Minecraft PS4 – Episode 3 – Building a House!

– [Zebra] What’s up ladies and gentleman. Welcome back to a new episode of Let’s Play Minecraft
for the Playstation 4. And before we get started, I need to call every
single one of you out. You thought I wouldn’t notice, you thought that you could
pull a quick one on the Zebra, you thought that you couldn’t tell him that there wasn’t a zebra skin in the Battle and Beasts pack. I had no idea that there was a zebra skin in the Battle and Beasts
pack and nobody told me! How dare you guys? Welp, I found out and I bought
the Battle and Beasts pack, so they’ll definitely be a video of me showing off the
Battle and Beasts pack at some point in time. I’m not gonna be buying all the skin packs because that’d be rather expensive quest. But I mean, I might as
well show that one off since I have it. But yeah, welcome back to a new episode of Let’s Play Minecraft. Today I thought we’d make the
endeavor of trying to build an actual house instead
of our little cave here. Of course, we’ll keep this cave and maybe we’ll turn
it into our mining base or something similar. But in the meantime, let’s
sort of get a little distance. Maybe we can build on
top of the small hill, yeah right here, this is nice open area. I actually really like this. This’ll be our base for our house. Now we don’t have a ton
of wood at the moment, but hopefully we have
enough to get started. Yeah, let’s uh, put this here. Oh this isn’t the same
kind of wood, uh oh. This is jungle wood. (laughs) I’m gonna have a
multicolored house aren’t I? Maybe at first, I think I’ll just– Oh, I don’t need the map right now. I think that’s what I’ll do though, is start off with a multicolored house and I know a lot of people who really care about that kind of stuff are gonna be really
annoyed at me at first, but don’t worry. As soon as we get more, um, stuff. We will make sure to replace it with actual wood that we want and actual like the same colors and make it all nice and actually pretty. There we go, we got our foundations down. I always like to build
it like this, you know, just start from the base
and start building up. Not like that though; that’s
not how you build a house. You don’t put, you know, obstacles in the door way. And we just want to build up– Oh my gosh, I really need
to get used to the controls. I am bad. But anyways, in the last episode I was
talking my controller issues and the last few videos of
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, I was talking about the same thing. I’ve been having controller issues where sometimes my controller will
decide to hold backwards. So I went out and I bought a new, nice and white, PS4 controller. It looks really cool, I like it a lot, and it’s playing really well right now. I’m using it right now and I love the feel of brand new joy sticks
and a brand new controller. Oh, it feels so good. So let’s dig up this tree. (laughs) Wrong word, but, let’s
knock down this tree and then we’ll use the
wood from this as well. I’m gonna have to chop down a few trees. This’ll be our, you
know, our building day. We’re going to build a nice house and hopefully make a lovely abode by the end of the episode. So let’s a get rid of this tree and that should be enough for now. That should be as much as we need. That dog’s gonna be mine one day. Okay, I need crafting, so
let me make a few of these. Okay, I know all about crafting game; you don’t have to tell me. I’m gonna have to disable
tool tips soon enough because I know how to use this. You’ve shown me previously. There we go, okay. Let’s a, run back over here now, oh… What is with that hole over there? That’s spooky. I wonder what’s in
there, what treacheries, what monstrosities could
lay inside of there? Okay, so let’s continue over here, yep. But yeah, this series has been doing really amazing so far. The first two episodes
have been doing really, really awesome and I can’t
thank you guys enough for your support and your love in each and every episode. We’ve been doing really good recently, the fan-base has been growing. The other day I actually did get my, like, one of my first ever pieces of fan art. And I also got another one, like, earlier today and it’s really cool, I really love it when you guys are able to interact on that kind of level and I put another, block that I don’t need dang it! Let me put this here and
then put these guys here, I’m almost out of blocks again, oh no. And then, we won’t have blocks
for a roof at this point. Maybe I have some left in my, it looks like I… Yeah okay. Let’s make a way, ow, my legs. Let’s make our way back to
the mine area, over here. We’re gonna have to make
some food soon I think. We’re starting to run
low on food and stuff. Hopefully I have some materials in here. I don’t have any wood
at all in here. (laughs) That was useless. Anyways though, I do have,
I already have stone so, I’m gonna build myself a stone pickaxe and we’re going to a… Or stone axe is what I mean. There we go. Build myself one of these and then we’re gonna chop
down a few more trees. And hello Mr. Wolf, you just want to taunt me because you know that I want to get you but I don’t have any resources to do so. Anyways, let’s do a little bit of this, little bit of that. Now these trees are
falling super quick though, the stone axe is really, really nice. So let’s get rid of that one and then we’ll try maybe this one. This one’s a taller one
so it’ll be helpful. Get rid of that, get rid of that, awesome. Okay we’re actually making
really good progress. I’m proud of us here,
we’re doing great so far. But if you ever have any suggestions, maybe you want me to
build a specific house or something like that. Maybe you want to make a creation. I know I’ve had some people request that I make a farm at some point, and I’ll definitely be doing that. If you have any requests
or something you think that might be cool that you want me to do. Just feel free to request it; I can’t guarantee that
I’ll do it of course, but there’s always a chance and the ideas are always helpful. Alright so I need to get rid of that. And now our house is
a fortress, I love it. Alright, so I need to
get rid of that as well. Get rid of you, that’s
gonna fall over there. Okay, so place this (laughs) and like I said, our house
is all mix matched colors and I’m really sorry about that, I’m sure that’s annoying some people. But like I said, at some
point we will fix it and make it a very pretty house. Right now we’re just focused
on the nitty gritty stuff, getting everything all
set up so that we have somewhere safe to call home and wow, I’m very un-accurate. There we go, come on. I love the lighting in this game, it really does like, you know it’s really hard
to make something so simple look so good, or better than
what it already does on, like PC version. But something about the console versions just feels and looks so smooth. Okay, so now we have
this area all closed off. Now I do think that we’re
gonna have to go on a hunt for some sheep soon, it is
starting to get dark though, maybe we should take a snooze, because I would like it to be daytime. I definitely want it to
be nice and bright for us. So let’s go in here, no, no game come on. There we go. And let’s take a nap, I
can only sleep at night. It is night I thought, but okay. Let’s get our chicken here, and why don’t we, uh… How many, place two there, and put some ore in here. I might have to put a
few more, I don’t know. No, no, no. I didn’t
want to do that. (laughs) There, there, there. And then put this on there
as well, there we go, okay, there we go, we’re
getting it working now. And we’re gonna make some
iron and that’s awesome. This’ll be our first iron
ingots, awesome stuff. There we go, Acquire Hardware, you have earned a trophy. Cool stuff, can we go to bed now? Yes we can. Awesome, okay. So we just still have that mine shaft and there’s actually,
we probably should now, is we should go back down there and mine that last bit of iron that we had, really quickly. Let’s just do that really quick, then we’ll head our way back up and try to finish off whatever. Ah, there it was, I was like, I swear there was iron down here, what happened to it, did it de-spawn, that would’ve been so depressing. It was only one piece
of iron but of course, that is better than nothing. We’ll continue with this mine shaft soon and make it a very established mine, you know just make it
super official and stuff, and it’ll be all nice and we can find a whole bunch of cool stuff
and hopefully do that thing where we, sort of, dig
out and just find tons of diamonds and all
that kind of cool stuff. We’ll do that at some point, we won’t be doing that right now though. So let’s go back over. And let’s run over and let’s
continue building our house. Let’s have a good ole time with this. So we just need to finish the roof. Oh no, yeah. (laughs) We have one more roof block
that I forgot to plug in. And then I’m gonna get
the a, oops, wrong stuff. I always do that. I need this to go over here,
do a little bit of that, and first I’ll get rid of all this. These seeds will help us with making a nice little, what’s it called? (laughs) Now I’m losing my words. A farm, later though. So actually, you know what we should do? I keep on going back and
forth and back and forth. One more time, what we should do then, is we should go and make a hoe because I think if we do that we get another achievement
for making one type of each. So do this, there we go. Huh, I thought we would. There we go! (laughs) It just took a second, it wanted me, it tricked me, I though I was going to– There we go, Time to Farm,
we got two achievements. Two for one, a twofer, cool. Alright then, aw this music, I don’t know why but this
music makes me so sad. It’s like a sad, tear-jerking
song for some reason. So, I think it would be cool
to have some type of a… Wool ground as our floor
board for the house. So I feel like we should go on a journey and try to find some sheep. Some sheep to destroy unfortunately, yes, we’re going to be mean
people and hurt sheep. But it’s okay, it’s okay,
I love the zebra skin. You know, it’s not my preferred
PC version zebra skin, but it’s still a really nice skin. I like it, I like it, I’m glad we got it. Oh there’s a piece of
wool right over here. If I had that wolf with me, I could have used him to help me out here. I hear him. Hey there you are buddy. He wants to help but he’s like, “You gotta give me a bone first!” and I don’t have a bone for him. I’m so sorry, I can’t throw you a bone. Okay get rid of this guy and then run over here and do the same to this guy. And I’m so sorry sheep that it
has to end this way for you, but I will kill you, ha ha. So there’s tons of
animals around actually. Hmmm… Alright, now we need to
find some more though, oh, there’s two more, they’re just
having a conversation like, “Hey Bill, what’s up? How was your day?” and it’s like, “It was pretty good. Just hanged out with the
wife and the kids, you know?” and then it’s just like, “Oh God no, I have a wife and kids no!” and the wolf is helping me out here. Okay, I gotta be careful
not to hit the wolf though or he will get all of his wolf buddies to beat me up as well
and that won’t be good. Where is he? He just disappeared. That’s weird, huh. Alright then, we’re almost done though. Let’s uh, how many do we– Why do I wanna keep on
pressing the touch pad to see? I’m definitely gonna need quite a few. But this also gives us a good opportunity to walk around the environment and see what it has in store for us. I wonder if you can, can
you dye black wool as well or can you only dye red
wool, I would like to, I meant white wool. I would like to dye it all red though. But I just sort of wanna, take this opportunity to walk
around and sort of sight see and see all the cool stuff that we will be able to do in the future. But I, oh wow, whoa. Take a look at that. That’s some weird loading, it’s like, I think that just looks cool. Okay that’s awesome, I’ll have to go and adventure there soon. And I mean, it would be really cool if we could find some type of sand temple. I know that those are a
thing and I’ve never, ever, experienced that in a game before. So, that would be really fun. I’m having a hard time finding anymore. It looks like there’s some
type of crevice over there, I’m actually finally starting
to run out of hunger. So let’s hop down here, adventure onward. Oh, and I get hit. I didn’t get hit but I got hurt. Oh wow, so this is like just
some very bare land seed, there’s no grass it’s all rock. So hopefully we can find some
ores right off the surface. Yes we can, awesome, this
is a nice little spot, I like this, I like this. Get some coal, wonder what
else we can find around here. Hopefully some ground based iron, that’d be nice, I’d love that. Let’s mine this up then. Almost there. But yeah also, some people told me that they used zebra-tastic
Minecraft seed. Not only on Minecraft Playstation 4, but on different versions of Minecraft. Like Minecraft for the a, what’s it called? The a… Minecraft Go or something like that, you know for the um, Android devices. Like Minecraft Touch. (laughs) I don’t know what it’s called. But people tried it on that
and they found cool stuff too. Whoa, water! Okay, okay, okay, okay game. You wanna mess with me like that? Ha! Plugged it up. I’m a cork. There we go. Okay, there’s a lot of coal here, and this one’s gonna
also bring me water, yes. Put that there, here we go, cool. So yeah, thank you guys so much for your interaction on the videos. I really do appreciate
it, it’s super awesome seeing you guys being able to interact with me and
all that kind of stuff. That’s why I try to read and respond to as many comments as possible. All the videos have been doing really well on the channel recently. So let’s get rid of
all this coal, come on. There we go, alright then
let’s make our way out of here. We got all the coal we need for a while so maybe I’ll leave that other
coal I saw for another time just to save us time maybe. I’ll just do a quick run around to see if there’s any iron available for us. Maybe more sheeps to run into. If not then we’ll make our way back and try to get some more of
those red roses like over here. Because I definitely like, would like a red entrance, sort of. A red entrance with like
red carpet is what I mean. That’d be really cool, I
feel like a nice wooden house with the red carpet would
look very, very nice. Okay, so I’m not finding anymore sheep but I am finding a ton
of roses though, okay. These are roses correct? Here let me a… I need to really learn the layout here. Yes they are roses, okay. Alright, cool, cool, cool. We’re actually making
some pretty good progress, I’m pretty happy with
what we’ve done so far. Let’s get the rest of
these roses and then a… Head on back. ♪ Head on back to our house ♪ ♪ Doo doo do doo doo ♪ Hello wolf. Okay, so here’s our house. Now I’m not entirely
sure how dyeing works. I don’t know if we need
a crafting bench or what. Maybe we have to go here. Here, let’s go here and make
as many of these as possible. There we go. So we also have wool, so, yes we can make a few. We can only dye white wool though. So we can start on it,
we can’t complete it. Maybe we can make like a red and bla– We can make like, a
checkers, a checkerboard. At least for now. That’d be at least silly, it’d be cool. Okay, so let me a, do I
have a spoon available? I have all stone items
except for my spoon, which is still wooden. I definitely need a spoon upgrade soon. Okay. This is gonna break
very soon regardless so might as well just use it up. And we’re gonna use, you know, just put some nice wool here. That’ll be our nice comfy house and we’ll actually start moving stuff over to this place now. That’ll be nice. Here we go. But we can still
just punch through this, it won’t be that big of a deal. This is awesome. If you guys have any house making tips or anything you’d like to
see in the house, of course, this’ll just be our momentary house, we’ll build on this and make
a zebra-tastic, you know, fortress, a castle if you will. Castle Zebratasticness
or something like that. There we go, okay so let’s
get this and get this. Alright, so let’s like do this, and that, and this, and that, and this, and that, and that’s all the wool we have so far. So in the meantime, I don’t
know what we’re gonna do. I know that if we go back, well let me place some torches around. I’ll put some torches on
each side of the house so that, you know,
monsters know to stay away. We are zebra, we fight the monsters and they will die if they dare bother us. So we’ve gotta go make a
door for our house as well. I definitely want to sort of like, make it more pretty than it is instead of a wooden cube. Maybe make it like, you
know, stylize it a bit, put some cobblestone near the bottom, I always like doing that. Rimming it around with cobblestone usually seems to make it look nice. We probably have some stuff in here. Do we have any wool? No we don’t, oh well. Okay then, we’ll have to at
least make a door for now, we can do that. Here we go. Okay, we’ll do that and then we will, finish up the floor
and call it an episode. We made our house, at least in some point, in some structural way. Uh oh, put the door in the wrong spot! That’s not gonna be helpful. There we go. Here we go. Alright, now let’s just
sort of finish it up with what we got. Where is, do we have,
we don’t have much wood so we’ll do it with cobblestone. For now. Let’s do it here and here and just put it all over the place, go crazy. And we’re sorta just slowly make it a better flooring as we go on. But for now this is it. Our very wonky home. We’ll go get our bed and stuff
and then we’ll call it a day. There’s another sheep for me to kill. Thank you Mr. Sheep. So yes we’re already making progress, it’s actually getting
night time out though, gotta be careful. I’m gonna go and maybe I should sleep now, put everything in, and then, I’ll do it quick, I just
got to do it nice and quick. So let’s a… Do this and do this, and get everything that
comes with my chests and then run, run for the heavens. Come on! Go, go, go! Gotta be quick because monsters are gonna start spawning
and that’s spooky. I don’t want to, there’s a dog, hi pooch. Maybe we should go out, on the next episode that’s
totally what we’ll do. We’re not going to go and
go to sleep immediately, we’re going to be a man, and we’re going to go
out into the wilderness and try to find some
enemies to kill hopefully. Let’s put a torch in here as well to light this place up a bit. And we’ll find some skeletons to kill to get that pooch. That’s what we’ll do in the next episode. Here’s our nice lovely house. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys later. Bye-bye.

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