Most TORTURED Franchises In American Sports [Vikings, Browns…]

the most tortured American sports franchise franchises thank you the most fortune American sports franchises in history Bill Simmons wrote brought this up on his podcast recently after the the difficult loss for the bangles and the Vikings mangling washing there's so many different words that have now been coined in the urban dictionary because of those losses so they brought that up Bill Simmons referred back to an article he wrote five six years ago on ESPN when he was put back with ESPN and these were the rules he put together the stipulations for being one of the most tortured franchises in American sports history so guess what if you don't watch to those rules and you don't read those rules you cannot try to argue about the list because that's his laws will maybe make a different list but his list is this his rules are this I should say we begin you need at least a 35 year drought without a title that 35 year rule doesn't apply to relocations during the 35 plus years that a title it's not enough to lose you need to have your guts wrenched a few times only teams in cold-weather cities are eligible for level 1 unless the situation is cruel unusual unforgiving that it's practically unprecedented think about the Chicago Cubs with that one you need to just be a you need to be just pessimistic enough to keep your garlic for a sucker punch but just optimistic enough to keep lowering your guard at the worst possible time outsiders need to instinctively empathize during a level 1 takedown as in like 8 a DEFCON level 5 gut-punched to the ball this is it sounds to me like the way when I when we went to that kick unit festival and when they will describe in Philadelphia fans yeah just like in general mega Delfy yeah mega Delphia so here we go 15 through 11 the most torch remember this was written before so guess who doesn't on this list anymore the Seattle Seahawks the Mariners in the Seahawks were 14 and 15 the Portland Trail Blazers at number 13 the Eagles at number 12 and the Jets at number 11 will go to 10 through 6 and then we'll discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers last title never nine the buffalo same eight the New York knickerbockers like he calls me Knickerbocker seven Toronto Maple wave six the San Francisco Giants Cleveland Cavaliers specifically last title never last truly devastating defeat the shot 1989 a true stomach punch they just taking the lead a few seconds there we are one of the best inbound plays ever executed we make sure to throw a screen shot for you at that one he even let us know fast-forward to the three-minute 22 second one thank you Bill Simmons and then oof rock bottom Orlando shocking upset of the Cavs in the 2002 Conference Finals they never saw coming next time they will maybe it gets added even more because LeBron like the injuries that happen in 2014 against the Warriors yeah it's astounding to me that in a torture franchise list we have a team which in this day and age has arguably one of the best basketball players in history to be playing and this last Finals more than anything for me if I'm a Cavalier spine might cut me up more than anything else because you have the squad you had the ability to do it you are so close because you have one phenomenal player who literally took everyone on his back and carried him through to the point that you were competing till the very end but that must have just struck home for me because if I lose a title and that's because I don't have my full starting five that I could count on if perhaps LeBron James runs out of energy or runs out of gas somehow they continue through that's going to cut me up and because you you know to yourself I'm not saying they would have won if they had everyone they'll call the state we all know a phenomenal team but it's just that it's that question oh it's that question because if you lose outright an export you lose you're out done you're like finally I can move on but if you lose because you didn't have your full starting team potentially that is the reason why that's gonna come here yeah that's torturing me if you make torturous as you would as you will number eight was the New York knickerbockers you'd have to be 45 years old to genuinely remember to have a vivid like you know photographic memory of the Knicks winning the title in 1973 that hurts like my dad remembers that my dad remembers it and then he's probably forgotten most of it do you think you'll need to be 45 before you can remember the next time doctor I'll kill myself jingis maybe yes right now you don't have God fingers in effect for this one but in terms of the next band a big gut punch was all like I mean Linsanity was a gut punch I'd done yeah false hype around the necks Jeremy Lin was that Jeremy Lin was on Cindy Stephon Marbury gut punch it's the 2000 finals again 1999 against the Spurs it's a knockout punch Patrick Ewing's ball hitting the back of the rim coming out good punch and this is I'm thinking I'm just asking you is a from your perspective as a next fun when you get Carmelo Anthony are you expecting I mean are you expecting my rarest titles to just flow in with someone of that stature coming to to your franchise I got Melo tattooed on my ass and then D on the other side just in case he moves Melo the melody music oh they might like mellowed like he was here Melo was here we're gonna pass by the Maple Leafs because my favorite joke about the Maple Leafs was the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto it's the only time the Maple Leafs get to see a Stanley Cups a physical Giants do not count as number six their last title was never when this article was written but they have one three where's this team on to number five Cleveland Cleveland just hasn't enjoying this well the top fives intact almost as is I would agree with that the Cleveland Indians man I'm not gonna talk about too much about them but their last title was 1948 1738 sounds like that and then the Cleveland Browns that's a much more fun organization to talk about last title was 1964 also the last NFL championship came appearance there's a million devastating defeats in Browns history but it's more the the well throw of a picture this for you guys also the ongoing Browns Jersey the infamous Browns Jersey of all the quarterbacks selected first from like couch Manziel Hoyer right we didn't I think is on there all the guys that have been selected or started it's like a list of 20 names oh I think that it's such a interesting list cuz they all were pretty bad quarterbacks for the Browns right number three is the bills why no why number three is the bills and they have an argument to be number one they lost four straight Super Bowls yeah yeah last title Francis 1965 that's a long time but still ticket won a Champions League in that time number two's the Vikings of a title never how about know what I love about this article so much their last truly devastating defeat according to Bill Simmons was this past Sunday of course I was gonna say but it was written six seventy years ago and they were talking about an entirely different game but it still holds up because this past Sunday Blair Walsh shaked it I'm so sick like you bring a team into Antarctic which it was it was I was cold watching that game you you have it obviously a great chance against the Seattle team that have been up and down this throughout the season and you have a possibility of going through from a very very makable field goal kicking this is why kicking just should only remain in the sport that really counts for kicking I said on Twitter and that's what I stand by leave football to footballs but when you it's the most it's it's a part of this sport the people just like can I just take as a given and when you lose by that part of the sport what does it feel like because I'm not a fan of any particular football team I my allegiance is somewhat towards the Seahawks because I have a lot of friends who are in Seattle and I when I was in college with them I preferred them and I like the green just like green anyway but how's your enemy teams have a lost biofuel go like what does that feel like because that is a part of this this sport that obviously it it's the reason why it's called football or it probably is whatever I don't know why no one has answered that question for me yet but it is part of the sport that has just looked a point as a given you make a field goal okay you need to try and make this it's part of the sport that is overlooked in terms of the athleticism that is going on with the sport then receptions everything the quarterbacks how does it feel to lose by field goal I can't tell you from the footballing perspective because Lawrence Tynes for the Giants kick some good field goals I mean well actually I can here's an example the Giants of the Packers and the honesty Jam P&G in 2007 when they went on their first run to beat the Patriots innovative Patriots before that they met the Packers in what was like the fourth call this game manifest it was like- a thousand degrees it wasn't negative a thousand degrees negative like it was cold right it was cold like my sword josh drive down the field they can win the game and regulation against the team they're not supposed to beat and Lawrence Tynes shanks the field goal to send it to overtime instead of winning – which was that was it games over no way that the Packers are filled to win and he ended up hitting it at overtime so it didn't really hurt as much but that was a devastating moment the Mets were six outs five outs and three outs away from winning three of the World Series games Oh yadi I mean Andy Chavez went up for an amazing maybe the greatest postseason catch of all time with the Mets win the game in 2006 NLCS against the Cardinals and they lose that game because Adam Wainwright throws the nastiest pitch that froze Carlos Beltran – which by the way Carlos Beltran is dead to me oh he could walk in for an interview and I'd show him the door I mean football and wise I know we got to wrap it up I want to get to the cubbies because I have some really funny stats about the Koufax about the Cubs but football was both football and was most thoughts the team what's the known just for you what was the most torturing defeat what was the worst any any x-men a gold celtic celtic it was called decision day celtic versus rangers the workplane Ranger says who are playing Motherwell Rangers will play another game and there was a helicopter flying around with the trophy because on that last day they dropped it that was just a dangling and both but the stadiums were so close to well they didn't know which team is gonna win the league that yeah Celtic can see their last minute go to a player who would become a Celtic player Scott McDonald scored and it was just devastating because you people could see the helicopter flying back towards rain to this game are better rivals it there was devastation it's mostly your clip Francis I was like the most tortured world football teams I think that's a good clip I think that's a good clip there'll be a lot of good shouts and now people makes a Liverpool when it comes to airplane malik but they have won a Champions League in amongst that time so it's not really tortured but for a Premier League that's awesome yeah they're hungry very close that was G by the post EVGA he's in that list number one is the Cubbies some fun facts about the Cubbies last one a World Series which was 1908 1909 teen oh you ready for this one for these few the Titanic sets was built set sail sank and rediscovered since the Cubs last what a title Fame broadcaster Harry Caray was born and died four generations of kids have lost their virginity since the Cubbies have last won a title you'll grow a beard before the Cubs win a title me yeah of course I will oh wait that might not be true we'll see that's that's some rough times this could be the year that the world has evolved a lot so this could be the year you think so 2016 that's why that's why you're fitting into this there's no just because the last time 7:30 yeah 17:38 yeah what is the most torture franchise yes those of you who just looked at the list you're gonna be like do put the jorge13 titles I got a glut MRI and your wife larai sorry hit subscribe

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  1. Just a pissed off vikings fan here in 2018 after watching us get spread open by the bills. Trying to figure out wtf is wrong Minnesota sports

  2. it makes me feel a little better that the seahawks signed blair walsh for some reason and he kinda kept them out of the playoffs.

  3. Minnesota Vikings are cursed, or the game is rigged against them. They have lost four super bowls back in the 1970"s, lost NFC Championships in 1988, 1999, 2001, 2010, 2018

  4. Skol vikings case keenum is the GOAT there is always next season I'm so sad that the Vikings lost to the eagles in the NFC championship game today

  5. I'd say it's the 1899 Cleveland Spiders. Why would anyone name a franchise after something that people are afraid of?

  6. I was thinking you had only mentioned Toronto as far as the NHL, but then I saw you had also mentioned Buffalo, so…

  7. Vikings bad luck after 1969

    1969 Vikings lead league in offense and defense but get upset by cheifs in SB 4

    1970 Vikings miss 2 feild goals in divisional round loss to 49ers

    (1971 loose to Cowboys in divisional 20-12)

    1973 loose SB to Miami

    1974 loose SB to Pittsburgh 16-6. They had missed extra point

    1975 Vikings draft Mark Mullaney over Fred Dean

    1975 viking loose divisional after Cowboys win on a hail Mary in which offensive pass interference should have been called

    1976 viking loose SB to Oakland

    ( 1977 loose conference championship to Cowboys)

    ( 1978 loose to Rams in divisional )

    ( 1980 loose to Eagles in divisional )

    1982 Vikings take Darrin Nelson over Marcus Allen

    ( 1982 loose to redskins in 2nd round )

    1983 Vikings take Joey Browner over Darrell Green

    1987 Vikings drop pass in endzone on 4th and 4 from 6 and loose conference championship

    ( 1988 loose to 49ers in divisional )

    ( 1989 loose to 49ers in divisional )

    1989 Hershel Walker Trade:Players/Draft Picks Received by the Minnesota Vikings RB Herschel Walker Dallas's 3rd round pick – 1990 (54) (Mike Jones) Dallas's 5th round pick – 1990 (116) (Reggie Thornton) Dallas's 10th round pick – 1990 (249) (Pat Newman) Dallas's 3rd round pick – 1991 (68) (Jake Reed)
    Players/Draft Picks Received by the Dallas Cowboys LB Jesse Solomon LB David Howard CB Issiac Holt RB Darrin Nelson (traded to San Diego after he refused to report to Dallas) DE Alex Stewart Minnesota's 1st round pick in 1990 (21) (traded this pick along with pick (81) for pick (17) from Pittsburgh to draft Emmitt Smith) Minnesota's 2nd round pick in 1990 (47) (Alexander Wright) Minnesota's 6th round pick in 1990 (158) (traded to New Orleans, who drafted James Williams) Minnesota's 1st round pick in 1991 (conditional on cutting Solomon) – (12) (Alvin Harper) Minnesota's 2nd round pick in 1991 (conditional on cutting Howard) – (38) (Dixon Edwards) Minnesota's 2nd round pick in 1992 (conditional on cutting Holt) – (37) (Darren Woodson) Minnesota's 3rd round pick in 1992 (conditional on cutting Nelson) – (71) (traded to New England, who drafted Kevin Turner)Minnesota's 1st round pick in 1993  (conditional on cutting Stewart) – (13) (traded to Philadelphia Eagles, and then to theHouston Oilers, who drafted Brad Hopkins)

    (1992 lost wild card to Washington )

    1993 Vikings cut Gilbert Brown ( Who later plays for rival Packers )

    1993 Chris carter fumbles while jogging into endzone in wild card loss to giants

    (1994 loos wild card to Bears)

    1995 Vikings draft Derrick Alexander instead of Warren Sapp

    1996 Vikings draft Duane Clemmings instead of Ray Lewis

    ( 1996 Vikings loose to Cowboys in wildcard round )

    (1997 Vikings loose to 49ers in divisional )

    1998 15-1 Vikings loose to Falcons in NFC championship after Gary Anderson's first missed kick all year then drop an interception in the endzone on the Falcon last drive to tie it up

    ( 1999 loose to Rams  in divisional )

    ( 2000 loose to giants in NFC championship )

    2003 Vikings start season 6-0 Then loose 7 of last 10 including a week 17 18-17 loss to Arizona on a hail Mary

    (2004 loose to Eagles in divisional )

    Randy moss traded

    (2008 Vikings loose to Eagles in wildcard  )

    2009 Vikings loose NFC championship to Saints team that was later found to cheat after Brett Farve throws an interception even though they could have just run it and attempted a field goal. Also there were numerous obvious missed calls.

    2009 Vikings draft Chris Cook over TJ Ward

    2011 Vikings Take Christian Ponder over literally anyone else

    ( 2012 loose with wild card to Packers )

    2014 Adrian Peterson Suspended 15 games

    2015 Vikings draft Trea Waynes over Marcus Peters

    2015 Blair misses 27 yard game winning field goal.

    2016 insane amounts of injuries including a freak noncontact season ending knee injury to Teddy Bridgewater and and knee injury to adrian peterson in week 2

  8. Why the heck were the San Francisco Giants on this list they won three world series in five years!!!! But Go Giants!!!!

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