Minecraft Tutorial: How to Build a Modern House #8!

hey guys how’s it going back again with
another house tutorial and the house we’ll be building today is definitely
unique features a really ultra-modern design using lots of stone and sandstone
and some really neat features like this upstairs balcony and this really cool
driveway now we’re going to take a look on the inside this house features a nice
open-concept layout as well as this really cool staircase leading to an
upstairs bedroom and balcony without further ado let’s get started with the
material list here’s the blueprint with the dimensions you will need to make the
floor plan now the gray is stone the beige is sandstone the brown is dark oak
and the pink is crack stone bricks now there’s two sections of stone on this
layout for the first step we’re going to be raising the larger section of seven
blocks we’re not going to be raising up these two blocks just yet so now that you are done raising the
stone we can now raise all the sandstone up to the same height of seven blocks it
should look like this now we’re going to raise a cracked stone
bricks up three and then we’re going to raise up the Spurs points up three as
well now that all of that is done we can raise up the stone wall of four and then
go across until it’s one block over this wall so now we’re going to start on the
second layer to do this we’re going to use quartz blocks starting here we’re
going to build four rows of quartz blocks connecting both sides you can fill in this corner here so now
using these quartz blocks we can build our upstairs walls
so using sandstone going from this right side leaving four blocks in between
create a three deep wall that is three high and going from the left side go in
two blocks T leave a four block gap from the wall and build up to this will be
the doorway to the balcony we’re going to connect the top of this with
sandstone blocks and now that we’re done that we can fill in the top of this
section with sandstone slabs as it will be higher than the stone so now that the sandstone is half a
block higher than the stone we’re going to start at this left corner and build
stone all the way to the edge now we can simply fill in the roof using stone now
that that is done we’re going to create a garage to do this we’re going to use
sandstone leaving four blocks in between the stone wall build three up and four
across so now we can start making the holes for one dozen doors so going over
to the cracked stone bricks make this L shape leaving one block up edge now
going one block from this first wall knock out four blocks for two doors now
we’re going to build these holes in this stone making to block holes with one
block in between now we’re going to make the windows on the side make a six walk window these three
blocks in between and make another six block window now go up from that last
six walk window now going up from that last six block window leave with space
of two blocks and build across six walls moving around to the back with two
blocks from the corner and build a three wide window and now we’re going to build
windows in the back of this stone section we’re going to go two blocks in
from the left and go three blocks down and make a four wide window and then
leave a warm block gap below and make the same four wide window now we can
start filling in the windows with black things off page knocking at the bottom
so that we can fill them in with flooring later we will not fill in the falls on the
side of the film but we will fill in the holes in the salt using black stained
black now we’re going to make a skylight going from the second hole leave a four
block desk and then make a two by four window now we can fill in these two officers
front windows and now that that is done we are going to make the pathway end
driveway so knock out a hole in line with the sandstone column until it in
book phone and connect it to the doorway now we’re going to make the driveway
using white carpet making two by four sections with one block in between now
we’re going to make the reflecting pool that goes in front of the cracked stone
bricks lining the border with quartz blocks and we will dig out the bottom so
we can fill it in will also place a block of quartz onto the window and fill
it in with water now we can knock out these two cracked
stone bricks and replace it with stone now we can clear out all the dirt that
is inside the house once you have cleared out all the dirt you can now
fill in the floor using quartz block now you can replace these quartz blocks with
quartz loves to give a higher ceiling now we’re going to build the staircase
so going to balls over from the corner place for quartz slabs going over one
and one up place for more in the corner and then going left one and up one ice
for more going left one and up one place for more and now we can fill in the
second floor using quartz slabs connecting it with the corner of the
back wall now we’ll fill in the doors for the
upstairs balcony using a case your doors and place the front doors lastly we’re
going to place a light back those next to the door so dig down two blocks place
it glowstone and then place a block of glass on top and that’s it for this
video I hope you liked the house and enjoyed the video if you did be sure to
leave a like and subscribe and also comment telling me what else you want to
see me build

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  1. Sunday I will be releasing a Large Modern House Tutorial, so keep a lookout in your sub box for that!

    Also, this is the last video that will have the blueprints unless you guys tell me otherwise. I have heard some feedback that it is too confusing so I will be laying out the foundation at the beginning of every new video. Thanks for the feedback!

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