down this wall here which technically uh technically I don't think that'd be that shouldn't be load-bearing cuz that's this guy that beat a load-bearing wall I think right nothing that really matters so we could take down this wall and open it up a little bit and do like a living room/kitchen combination type deal I don't know if that's a cool thing in this game or not we'll find out I might do it though well it's dark as and they got rid of the wooden floor thing but it turns out I can't get rid of the fence another wooden floor thing I have no idea how to find it it's impossible to find I don't think it actually exists so we just have this stupid fence back here and there's not much I can do about it and they're pretty upset about it but I'll walk it's actually kind of tried with this house um I guess I'll give you a quick tour we're going through the front though front door opens up I opened up this main room a bunch we have silver little kind of entry with a little shoebox bathroom just on your left the frosted glass door shattered appliances inside nothing too wild or fancy or crazy and then to the right is the kitchen which I absolutely hate because there's no cool corners it's like just in The Sims where you've got you're putting together something really cool and you like the way it's going and the new realistic you're missing that one essential piece to tie it all together and it just doesn't work so I've had to just make do with what I've got and that just that is what it is went for like a little kind of bar seating a type thing and then also a big table in case I have like a bunch of guests over I don't know if it matters or not and that the living area being just a big leather couch with the big TV big ish I don't know and bedroom which is just dresser with mirrors and bed and light the people seem generally kind of ok with the things that I've been doing some of them complained like the big family of like 300 that are down there at the very bottom they don't think there's enough space or anything but that'll fit enough space in the world for all of them so that just kinda is what it is and the dude just above them is like I don't know some lawyer dude he keeps yelling about documents and needing storage for documents so I don't really know submit garden for contests it's American garden we went for an Arizona type thing the layouts quite nice okay cool new record I kind of like that it's like a way to like grade the garden to influence the house price a little bit but yeah well we're working this house forgot to ours oh Jesus hooking me ages the current budget is 700 bucks I bought the house for fifty fifty four thousand it hasn't told me how much I spent on the house but a pretty good – I think I had like eight thousand or ten thousand left over so I've spent probably close to sixty seventy thousand dollars on this house so I would need to sell it for like 80 thousand or something what there we go and I guess we got it the small family one bedrooms okay but – would be better big family is two or more bathrooms at least – you're not a big family you're two people and Angie bought the house so I don't think you can really complain exactly just one bedroom perfect but I need a separate office too many rooms okay the Johnson having big comfortable bed but in a big family room this guy likes his only one bedroom but needs a place to study near where he sleeps okay so we sort of learned more about these people I saw that there was something in the main menu will not the main menu the escape menu about the buyers and you could do a little bit of research on them and see what they're actually after it it's got a little bit of depth to it it's kind of nice okay three thousand renovation five thousand done furniture and then I sold some furniture too so I guess whatever we sold it for ninety one thousand we got a profit of thirty five thousand dollars which is pretty okay for two hours of work that is not bad what's your impression after the first auction if you would like to check out some buyers details before the next one I saved your notes about them on the tablet right buyers yeah okay so yeah it just stores all of that stuff so you kind of learn who likes what a big bedroom but just one bathtub feels a bit poor can you hear the subtle music and sound of the TV no neither do i oh okay what y-you want malt you want you like a big bedroom and many bathtubs okay whatever what the man there's a lot of people in lone wolf 37 oh hey we don't know about him yet these must be survivalists people okay well I like that there's a lot of buyers the more furniture would definitely be a really cool thing to have all my hard work replaced into grass what the hell we've been asked to get more furniture and that actually ties stuff together like if you have one type of cabinet type make sure you've got a hanging cabinet variant corner cabinet variants island variants and none of that which is like oh well here's precisely two pieces of cabinet but there's no corner so if you wanted to actually use this then go yourself it's no good the topic is bunker from Steve Mariner hello we bought a house with the hidden post-war bunker the previous owner didn't appreciate what he had and made it a storage room we care about safety and the weather in this part of the country gives us some concern we have renovated the house but as for the bunker we wanted to be done by a professional yeah and we count on you equipping it appropriately if a tornado or something worse hit it would hit we want to have a safe place where you could stay for several weeks until it was safe again okay I found fair enough so first things first tell me you don't have a hatch you've got a hatch if you ever have a storm shelter for the love of don't use a hatch like this as something heavy falls on it you are trapped you can't lift this open if there's a house falling on it oh god what a mess what I can't even I can't even move down here there's so much garbage no bye toilet well a generator a shelf some lighting and stuff sure okay okay and all right we're in sure it's really I'm looking at their stuff and what they've got going on for their cabinets and stuff and it's like there's there's so few corner bits to use I don't know about that that's all weird it's all weird the layouts weird and strange I don't know about any of that now wanted me to sell some of the shelves but I got everything cleaned up sold what they wanted the accident hammer have to start to stay I don't really know about that and this room they want the appliances and water heater and stuff like that and some ceramic tiles and here they want it painted de bunda betta 'the drawer and here they also wants it painted they also want to paint it in here so we're gonna need three rooms of white paint which is fine I can probably manage that they want devices bouncing I'm assuming that means like the toilet sink and shower or something and ceramic tiles gray square ceramic tiles gray square what do you want ceramic wall tiles ceramic tiles a gray square okay so walls wall tiles gray square these I suppose first aid kit they want a lot of stuff in there and also a month is gone no okay sure I picked up the thing for painting multiple squares at once you know you could just kind of click and drag huh yeah I don't know about that it's a bit strange I run through paint really quickly with this okay yes basically like almost an entire bucket spare damn um it's actually a company together pretty nicely I kind of like it so far really there's something I did notice is these lights that are on the ceiling you can't actually get them on the ceiling like that you can put them to the ceiling but you can't like there's no alternate rotating at all you can't actually rotate these at all whatsoever so I don't really know how they did that I'm assuming they just manually with like a level editor or whatever did their thing but then go ahead and move them over the doors walls are done so it wants the watcher heater to something something something water heater watcher heater – okay sure near the shower I suppose I can always move it later on it's both such a month of stuff real quick first chest of drawers mal okay just the drawers mal I would think that the names cut off on this side but it it often isn't so I'll throw this I don't know there for now toilet paper holder okay easy enough and then four rolls of toilet paper and that's it okay cool that's pretty easy then so we can throw this you can't go against the walks the lighters in the way or the sink I guess like this nice and in this room a bedding worth drawer two of them okay that might be small enough sure and do you won't stack or anything so you'll have to go I think just just like that right and then some hanging shelves up ah these things yeah okay sure sure ish and that's it okay I don't think those are even at all but oh well next room thirty-six things oh my god first aid kit five water containers for food containers to pickled cucumbers to nuts I always thought this is oatmeal or something jars of soup for macaroni for rice five peanut butter two cans of tomatoes and meat Kent tuna and us safe is still like a load of room in here and I'm nearly sure what to do with these hammers and stuff I can't get rid of them I can't sell them it won't let me so I guess those go on the bottom shelf here and this room modern kitchen cabinet with sink Andy a four burner gas stove gas cylinder modern hanging cabinet Andy I can't open you either right a sofa shadow table slim to chair in golf two hanging shelf up and that's it okay did you actually want the microwave no I'm not really sure it's not clear to me there's that we can store this then in the little corner bit there okay you're generally centered yeah fine sure these chairs I'm just gonna put over here that won't let me sell them so I guess they're important to you in some way so there there you go generally happy with that sure why not the bunkers are kind of neat I like them they're different they're really really having to make the most out of the space that you've got I'm using furniture to fight up rooms and stuff like this and it's nice it's a bit of a challenge I quite like it we're done here though $10,000 of it good God could see about setting up maybe a new office or something we have over a hundred thousand dollars I just I just don't know what what I would want like there's another burnt house if I wanted another burned house and I could then sell this one or something this one I sold to the smoth family never updated the photos apparently that's nice or they already trashed it I don't know that looks like the mirror I put there hmm the house is with bunkers you're a bit expensive like to put together my own I think at some point and I could do like a cheap house and maybe actually go for a proper garden of some farm and maybe make like a really cool garden to superduper up the price maybe Robert moon says greetings a few days ago I bought a house at an extremely bargain price the price was influenced by two factors for months nobody wanted to buy it and also a certain unwanted guest lived there for a while I'm talking about a man who moved in and stayed there unnoticed for a few days before he was found by the police this guy made quite a mess during his short stay trash crates and newspapers everywhere around an unidentified substance covers most of the floor and it seems that someone threw up on the fridge being a person who rejects the very sight of the current state of the house I kinda request you to clean up the house I bought I would also ask you to solve problems with the electricity I'm an electrician out all right apparently we're getting here like super late at night are we the unwelcome guests oh wow okay you got cockroaches and smeared everywhere throw up by the fridge yeah you know they really really did a number on this place I don't know what's all over the door you got a cool basement though yeah that's nice that's cool assemble all right I fixed the electricity just a single fuse is blown to come on line all right let's let's my fur it was curious what mount devices it's next to the fridge here's the thing to a simple oh it's a little electrical outlet okay sure and pull that out okay yeah sure fine this is completely different than the outlets that we have completely different okay sure why not okay cool that's that's this room done the bedroom is done it was a really easy job so far that bedroom is done this needs a bit of work Oh the shower was garbage apparently I guess we're doing a shower but these little plungers then you flip the base down you put it to a pin you close the part of the drain you screw that in you connect that up it dropped the bottom seal you touch the door you touch the back wall you screwing the faucet things you push the faucet thing in you tighten the faucet thing you touch that door touch that door come down here this little guide you screw it in and then we touch the door and then we work on the handle it goes in screws in cover bottom that touch it screw it then the top bit I think no touch the door again and then the handle screw it and put the cap on it touches steel touch a steel touch a seal drop that bit put the garden put this guide in and then you put in the bottom thing and it's done man what a what a headache those are really awful to do I don't like those at all and basement need something still invest to destroy oh yeah sure I guess I didn't get all of it another little outlet to do here this is a double outlet so faceplate off we loosen it you pull the whole thing out we go behind it we connect in some fresh wires miss gurmann then push you back on rescrew you in and then faceplate and then screw that in okay not too bad I think we're a hundred percent done I don't dun-dun-dun this main rooms done bedrooms done this is the outside there's nothing to do out there I guess that's it I think that's everything percent nice the cleaning jobs aren't about to do salty this one also help clean a big house please from Jack Rubens hi there after the death of my beloved wife I sold our house as it brings back so many memories that I cannot cope with I have decided to buy a new house and it requires some work it needs cleaning and D radiators it is too much work for me and I don't have the strength I'd like to move out of my old house as soon as possible as it's too painful to be here my daughters will be living with me and would like their rooms to be painted their favorite color bright blue is that color bright blue of course please try to arrange everything quickly all right short fine whatever I didn't realize this would include painting as well not too bad actually I've I've dealt with worse okay that's like hardly anything in here man sure you totally could have done this it is a it is a fairly large house you got a major mold problem I'm sorry to say that all that'll cost you extra I'm afraid huh so in this room we're doing a sleepy blue paint sure I'll buy two buckets just in case this needs to be cleaned up and this needs to be painted with grey and royal blue by the looks of it fine fine I'll pick up maybe even three buckets of paint for this and so go with like to Royal okay one royal blue then and then just gray and then this room sleepy blue also painting is all done in this room that one to the grey and blue up at the glue on the door side so it mostly looks like a gray room but the initially if you notice oh well there is actually a little bit of color in here just mmm double bed Hermes or Rovira double chest of drawers mal okay slim easy super simple bed solid a computer dusk an office chair that looks really super not comfortable but alright those will up the floor but okay wardrobe Charles another chest of drawers mouth done and then just the one more room toward the front of the house and wardrobe Charles yeah it's the exact same room I had a feeling it might have been okay so it's everything I'll test completed this time I'd actually checked it off unlike last time so I'm not sure what I missed were in that lastin I don't know almost ten thousand income though for this which was basically just a cleanup job well those will see a paint job really there wasn't all a lot of cleaning to do but yeah well and we can get 50% extra payment for the order excellent topic garage smiley face hi I bought the new car but there is so much trash in my garage that I cannot fit it in can you please clean out my garage so I have somewhere to park regards max PS if you wash my car I will pay extra that double smiley face Oh super holy why'd you have a like a fire in here why do you have these tire marks in your garage how do you pull in and out what the okay whatever yeah d trash if I I just threw out trash cans is that okay that I throw out the trash cans I don't know where the Future trash goes and then clean I can clean the car yeah I just swear for the car and the Swiffer WetJet just let me tell you this thing it cleans everything it gets the gunk it gets the it gets the vomit it cleans the car it waxes the car does everything just everything oh geez I didn't even notice there's a second room I finished up the first room here and it was like only halfway done so I thought maybe there is more and yeah I don't gross sure so many weeds he doesn't want me to do it but I do it for the skill points anyway cuz I kept seeing other binya map just loads and loads of the damn things and I guess maybe I'll mow his lawn – cuz that might also get some experience 16 minutes of mowing time yeah I could probably do that faster planting I suppose huh oh I can't mow No right okay well nevermind then fine and you get to mow your own damn lawn everything's done here just look I can't even sludge the wall okay never mind we are done here I don't have that much freedom it turns out but fine 8,500 really quick easy money super super easy I'll just mow my lawn thought I suppose I mean if it's all about how long it takes me to mow the lawn and I have to spend 16 minutes doing it I mean I can take I can take a while doing this don't don't challenge me to do that there we go I even replaced the wall panels it's never looked better except for one thing there's nothing I can do about that roof what the hell game my boy I have fasted like this at all I can't it's everywhere I don't know what to do about it that's an fit don't think I'd mind too much trying to see about this almost only a garden thing an ideal purchase for older people and those who love gardening the pot has only a small house which can be successfully used for storage the rest of the square is yours went out to create a dream garden on it why not you know let's try it out looks like you got damned landfill but okay well yeah this is I'll do what I can see indoors like yeah okay pretty simple okay fine yeah I love Stuart

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  1. 1:00–1:12 something tells me yeti was probably impressed disturbed and amazed on how someone or perhaps people did that in one bathroom

  2. Omfg Yeti! Stop with the editing, it's too good and makes a lot of other creators look really bad. <3 I'm already "obsessed" with this gameplay due to editing and commentary, enough already! 😀

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