Minecraft Tutorial: How to Build a Large Modern House #1!!!

hey guys how’s it going hope you’re good
today we’re going to be building my favorite house yet not only is it much
bigger than all the other houses but it featured a nice upstairs patio and
massive backyard with these cool quartz pathways as well as this really nice
outside deck and pool area so further ado let’s get right into it we’ll start
with the material list okay so here’s the blueprint for the floor plan so your
going to need to copy down the dimensions the gray is stone slabs
the white is quartz on the brown is dark oak this is what it’s going to look like
when you’re done and once you’re done we can get started with the first step
which is to raise all the cords walk up three so once you’ve done that we’re going to
raise all the dark oak planks up seven starting from the corner here of the
quartz blocks go over one and build three columns of four at the corner
you’re going to extend this wall back four then you’re going to extend the
wall right four more now we’re going to build this wall back all the way until
it’s one block away from the edge now build the walls and blocks right we’re going to leave the staff here so
we can create the balcony so extend this wall right applause so finally we can
now build the border for the balcony connecting both corners of the upstairs
walls using ports walls so now we’re going to build the architect now we’re
going to build a styling feature that goes out front using polished diorite
going up three blocks from the corner and a cross one filled up three build
this three high wall until it connects with the dark oak wall now we’re going to knock out six blocks
on top and build up five blocks of oak planks starting from the corner here
we’re going to build a two block high wall and wrap it all the way around
until we connect to the wall now we’re going to build this quartz wall that
goes on top of the polished diorite it’s really hard to explain how to do this
part so I would just I would just watch the video slowly until you get the shape
down now we’re going to knock out six blocks
of the Polish guy right and then eggs are under so we’re going to start the
roof that goes around it so we’re going to start part of the roof for this
section of the roof I use dark oak slabs and then you just end it at the corner
off the sidewalk so do the same for the downstairs roof so now we’re going to start filling in
the upstairs room we’re going to place two quarts blocks here and then fill the
rest of the rhythm with corks lap now we’re going to build the wall that holds
up the roof for the deck so start at the other wall leave a five block gap and
then build five walls up four blocks and then place dark oak slabs make sure you
at the bottom half of the block so that you get the top of the wall filling
through the roof we’re going to take out the dirt for the
patio and replace it with oak planks and then we’ll do the same for the inside before we fill the inside with oak
planks we’re going to build this quartz wall up to the top and then from the
bottom use stone slabs and build out four and across to this will eventually
be filled with sand for the meanwhile you can fill in your floor I screwed
this doorway up moves it left one block now we’re going to make the gap for the
front door so knock out two blocks here and then we’re going to make the window so now we’re going to build the wall out
that holds the staircase so starting here in line with the top wall use four
sets of quartz labs to build the stairs now you can fill in the upstairs of old
slab so now we can fill this in with quartz blocks and then go around to the
outside and lay the underneath lift core collapse now that we’re done the other floors we
can fill this in using oak slabs now we can make the holes for the doorway so
start one block over from the edge and knocked out four blocks and then you can
replace the floor with open slabs move over one block knock out six blocks for
a window and then again replace the floor with oak slabs now we’ll make one
block I windows across the walls leaving two blocks on each side now we’re going
to knock out the dark oak planks making a two high window leaving a one block
border on the left side and a two block border on the right side now we can
start filling in the doors and windows so replace these dark oak planks with
quartz blocks fill in these windows relaxing blasting now we’re going to
make a two high window here so fill the top in with the four slabs place to
acacia doors here these blocks that are coming through the ceiling you can knock
them out and replace them with those gloves fill the rest of the windows with black
stained glass panes and we’re going to go upstairs
fill these windows place two of case your doors and for this window I just
use the normal glass pane and this last one I use black stained glass things so
that’s it for windows and doors we’re going to move on to the backyard
they got all the dirt that’s next to the house and fill it with some rice and now
I just knocked out all the dirt in the backyard that’s in the border of the
stump club and then we will fill it in with stick I’ll be eight not these eight blocks out
until the minute quartz slabs before we fill with sand knocks three more blocks
up replace it with glowstone and then we will fill this with water now we can
fill the rest of the backyard with sand so it should look like this when you’re
done okay so now we’re going to move on to doing the pool so the pool that we’re
going to make is going to be 7 by 10 and to be now we’re going to fill the bottom layer
the side with glowstone and then fill the bottom and the top of course box this way our pool lights up the backyard
at night now you can fill it in with water so now we’re going to build the backyard
pack so starting over you box over from the edge of the pool take one by two
holes every other block and then fill with quartz ball and now we’re going to
place dirt for trees I would recommend doing three spots but I did more so now
we’re going to make a bench using a quartz tears you can make it out of in
g1 we’re going to make the patio chairs out
front using quartz slabs so we’re going to place two blocks of
glowstone up here and down here next we’re going to fill in the driveway with
stone and then I forgot we’re going to place two more blocks of glowstone here and lastly as an option you can phone
Neil deGrasse okay then moving on for the last two steps we’re going to
bonemeal the grass and plant your trees of choice around the edge and that’s it if you enjoyed the video
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