Minecraft Tutorial: How to Build a Modern House #7!

hey guys how’s it going today I’m going
to be bringing you a 7th edition in my modern house series without further ado
let’s get right into it starting with the material list now we’re going to take
a look at the blueprint for the floor plan the beige color blocks being
sandstone and the brown blocks being dark oak planks and when you’re done
it’s going to look like this so now once you have this laid out we’re going to
start with our first step which is raising all the sandstone blocks up
three so now once you’ve raised all the
sandstone up three we’re going to go to where the garage is and raise the dark
elf up to then we’re going to cover the top with sandstone now we can start
filling in the second floor using dark oak slabs make sure you do not fill in
the gap between the doors so once you’re done that we’re going to
lay the roof that goes over the walkway we’re going to knock this block of
sandstone out builds forward until we’re one block ahead of the post then fill in
the gap with dark oak planks and it will look like this now we’re going to build
the second floor using dark oak planks building a three high wall all the way
around but leaving a one block border on the bottom now when we get to the middle
we’re going to build in on top of that one block border and then build three
blocks in the middle and then connect to the other side now we’re going to add a
one block overhang of dark oak slabs for the roof now you can fill in the roof using dark
oak slabs it should look like this now we’re going
to make the windows so start by going into the second floor in the middle and
knock out two blocks and then knocked out four blocks on the left and right
side you can replace these blocks with the sandstone to match the other side so
now go down to the bottom left and knock out six blocks moving over to the left side we’re going
to go two blocks from the edge and make a four block window leave three blocks
in between and make another four block window now we’re going to go over to the
right side going three blocks from the edge you’re going to make a one by two
window leaving three blocks in between you’re going to make another 1 by 2
window and moving over to the back knocking out two blocks from the middle
row two blocks from the corner now going on to the upper level starting one block
from the corner to knock out three blocks on either side now on to the
other side three blocks from the corner knocked out 3 1 by 2 windows with a one
block gap in between each now that the windows are done we are
going to fill in the floor knock out the box that are under the windows as we
will fill these in the floor now you can fill in using the floor of choice I use
dark oak plains and fill in the gaps under the window now we can start
filling in the windows using black stained glass pane now we’re going to make the staircase so
going to the back wall and leaving two blocks from the corner fill the five
wide to high section of sandstone and then replace the blocks on top with dark
oak planks now you can knock out the slabs got to go directly above it we’re
starting one block from the edge use stone slabs to make the stairs fill this
in and now we are ready to make a path and
driveway using stone bricks and stone slabs knock out a three wide area that
goes in front of the driveway and fill them with stone bricks surround the stone bricks using stone
slab and when you’re done it should look like this now we are going to extend the
path to go around the front window connecting it to the corner of the wall
to make a flowerbed now we can place our doors of choice I use dark oak doors and
to add some light as an options I put glowstone here and underneath the top
windows now onto doing the final touches I’ve owned Mele the grass in the
flowerbed but you can choose to plant flowers lastly I place vines on the
sandstone post and also next to the front window and that’s it I personally think this
house looks really awesome if you enjoyed the video please leave a like
and subscribe and also leave a comment telling me what else you want to see me

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