Monster Hunter: World – PC Development Update

Happy new year, everyone! This is Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter: World. After announcing the game at E3 2017 this year, we showed it at events like Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week and PSX, and were able to meet with fans and get lots of feedback, so it was a great year for us. And thank you to everyone who played the game in our beta tests in December! The game is almost out, with the console version going on sale around the world on Friday January 26. I hope you’re looking forward to it! As for the PC version, we’re working hard on it right now, and aiming for an Autumn 2018 release. We’ll update you with more details later and thank you for your patience. We’re also planning to bring free updates to Monster Hunter: World after launch on January 26, including new monsters, so you’ve got lots to look forward to! That’s all from me, thanks for watching and have a great 2018!

100 thoughts on “Monster Hunter: World – PC Development Update

  1. This was a really poor decision in my opinion by the time the PC version comes out the popularity for the game will be long dead and there will be nobody online so basically either buy console and have a great online expierience or wait about 1 year and have a literally dead online community… Wow I am ACTUALLY getting punished for my gaming preference THANKS CAPCOM!!!

  2. Yeah…. How about next time you release them on the same time or maximum one month difference. This is really stupid. Why would you do this to PC gamers? Instead of pc gamers waiting you couldve just released the game during the summer/autumn for both consoles

  3. they are working hard on it so that the PC version ends up being absolutely glorious! Y'Know… just like how GTA V on PC was better in every single way prior to consoles.

  4. The irony here is that he is speaking about a PC release in Japanese and are not planning to release a Japanese version for pc….

  5. Why not build multi platform games on PC first and then bring it to consoles in it's full glory (same day release for all systems) rather starting from a console to PC? The console/PC market will one day be a service in the cloud so why not start now building PC code so it will easily convert. 🙂

  6. I'm just happy they're coming out with a PC version at all, let alone in the same year lol. If anything people should just have higher expectations.

  7. I am hoping that they mistranslated this and it releases in summer… Or they do it well and quick and it releases at a good time around the end of summer.

  8. If only i didn't have to live in university campus… I would buy a freakin ps4 and i would play Horizon zero dawn, Nier automata, bloodborne and ofcourse, Monster Hunter World!

  9. Will am one of those guys who loses interest of shit if he can't get it during release. So I guess I will pass, good game though.

  10. OH NO!!! Autumn 2018?! I can't even talk to all my friends cause they are all playing this game on consoles…. I have to actively walk out of the room because I don't want to spoil the fun of talking about loot, drops, techniques and other stuff but why 6 more months?

    Please consider an August release! That's TECHNICALLY almost autumn.

  11. Hey is the autumn release date to the northern or the southern hemisphere cause in america when it is Autumn its spring in Australia?

  12. Jesus why the fuck do companies do this late release bullshit? i mean don't get me wrong i respect the fact that they wanna get things right but isn't that why you plan ahead to get it on time?? there is absolutely no reason or excuse why pc players should wait 10 months after it has been released to consoles, that's just unprofessional and rude… Not to mention we still have to pay $60 for a game thats almost a year old already… this is just frustrating.

  13. Is development going smoothly? Like summer release date smooth? I feel like an announcement is coming e3 honestly why wait for the holiday season everything releases during that time, then publishers get flabbergasted when games don't sell well. Flooded market yo.

  14. Operating System

    Windows 10 Home


    Intel® Celeron® N3350

    1.1 GHz; Dual-core



    4 GB (standard)


    1 TB hard drive



    HD (1366 x 768) resolution


    Intel® HD Graphics 500

    DDR3L Shared graphics memory


    802.11ac wireless LAN

    Gigabit LAN

    Audio & Video

    640 x 480 webcam

    Two speakers

    300 Kilopixel (Front camera)

    Ports & Connectors

    1x USB 3.0

    2x USB 2.0

    Network (RJ-45)

    HDMI Output

    Input Devices


    Will it work with my pc?

  15. that sad the game already sell so no pc v. because they will wait so long that people will forgot abut the game and then they will not buy it! I play it because I got a friend with 2 xbox that mean by the time the game get to pc I be bored of it so nice placed crapcom

  16. 本当に良いゲーム作っていただきありがとうございます。

  17. In this video: A minute and thirty six seconds of lies about why the game was not released on PC the same time as consoles, as PC and console versions of every game released going back two-three years has always launched on all platforms at the same time

    They're trying to double dip on selling the PC version as the "Better" version after getting you hooked on the console version, and it's bullshit

    Kiss my ass

  18. So learn Japanese for some time now… and it really doesnt go into my head why hes adding particule "ne" to "desu" every time… Isnt "ne" just supposed to be tool for person to be assuring themself with his sentences – for example – Is it true, no ?/That cat is nice, right ?. Sry for offtopic but is there any other meaning to it ?

  19. Fear: One of my concerns is will there wont be anything for us to do when we finally get it.
    Fear: Me personally when some one doesn't give me a date I expect it to be pushed back even further.
    1: So lets say spring of next year. Worst case scenario.
    Q: After a years worth of content will you still be doing events every month and cool tie-ins?
    1: Will other companies want to anything with this title then or will it only be Capcom tie-ins at that point?
    Q: How will content work?
    1: Will we start on the same schedule and go through the same things as the consoles are doing at that time?
    2: will we go back and start were consoles did a year ago?
    Q: Will there be missed content?
    1: Meaning that everything that has been done will not be done again.
    2: Will content be done on an annual cycle rotation?
    3: will there still be content a year from?
    Q: If there is missed content.
    1: Will we just get everything we missed in our inventory at start of the game or will we be SOL?
    Q: How will you handle hype a year from now?
    1: Will there be PC exclusives?
    2: Will there be a new announcement this E3 to try to get PC users back on board?
    Q: Capcoms attitude for PC gamers and possible low sales.
    1: Keeping the public's interest is hard especially after a years time has gone by.
    2: PC users getting it on console moving the sales figures and giving bad data of PC user not being interested in the series as a whole. Effecting future PC release of the IP.
    3: Blaming low sales on piracy, disinterest or on a competing game that might come out by that time.
    P.S. Look I'm really want this game. I'm just scared by the time we get it no is going to give a shit and Capcoms not going to try the PC route in the future be cause they wont think its a viable market for them and there fans.

  20. so this means theyre not using the console version to pc instead making a new game for our platform to make it much better for us pc players thank you MHW developers.

  21. "ive been a good pc gamer, waiting patiently, not throwing any fits or lashing out on forums…ect can we please get another update (progress report) and maybe narrow down the release to something slightly more specific then Autumn…" said me to the wind

  22. Only 2 more seasons to go. Hopefully I'm still alive in half a year to give this game a negative review on steam for cock-blocking me half a year earlier.

  23. Let's not complain like bitches and be glad we are actually getting a PC version. I got the ps4 version and a friend of mine got it on pro…it looks amazing on both but the texture, the resolution and the AA will be alot better, its only 15 GB on console so my guess is it wouldnt be a massive file on PC too…most importantly…60 FPS is coming, which is the best part of the experience…

  24. Wellp, The only good thing about this is that I'm buying nVidia's new GPUs that will come in July to play this game on MAX everything xD

  25. The PC version better have save file transfer from console versions, I'm not going through the painful earlygame tutorials again or restart my decoration grinding

  26. The game's hype has pretty much died already, the stream viewers on Twitch have gone down from like 100,000 people to 800, by the time this game is released on PC, nobody's going to give a shit and the developers will think the PC audience is not interested in Monster Hunter and never release a game there again

  27. Well at least there taking the time to make it a great port unlike the original dark souls pc port

  28. Well at least there taking the time to make it a great port unlike the original dark souls pc port

  29. According to what you said, they went beyond the version. As of June 15, more than 6 months after they have not yet said a word about the PC version … I understand that they need their time to optimize it but inform a little bit from time to time of how that version is going. do not leave the PC people aside.

  30. 5 months and the team has given literally 0 updates. Why is Monster Hunter one of my favorite games when they don't hesitate to shit on us. I will be expecting a delay into 2019, thanks MH and Capcom dev teams.

  31. so dissapointing that it has been over 5 months since we last got an update about the pc version and still no release date

  32. Hope we hear about a specific PC release sometime soon, don't mind waiting (especially with MHGU hitting Switch) but hope a PC release is still in the works. Part of me wouldn't be shocked if they cancelled the PC version.

  33. I don't mind the wait, as long as we get the quality we deserve. Make it good man, for all of us!
    I fucking pumped to play this game on Steam!!!!!!!!

  34. Come on, where is it? It's seven months since this video and we haven't even heard a single thing about it yet. No media, no details, not even a date.

  35. Monster Hunter: World PC Requirements (

  36. Hai… I wanted to ask for this MHW support performance… My laptop performance is i5 nvidia g. Force 940M.. Is it support?

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