Modern Road Construction: Russia and Germany

2. Lay down the first layer, thickness 20 cm A second layer of 10 cm 2 layers stacked Which time remake? Excellent! Excellent! Looks like it’s done here… Looks like it’s done. Hey guys how’s it going? Smooth? In my view not bad And nanotechnologies include a bucket, a shovel and a broom! Excellent! – Are you moron? – What a fu*k are you filming? I want to enjoy our russian nanotechnologies! Beauty! Thanks to snowfall. Otherwise asphalt would not placed Would have had to wait until the summer What? … How do you think, smoothly they put? …I can not see the pits Well yes

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  1. قال بالألمانية أن شركة (كوته) بدأت العمل مع السلعة 4 صباحا يون الاحد وبعد الظهيرة كان الشارع اكتمل مع الخطوط
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  2. Ложат х…й, а асфальт кладут. Хотя как в России кладут…. Ложат действительно в лужу…

  3. Russians…. Germans… it doesn't matter . THEY ARE DOING MUCH MORE THAN TEXAS HAS EVER DONE.
    Ever had a bump "make your car change lanes?" NOT you being in control of where your car goes.
    Ever total your car because of a pot hole?
    Ever wait a year waiting for a stretch 1/2 mile long to be paved AFTER DIGGING UP THE OLD ASPHALT?
    My town spends more on cops than anything 4-7mil for a town of 36thousand. AND WE HAVE very few violent crimes.
    If you get your finder bent in the most delicate way you can think of; you get 4-5 police cars, 2 ambulances, and 2 fire trucks.
    And yes i'm talking about walmart parking lot finder binders.
    I've seen it so many times.

    A significant amount of trigger happy cops that will never get punished for killing anyone is what my town has.
    TEXAS-> police state, god awful roads, and laws that could put you in jail for owning a thermometer, transformer, etc.
    and NO I AM NOT MAKING A JOKE . I'LL GIVE YOU THE LAW. If you ask for it.

  4. In Russia potholes are scared of putin and we fill them with Vodka .Wait Russians are fixing potholes while Germans are repaving their way no a new heit hitler or maybe their paving over jews .

  5. В германии дароги не те что раньше были……экономят на всём….
    Unsere Straßen sind auch nicht mehr so gut wie früher….leider…

  6. Ну и чем удивили? Хотите по ямам до весны прыгать? По моему лучше чем угодно временно заделать, чем оставить яму! Начинают сравнивать Германию с Россией, вы сравните размеры и численность населения, неужели непонятно будет? А скулят и ехидничают те, кто своими руками ничего не сделал и не собирается!

  7. It's unfair. Hahaha
    Germay is doing the major road, compared to russia just sealing its pot hole in its road. HAHAHA try Russian constructing major roads….they're nice too.

  8. России ещё далеко до хороших дорог. Проще делать Уралы и Камазы, а на дороге можно и деньги поиметь. В России проще начальству и правительству деньги хапнуть, чем сделать дороги отличные и безопасные

  9. Worst than Russia is the asphalt in Brazil. We use to say that our asphalt is made of effervescent tablet, when it rains disintegrate.

  10. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa i dont believe you fucking idiots are comparing fucking Germany with Russia…… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Don't mess with russian. When their drunk, ah, drink, i mean drink holy "vodka" water, their can build everything, even road to the moon, believe me.

  12. Я работал дорожником в России ямочный ремонт это дурдом и не только он

  13. I am sheikh hamdan, the crown prince of dubai and i personally invite you all to my officail page @faz3.

  14. Isso é que vcs n viu no brasil…
    ninguem sabe o numero de operarios, trabalham 5 horam por dia na qual 1 hora ficam parados e leva 5 anos pra terminar

  15. What an ass hole you are when it comes to Russia you are showing pot hole fixing but when it comes to germany its full road pavement

  16. They are showing well funded major German projects in or in between major cities against local Russian towns. I live in Pennsylvania where there are countless potholes even in richer neighborhoods. As soon as you cross states lines out of Pa the roads get smooth.

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