so what is going on guys it’s me MrScreenHorror
here and today We’re going to be building a modern house in Minecraft and if you like this video please leave
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subscribed please subscribe but if we get to that build right now
well then we should build it right so just
got to go into first person mode here and let’s see here what should be my block up the choice weapon of choice
quartz is always something you should have in a modern house aaaaaand how’s the andersite looking? I could use that but only with this texture
pack im going to have link in the description below with all that stuff if you get concerned aaand wood floors a couple were flaws in the bit like we don’t know maybe jungle I his
lap and one else I an ass right bureaucrats own breaks so happens model like and spoofing has been hacked maybe even maybe a door decorations and all that
stuff arena nothing else from at me be some class
adjustment typing last year like em double white stained oak least a but I’m on like right as the mid Chancellor King fast magenta because why not an is just type in a time in class again and less tissue their his but I gray
stayed here or maybe it should pena by staying task
pane less use fat so ness get to the building
I S so if we make ape in the right here that
spits be by six blocks ha was a six bucks at six bucks that’s the skip 30 here five blocks ya yeah ask speakers so may have appeal at the
air and go own here and made today shut up be for by 6 in a let’s make them eighty blocks from
here rights and then if you take it and site here this from there and like gotta stop us like on to you 34 567 blocks thats 7 books every just to wait down here and that’s going to be ice box right Yap disco back year Rights French point produce a pin yes it’s good to be to you free or by 67 and that’s much those together and it ships inside
right yeah it should be right here 3 kid TSM stuff like that be points some this here this Cantina I’m thinking that and one out here is same thing Packers looked art big baskets a look
nice you know we can ice fact stone rhyming cracked may not crack with kid take some of his hand side
years path like that and them now it’s raining it’s raining it’s
raining with the not not ever with the clear and I just times day so a suspense thriller that’s not something
that I like so one with take this and be it speeds like by like pray stain last year the life at miller Tabak think it’d just up about and let’s do the same thing here like that and occurs to do something about it singer simulator like crap and weak kid then take some no what’s here is fill out you see here and on its head smooch on would hear to spill is out and made dimensions in back power here you something like that that maybe and lights tame glassware and doors it’s just curl hair online only ok with those that and its
type in bus are buyers there as she is some cobblestone that’s always read the for these hospitals begin
Facebook all I is that correct and yeah conference rooms right now one if we events here and maybe we should
just brought the cracks to operate mckesson it’s not good to work in this
house considered yes right like that and placed at quartz and I’m me you should takes some guess get the
cracked again cracked stone bridge to I lost a question the so can’t do it like that some some I’ll specific texture yeah which do this and then yes play some of chocolate over here I kiss and like that you like that this is like this phone and to to paths its its place that like that at its we don’t
get sipping on here has built up with Jojo word an me peanuts but why away captain and here week kid definitely play some what’s here as Peru by me let’s just keep that wrap for now like this kinda the roof and spill that here make the same kind there around here at like us but look at look like back sort of
italy did this trip right here up lol whatever you want to call it
hitler miss and by over here goes green guides ownership probably do the same thing
here on time like that justly this line here like rap and hair adults for you don’t get to hear mention like
be anything it should just be solid no Tucson its more nothing else from a nap with to like crap balanced preheat and get maybe weekly did is part of a hassle like re
like here Ruth know the kid replace that was slaps just to get the people have room
because it is and I’m Russian you thing but it is preheat small house right now but is also a
really small you know Britain ballots printed a camp with mister aggressive freaking small you know my own house described like
that ok got no on biker it’s best just to Pacific over here up like that safing take can right there i cant like crap Kim bestest like crap and it’s free dying yet Alex really good issues that and here week mom year I stood by this a guess guess field deadly that here right yeah let’s get some stats here and let’s use 2010 ni court’s test i sat on top of that that’s a too much yes me and shipments happens a-tither thank
you stuff from the possum Nats you stop and let’s get some pain to last point and want replace it but the doors so mister like yes but what about the S Pen covered up net buying away am I like piña Narine like hats pre-dawn light blue weights looking
right now make you a shit take this like this part right here just leave
that and bad just this part here placed on some kill want to and do the same thing
happened top and week kid slayton massive winter right here some nasa
point here paint houses I’m like the teasing glass panes as just use white stain I can really like textured besom by text back in a moment like crap like that and we to best-known out manana pain go away to keep like that as paper here week at a kitchen here kitchen bath them well here that’s my like been up since version about and had another war hero
its getting dark like that no and have happened a dining table here and then if weenie dislike this is a really small housing up typically this and we then tours take summer this here of quartzite ken filters out with some light to
restate last their up yeah yeah I’m like the style house but
its Justin too small so one if we may pain that the room the house power here to not here now and we kid to use some soda missus years sports akin here ok was a mess at the site by atticus and just take that for those out here album now it will be its the it’s not going to look any
particular just open to have like as style awarded to hash sounds stupid an app men year with it made investors make
this part here open and should was right there like that may dip so what how many books about last night
free for I’ve States with a plus p Ricky blocks for that maybe we should get rid
of the top right here places I sense course for some contrast you know ASAP over here contrast contrast contrast let’s just do that putting this thing this and here no class right that’s why can about the
need to you like this and place there like crap advocates have like a window it’s been a
into the other room like that and then here big kid definite be take and take this here and city this is placed on them slap see if
approved just here for the roof just give it a bit more hit space needs to be spacious bloodworth Switzerland by like you need to have some spaces little
house just time tap more there and inside here we kid justice get no thats just place for placed on
some chocolate here no no no no got damnit cat damn it went last night I
am best of stuff and and fatter skimped on no Estes payments near bedrock guess has just placed was
down here like bad and it’s free target actually here week it had famous as of way free here class up maybe like that and just place it on
like that here here as and overseas which be classed
all the way through here and that could work house right now like that and then to skin kids about inside his
place likeness much ado about this maybe here weenie to yes part right here just fill that up with you know what’s up here a crap Michael back definitely work out yeah all-white gonna like this i really like
this an lot is revenge is placed down supports bucks there and sp and site first-year first and the server and quotes for to hand I am titanium I like this really
like this I’m taking miss so and they should have should be that
complete house kid do something about this small he
could play found some so impressed on breaks if you want to it also just fill it out like up just got to do that but bad is for
Martin house for today Selam to promote so up you like this video if you did but
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get an upgrade soon my PC such a fate make better be here’s
my stuff but and archivist they are and I’m a screen her
a and I’m out try try try get by map 0 thats guy no way slow

77 thoughts on “Minecraft House Tutorial: HOW TO BUILD A MODERN HOUSE IN MINECRAFT #2

  1. Can you do a house witch has like water Fountain and a two ways staircase because that how I want something in my house but i don't know what to do. Nd keep up the great work thanx.

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  3. ScreenHorror the song when your video starts what is the dj song name oh and i really like your videos your an awesome builder c: i hope you will always continue doing the same thing

  4. Is this modern craft?Cause I downloaded it and it had like blue lines on the grass and it was nothing like this texture pack

  5. awesome house but you should edit your videos before you upload them. really annoying having to go back and delete things constantly

  6. awesome house but you should edit your videos before you upload them. really annoying having to go back and delete things constantly

  7. So i took four hours on a house build. I call my mom over for her oppion on what needs improvement and you know what she said. She said why is everything square. In my head i was thinking i'm done this is a freaking block game -.-

  8. Thnx Bruh Ive Been rlly loving ur vids since and now i have my 3rd house for meh lil' town built..but not taking all the ideas from u cuz if i did i totally look like an idiot for dat anywahs great builds buddy! ^^


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