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greetings everyone and welcome to a tutorial on crossbows from tinkers construct I'm Jack Draco and even though there's lots of tutorials and guides out there regarding tinkers construct there's not a lot of information about crossbows now they are pretty new so this is understandable but today we're going to be talking in great detail about how to make them how to make them awesome and what makes them different from just a regular old bow you may be wondering I have a pretty sweet bow why do I need a crossbow jack Draco well I'm glad you asked so first of all let's go over here and grab a crossbow I made a manual in crossbow earlier actually just pulled it out of any eye crossbow is required that you have ammunition in the form of bolts you cannot use regular arrows with this they won't work similar to bow and arrow you're going to load the bolts into the crossbow but different than a bow and arrow the loading timer is after the shot as you can see I shoot and my reticle starts closing that's how I know I'm reloading it's automatically loading for me I'm not holding a button I'm not pressing a button it's automatic so with a traditional bow or longbow or short bow from tinker's you have to hold the right-click button to load the arrow and while you do so you're kind of slow and which can get you into trouble not so with the crossbow you shoot bang do about seven and a half hearts of damage right there and then it automatically reloads for you while it's reloading you can do whatever you are run around jump you pka whatever you need to do and then boom you're ready to go the other good part about this is that it stays loaded even when you toggle over to other items on your toolbar so you can be out in the world wandering about and then all of a sudden you get surprised by a mob or a monster and you quickly hop by row to the bow and it's ready to shoot from the hip right away you don't have to hold and charge up the bow like you do with the bow and for that reason most people stack a lot of redstone on their tinker's bows so they have a very low draw speed which is definitely understandable I don't think that it's as in important with a crossbow to put a lot of redstone on there and I hope to prove that as we get more in depth with the modifiers that we're going to be putting on our crossbows a little bit later on so as you can see here I'm shooting at some test dummies now these test dummies were nice enough to volunteer for this task don't ask me why they were lining up it was crazy so this first one you can see here I mentioned it up to ten blocks and then the increment in five so we get a 15 blocks 20 blocks 25 30 and this lonely guy down here is 35 blocks so the reason I did that is because damage from these bolts can degrade over time and by time I actually mean distance the farther away you're shooting the less damage they do so that can be a factor in how you design your crossbow you can see here that if I shoot this dummy doing about seven and a half damage a little bit less if we look at our crossbow you can see that my attack value is seven point five hearts so that makes sense but then why am i doing a little bit less well the reason for that is what I just said your damage will decrease over distance if we're at point blank here bang I'm doing the full seven point five back here which again is a distance of 10 I'm doing about point zero eight less which is actually about 10% rounded up of my weapons base damage seven and a half from that up to eight ten percent is point zero eight I guess one percent anyway if you can see here I shoot at this one which is 15 blocks all right same we haven't degraded anymore next one in line is at twenty blocks okay seven point seven point three five we've lost another ten percent which is a point zero seven excuse me another 1% recalculated based on our new attack damage then we get that guy way over there now he is past 20 blocks he's at twenty five you can see I'm doing drastically less damage though degradation of the damage over distance is a factor in part of the weight of your bolts heavier bolts have a shorter gray max distance however they retain their damage over great distances better than a light arrow and will allow we can prove that right now so this is just a wooden bolt with an iron tip and regular feather fletchings let's take a look at a steel bolt with a excuse me it's a steel bolt with an iron tip and feather fletchings so let's just discharge the wood arrow that we still had loaded and take a gander at this thing alright so we're doing the same damage here 7.5 a little less same no surprises so far Oh 10 point 7 5 why did I do that much damage well crossbows have a built in crit mechanic they have a chance to do what appears to be 50% increased damage this is in my opinion to balance the fact that they can't get a full draw bonus like you can with a bow if you pull back all the way on a bow and you hit something you're doing 50% increased damage since crossbow is have an automatic draw you don't get that luxury so there's just a chance I think it's around 10% to get a crit alright so you can see 7.39 alright now remember this is the one where with the other arrows which were much lighter this is a weight eight point seven bolt I shouldn't call them arrows they are bolts the other one was about five I believe I'm still doing six damage whereas the other one was only doing between two and three so even though my damage is still decreasing over distance I am retaining my damage for a longer range because of the heavier weight of my bolts so that's pretty cool and we can test this further I made some slimy bolts these are made with a slime core and iron tip and feather watchings so identical to the other arrows except the core is made out of slime instead of metal and its weight is pretty light it's three point six three you can see the wooden ones we were shooting earlier we're four point three four and the steel ones we were just shooting eight point seven so I'm going to discharge that last steel bolt all right now you can see again at close ranges our damage is going to be identical it's the it's the tips of the bolts that are going to really change your damage up and we haven't been swapping that out we've just been utilizing different core materials 7.42 no surprises there 7.35 all right so here's the greater than twenty blocks out ouch that's pretty bad now that being said the balance there is that these shoot farther then have your arrows do so let's see just how much farther so again I'm going to shoot at this back wall we'll say I'm going to aim right at that we're going to line up the top of my reticle with the top of that block there but bang alright let me get rid of these guys so I've got the steel ones loaded up now I'd do the same thing I'm going to line up the top of my reticle bang so let's go take a peek and see just how much it fell in its trajectory based on its weight okay so it's about one block lower about one and a half blocks lower over a distance of thirty seven blocks not too bad in my opinion I'll let you make your own decision based on your needs but personally I think the heavier bolts are worth it because I don't think it's that big of a drop in total distance compared to how much damage it retains so personally I'll be making my bolt cores with heavier materials alright so that pretty much covers the Macan to the crossbow as you've probably seen by now you do need to have bolts on your person they don't necessarily need to be in your hotbar you can see I'm still reloading even though they're not in my hotbar I'm using iron bolts and you can see in the crossbow if you hold shift or even if you don't hold shift that I'm loaded up with iron bolts currently so if I had multiple bolts here it's going to default to the last arrow it shot the last bolt that it shot however if I have one of my hotbar it will prioritize that one I've still got one iron bolt in the chamber here so I'm going to discharge that and now you can see that I've loaded up oh right these are called iron bolts because it's a named after the tip that the material that's a little confusing but you can see I'm loaded up with the slime one so they're directly the blue color so all right put away these arrows for now these bolts and the crossbow so crossbows are sweet they reload after you shoot you can leave them loaded in theory you can have a whole Hut bar full of crossbows that were already loaded if you were crazy like that and then you could just quick swap between them and fire off like a machine gun I think that's pretty cool also they reload automatically you don't have to hold or press a button and you can move freely while they are reloading so for a lot of reasons I really like crossbows so how do you make one well I'm glad you asked that let's go over here to the tool Forge we're going to go to crossbow we can see that it takes four components there's a tough binding here a crossbow limb a crossbow body and a bowstring so I've got some materials that I set aside over here in this chest just a few options for limbs for some for the bodies the tough bindings there is only one option for bow strings unless you are using a mod that adds additional ones I believe Natura adds the fiery bowstring and I believe that farm craft adds an enchanted fabric bowstring as well so let's go ahead and grab these here we're going to look at some of the differences in between Reles and how they're going to affect the overall weapon alright so let's just say I wanted to make this whole thing out of paper say I want a lot of modifiers here you can see that I'm going to have a total of six modifiers because I'm using three pieces of paper what does that tell us it's that crossbows start with three modifiers which is pretty standard for tinkers construct now you can see that this is a pretty poor crossbow it only has nine durability it only does half a heart of damage it has a very fast draw speed 0.9 seconds is less than a second draw speed but the arrow speed is also kind of poor so what can we do to make this a little bit better well let's take a look at this manual and tough binding manual n' is a pretty high-end resource in tinkers construct as you know so if we swap out the binding we should see some improvement over here right huh nothing we lost a modifier and that's about it so yeah the tough binding only gives you any special properties of the material it doesn't actually have an impact on any of these stats of the crossbow itself so I will probably be going with paper tough bindings from most of my crossbows but if you really want to get something on here like jagged although that might not work exactly the way you think it does and we'll talk about that in a little bit if you had a material that had a specific property that you wanted on your bow then yeah the tough binding is a great place to put that because it won't affect the actual attributes of the bow all right so I guess we're going to leave that as paper but what about the crossbow body now if you see under the crossbow item here it says that there's a special ability reduced reload time with harder materials now this is a little vague what is a harder material there is no actual hardness attribute for materials and I will also add to that that I have seen no difference based on materials of a reduced reload time I'll show you what I mean so with a paper body you can see that we've got nine durability half a heart at point nine draw speed 1.65 arrow speed if we swap that out with a manual n' body which is a high-end material what's changing boom well our durability skyrockets as we can tell that's no surprise we lose a modifier because we're losing the paper but huh our attacks not changing our draw speed isn't changing even though this is clearly a very hard material especially compared to paper in our arrow speeds not changing hmm okay well we'll leave it as man Yulin because having more durability x' is nice I don't want this thing to break all the time it certainly isn't getting the full 1200 durability that the crossbow body leads me to believe it will have but fine we'll ignore that for now and also it shows here that there's a draw speed and an arrow speed on the body and yet the body doesn't seem to have any impact on the draw speed of the arrow speed of the final crossbow and we can test that with a third item here by swapping it out with this blue slime crossbow body again you can see that we're affecting the durability only you will also get any special abilities from the material such as slimy if you're into that sort of thing so yeah body's only effect durability and they only affect the material abilities that you get from like slime or paper don't be led astray by the draw speed and the arrow speed under the tooltip here that doesn't actually do anything but I like the durability so I'm going to keep this as manual in here so now we get into the big one the paper crossbow limb this is where most of the action is happening with the crossbow you can see that right now we've got half a heart of attack 0.9 second draw speed and 1.65 arrow speed if we swap that up with a manual in crossbow limb boom so first thing our durability goes through the through the ceiling here we got 3,000 durability our attack has jumped up from 0.5 hearts to 2 hearts but our draw speed has also significantly increased it was point nine before it is now four point six five which is also interesting right because it says two point five second draw speed here on the component itself how is it getting to four point six five and similarly when we had as a paper crossbar and said that our draw speed was 0.5 and here it is over here at point nine well there is a multiplier that's inherent in the crossbow that will change the draw speed it starts at two point five and then it multiplies it it changes it the bow string has anakin have an effect on that but since this is the vanilla bowstring it's not it's not a factor right now but just keep in mind that the draw speed you see on the limb isn't necessarily the draw speed you're going to see on your final product but generally speaking a lower draw speed on your limb is going to be a lower overall draw speed a higher draw speed on your limb is going to be a lower or excuse me a higher overall draw speed so it still makes sense it's just I don't know the exact math if if anyone out there does feel free to leave it in the comments below I haven't actually looked at the code for this mod alright so man Yulin seems pretty sweet we got seven point five arrow speed two hearts of damage our draw speed is four point six five that's a very slow draw speed but we can bump out that up a little bit with some redstone if we want to but like I said before I don't think that draw speed is quite as important with the crossbow as it is with a longbow so the only thing left is the string which we can't change right now if we had a fiery bowstring or something else we could throw it in there and maybe get a different draw speed multiplier durability multiplier or arrow speed multiplier but for now we cannot we can also test here excuse me if we swap out the manual in limb with the slime limb we lose our damage again our durability still up there because slime crossbows are the same durability as manual in crossbow limbs our draw speed is significantly lower but our arrow speed is also a little bit lower so my observations are that the harder the material of your limb the slower your draw speed is going to be but the faster it's going to project your arrows which makes sense when you think about it if you're using manual Anor steel or some other really hard material as your as your bow limbs it's going to take a lot more effort to pull those back but it's also going to be applying a lot more force when you release the trigger of the crossbow so this is how you make a crossbow these four components and I think this is a pretty good crossbow to start with I encourage you to mess around with it and see what you can come up with but this is definitely a decent place to start so let's go ahead and grab that I'm going to come over here and put away these components that we're not going to use anymore so you may be looking at this stuff on the top right of this chest here and here as well these are what you need to make the bolts bolts are the ammunition for the crossbows now these are a little weird to kind of use a different mechanic than you might expect the way this works is you're going to need a tool rod and you're going to lay it in your casting table I'll demonstrate let's just get a wooden tool rod here you can see I'll mention it now I have a metallurgy 4 installed the reason I have it installed is I wanted to demonstrate that it does not in fact work it looks tempting it looks like it might if you search for crossbows you can see you've got a pad is on brass and Mallen electrum sanguine eye all kinds of these metals that metallurgy for ads but you'll also notice that these are almost all the same the exception of their durability it's because the components such as the limbs and the bodies don't exist for these other materials yet you can also see that they're just a default whitish color so those are not finished products you can pull them out of any eye and they will work but there's really no benefit to doing so at this point in time I'm sure that that functionality will be added as of right now there are 19 materials that you can make stuff out of cobblestone near the rack would cactus Flint paper bone bronze copper two different slime crystals green and blue are tight cobalt man Yulin steel alum ight obsidian pig iron and iron so those are all available for use when making crossbows okay so we've got our wooden tool rod here now this is going to determine the actual core of the bolt the shaft itself is going to be made out of wood and in my smell tree here you can see I've got some steel I've got some copper we're going to pour some steel over this just like you're making a cast but instead of making a cast it'll take a second it's going to give us a vault core the material you pour over it determines the tip you can see that we now have a wood Bolt core with a steel tip I'm just going to right click that and pick it up alright so now we've got a couple different stats here we've got durability break chance and weight we talked a little bit about weight already so we're going to talk next about break chance when you shoot a bolt if you do not hit something and it lands in the ground there is a chance that you can run over and pick it back up so the break chance is going to affect how likely that is to occur the higher your break chance the less likely it is that you'll be able to recover your bolts and the durability is going to affect probably not what you would expect it's actually going to affect how many bolts exist in a stack of your ammunition and I'll explain that a little bit more once we actually make a finished product so I've got a few bolts that I made up already I'm going to snag these I also have some fletchings that I made there are five fletching materials available in tinkers construct again unless you are using some other mod that adds additional ones the regular fletching is what I'll call it the regular fledging it's feathers it's pretty obvious you can see that these have a durability modifier their own break chance and they affect the accuracy of the bolt the accuracy being variance from the target so the higher the accuracy the less likely it is for your bolt to go astray so high accuracy is good leaf fletchings made out of oak leaves or any type of leave you get stone bound durability the durability modifier and this one's quite nice as a zero percent break chance which is also quite nice however not very accurate slime fletchings not so good on the durability okay on the break chance fairly accurate blue slimes identical green and blue so I guess choose whatever color you like best or whichever slime you have access to and lastly the slime leaf fletching this guy I think is probably the best choice you get jagged you get a durability modifier that's greater than 1.0 it has a relatively low break chance and it's 94% accurate which in my opinion is good enough so we're going to grab these fletchings we're going to come over here to our tool Forge I'm going to go to our bolts and we're going to start mixing and matching and seeing what we come up with so first things first this is a wooden bolt with a steel tip if we combine that with a regular feather fletching we're going to get a stack of bolts that has 75 ammo it does two hearts it weighs four point six three has a ninety seven point five percent accuracy chance and a little bit under eight percent for a break chance with the base two modifiers remaining and yes you can make your bolts out of paper as far as I know there's no way to get liquid paper so you can only make the bolt core but that will give you that one extra modifier so you'll have three to start if you are using something like thumb craft I suspect you could use somnium maybe for both the bolt core and the tip which may give you four modifiers to begin with you'll have to play around with that alright so the interesting thing about this when it's in your inventory it is not 75 steel bolts it is one steel bolt with 75 pieces.this is an important distinction to make because the 75 is really a representation of the durability of this item you can see here that a durability base of the wooden bolt is 97 and the feather fletching is a 1x modifier so it's not changing it at all so how do we get from 97 to 75 the answer is I don't really know but similar to the other attributes we've talked about it's all logical right if you have a higher durability bolt you're going to have a higher stack of output here so let's try swapping this out instead of a wooden bolt with a steel tip how about an iron bolt with a steel tip boom alright so we've definitely got more durability you can see here that our amo amount went up in this stack and by the way when your ammo is depleted you just have to bring the bolt back here to the tool forge and you repair it with whatever the repair material is you can see here that it's steel it's the same as the tip okay so you would just place it in here with a steel ingot to repair it back up to its full capacity all right so we're doing 98 ammo we've got two hearts much heavier bolts so again this is going to reduce its total distance that it can travel but it's going to also reduce how quickly it's damaged degrades over long distances past 20 blocks you can also see that it's 97.5% accurate which is the same accuracy as the wooden one however it has a higher chance to break and that's just inherent in making a iron core alright so we've seen what two bolts look like that are the same tip but let's compare a wooden bolt with a steel tip to a wooden bolt with a copper tip we can see here that the durability is going to be the same so that is a product of the core itself and not of the tip see that the break chance is the same and the way it's the same so all the stats here appear to just be related to the bolt but when we swap it out we can see that there are definitely some changes first of all our ammo dropped way down that's because copper is a much less durable material than steel so the bolt tip has a big impact on your overall ammo size you can also see that our attack has dropped from two hearts to one heart again this is because copper isn't as pointy as steel I guess and the weight is also much less accuracy about the same so we know that the accuracy isn't changing based on the core material nor is it changing based on the bolt material that's because you guessed it the fletching determines the accuracy so for example if we swap out the fletching with a slime here you can see that it still affects the durability overall because this is again a point eight modifier not affecting the attack not affecting the weight but it's affecting our accuracy and our break chance okay so with with a wooden core with a copper tip and feather fletchings this is what we're going to get ninety seven point five percent accurate nearing a 10 percent break chance and pretty light only does one heart pretty low ammo I don't think this is a very good bolt personally I like the iron with steel that one looks good to me sure we get a high break chance but I got a hundred arrows or near bouts I and I can repair this I'm not going to run out in the field so this is probably a good starting point for bolts I encourage you again to mess around with your combinations and materials you can come up with some really cool stuff personally I think these slime leaf fletchings are the bomb here you can see my accuracies up to 99% it does go to 100 if you get the right combination of materials you can see that my ammo is through the roof here because of the 1.4 times modifier for durability on the slime leaf fletching which is great my break chance is about 7% which is tolerable considering I have 137 of these bad boys so let's pull those out of there and let's go shoot some stuff after I make it dawn all right so to start you can see my crossbow is not loaded and it's not trying to load either you can also see that down and the icon here the bow excuse me the string is a flat it's not drawn back once I right click there we go takes a while to pull back again we this is manual in' so we're getting a four point six five almost a five second draw speed which is pretty slow how we doing on damage fourteen point eight five Wow bang and again that is in Harts so that would one-shot another player without armor that's pretty sweet let's see how it degrades over time no no degradation from ten to fifteen about at twenty a little bit twenty-five yeah we're losing quite a bit there again the arrow weight here is eight point five five that's a pretty heavy bolt it's about as heavy as you're going to get five point eight nine so overall we're still doing nearly six hearts of damage see that lat the last dummies so far away he's not even rendering there it is you're still getting close to six hearts of damage even upwards of thirty blocks away so in my opinion that's you can live with that your mileage may vary of course all right so let's get rid of this stuff we don't need you anymore oh what's this down here in the corner you might be asking well these are my babies I was testing earlier and I came up with a pretty sweet crossbow we're going to check this out before the end of the episode don't you worry but I don't want to give that away just yet so now we're going to talk about modifiers modifiers on crossbows are a little weird they probably don't work exactly like you'd expect them to work but so let's talk about a few of them first we're going to talk about quartz you know you want you want the DPS on your bow right you want to crank it up there normally what you do is you'd think I'm going to put some quartz on it from another quartz here problem you can do that you can totally do that and if you do you'll get a bow that looks a little bit like this right here sharpness you can see I've got 216 quartz in this thing so let's try that out with the same arrows as before huh I'm actually doing less damage now part of the reason for that is because I'm using a slimy crossbow limb but you'd think with 216 quartz in here that would make up for it right well here's the deal putting syrtis quartz on your bow doesn't actually increase the air the projectiles damage that's only going to increase the damage if you stand there and swipe it someone with the bow like this you try to pistol-whip them with your crossbow so that's probably one you can safely avoid on your crossbow unless you're trying to make a weapon that can kind of serve you as a hybrid weapon you know maybe you can use it virtually as a melee weapon or as a ranged weapon personally I'd rather just toggle between two different weapons and have them specialize but whatever you'd like to do so similarly beheading is the same way it won't it won't give beheading to your projectiles it'll just be if you whack someone with the crossbow and kill them you might behead them these all work the same way too you got consecrated soil which is smite you've got bane of ours by der Bane here you've got necrotic or lifesteal knock-back and firey all of those will only affect someone that you whack with the crossbow not the ammunition so here are the things that do work on a crossbow redstone that's going to make your draw speed faster lapis that will increase the drop rate of things you kill with the bow emerald does what emerald does that's a 50% increase on the durability of the bow diamonds is a flat 500 increase on the durability of the bow obsidian plate will give it reinforced and ball of moss will give it auto repair so personally I think I'd probably do something like one of my modifiers would probably be full lapis and then I would channel the rest of it into redstone even though I said earlier that hate that that getting redstone on your crossbow isn't as important as it is we say a longbow the fact of the matter is there just aren't that many good options for modifiers on crossbows if I was gonna use something else I would probably do an auto-repair stack I don't really know I would probably just stick with redstone and one thing al appease but that's me alright so now let's talk about modifiers on bolts this is where you're really going to crank up your damage now these work kind of as expected you can just throw a ton of quartz on your bolts and you're going to do a lot more damage you can throw some of these don't actually work I'll show you I'll demonstrate if we go over here to the tool Forge let's say we're going to upgrade our bolts we get two modifiers oh can I put bedding yes yes I can all right cool how about smite yep that works fiery yep that'll do knock back bane of arthropods necrotic so all those work as you would expect them to work on the arrows rid of those so personally with these bolts what I have found to be effective and kind of not what you would expect is the durability increases remember that our stack size is a reflection of our overall durability by increasing our durability we're increasing our stack size I will demonstrate if we were to add a diamond here you can see we've got 137 max ammo we used a bit boom this is going to straight up add 50 additional arrows or bolts to the stack so if you find yourself running out quite a bit or maybe the materials you used didn't give you a lot of ammo to start with this will be a good way to bump that up similarly an emerald here will give us I gave us about 70 because we're already over a hundred again whenever you have over a hundred fifty percent is going to be a greater increase than flat 50 for obvious reasons but the fun thing you get into here is with ball of moss auto-repair does work you will regenerate two bolts as you use them as long as you have access to sunlight so that's that's pretty cool you could put full moss on here and never really need to worry about repairing your bolts unless you're using them just absolutely non-stop so I thought that was pretty neat it worth mentioning all right get my bolts back so we've talked about crossbows and how to make them and how the different materials can impact the stats of the bow we've talked about the bolts and how to make them and what the different materials mean for them so how about we actually put this into action I've got a fully built crossbow right here that I'm going to demonstrate for you now this thing does extreme damage and I'm going to demonstrate it by summoning in some of these guys these are iron golems they are vanilla but as you can see they have a hundred hit points which is 50 hearts so if I were to try and kill this guy with this is the manual in crossbow I don't have any upgrades on it and these steel bolts that I just made again no upgrades on it all right that did about 18 damage that's about nine hard so it's pretty good get a slow reload here bang again when your bolts connect with a entity you do not have a chance to retrieve the bolt alright that took what five shots five or six I lost count all right well that's respectable those guys have a ton of hit points how many shots do you think it'll take me with my steel crossbow tell you what we'll make two of them just in case I crit one or something so I need to load that's that's the noise I have to make my load alright you got a hundred hit points let's see I'm boishakh gunning these mofos so yeah you can get crazy damage there as you can tell I'm just doing over a hundred hit points worth of damage with a single shot on this steel crossbow so I encourage you to play around with this it's a great weapon I like them a lot better than regular bows feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or any Corrections if you think I messed something up or grievous omissions that you think I should have mentioned thanks for watching everyone I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on tinkers construct crossbows I'm Jack Draco

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