26 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make An Apartment Building

  1. Omg this was amazing!
    But I really wished you explained the measurements of each floor and elevator stuff because I struggled sooo much trying to get the measurements right and till now, they’re still wrong! 🙁
    But thanks anyway! I loved it

  2. Turned ground floor back into reception security, mail and a sofa, mine has side entrance to carpark under stairs, my latest space filler for my city your 4 story apartments with carpark with 10 spots 2 for visitors, each apartment for a single bed room, kitchenette and bathroom all 5 x 3 and lounge area did enlarge by 2 each way mine has staircase 2 wide in it, did take out step to balcony so its right level to put a seat & tabke on it if i want too. Thanks Tom

  3. Dont you youtubers start to feel a bit crazy talking continuesly to a camera? I mean we are listening to you, but technically, currently while recording this, your talking to nobody.. Please think about this.

    P.S, im not trying to say you should stop making vids, im just concerned. And curious.

  4. Ik this was made a year ago but I'm still triggered to this day. You said we can change the color literally in the middle of the video and I screamed so hard I bet my neighbors heard me. But I am not disappointed none the less.

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